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Cleaning of different areas


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FY B.Sc sem 2 House keeping notes

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Cleaning of different areas

  1. 1. 1) Hygiene :  Hygiene is very much important in every cleaning procedure  It guarantees safety from bacteria, micro organisms & presents them
  2. 2. Personal hygiene :  We should keep our hands clean every time  Take shower daily and also in between shifts of work if required  Wearing clean uniform , socks , shoes , staying well groomed is important  After cleaning procedure , we should wash our hands properly
  3. 3. Method of work :  We should always follow the steps while cleaning eg we should know to use the dusters properly & use of mops etc Proper use of equipments:  For eg W.C brush should used for W.C only hard brooms shouldn’t be used in lobby , appropriate dusters for every place should be used
  4. 4. Proper cleaning agent :  Is most important as they as chemicals R3 should be use for glass cleaning , R2 should be used on hard surfaces Proper use of linen :  Red dusters for toilet cleaning, blue dusters for dusting , green dusters for glass cleaning
  5. 5. 2) Safety :  Safety is necessary for preventing accidents or ill effects.  While cleaning , gloves , masks and safety gears should be worn
  6. 6. Use of equipment:  We should know the proper use of equipments to prevents the accidents  Eg proper use of machines like vacuum cleaners , taski vento 22 , high pressure machines should be known
  7. 7. Method of working:  The SOP’S should be followed while working eg different types of dusters for different tasks to perform Proper precaution :  Eg if high level dusting is done, ladder should be used helmets , safety belts , safety gear n , in WC cleaning , mask should be worn
  8. 8.  Scrubbing is the best way to physically remove the dirt, debris and micro organisms  Cleaning is required prior to any disinfection process.  Cleaning products should be selected on the basis of their use , efficiency , safety and cost ( use of proper cleaning agents)
  9. 9.  Cleaning should always progress from least soiled area to the most soiled areas and debris that fall on floor will be cleaned up last.  Dry sweeping , mopping and dusting should be avoided to prevent debris and ,micro organism from getting into air and clean surface.
  10. 10.  Dilution instruction should be followed when using disinfectants  Cleaning methods and written cleaning schedules (work cards) should be based on types of surfaces and surface area.  Routine cleaning is necessary to maintain a standard of cleanliness
  11. 11.  It has to be clean all the time  Cleaning activities includes sweeping with hard broom , water wash to prevent dust form entering into lobby
  12. 12.  They are mostly of glass and have automatic sensors  The glass is cleaned with R3 and lint free dusters and squeeze
  13. 13.  Guests frequency is high , so we need to clean the lobby at most every shift  Sweep the entire area and mop it through the day  Dusting of statues ,art material ,piano etc  Restrooms has to be cleaned on guest basis after every guest  Deep cleaning is done at night shift
  14. 14.  Cleaning takes place every day  Cleaning of printers , scanners is also done (if the guest are present at reception then don’t do cleaning at that time )
  15. 15.  Clean from top to bottom  Clean the spotlight with feather brush  Mirrors with R3  Steel doors with D7
  16. 16.  Sweep and mop frequently  Clean the cobweb , railings etc
  17. 17.  There are cabinets for equipments wooden walls , pictures frames , carpets which should be cleaned periodically
  18. 18.  In lobby , banquets , restaurant  It is cleaned on every shift  There are chamber maids – female attendant clean washrooms
  19. 19.  Cleaning is done in 3 stages – before function , during function and after function  We shouldn’t touch any clearance
  20. 20.  The equipments artwork , washroom are cleaned  We shouldn’t use any cleaning agent here  Do only dry dusting
  21. 21.  Scrub the marble ( in night ) or else waster wash  Umbrella seats also should be cleaned here