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Kenya tourism


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Kenya tourism

  1. 1. Tourism In Kenya. (An LEDC) By Carl Dobson
  2. 2. Tourism In Kenya. (An LEDC) Tourism in Kenya has increased over the years. Because more tourists have arrived as the time passes by several changes have happened to Kenya. But is this A good thing? OR..... A BAD THING? But what attracts people to Kenya? The attractions that Kenya offers include: The safari parks, with the chance to see animals such as lion, leopard and elephant. The chance to experience the culture of the tribes of Kenya, such as the Maasai. The Indian Ocean coast offers fabulous beaches, a tropical climate, and some of the best scuba diving in the world. A relatively safe place for tourists to travel
  3. 3. Satellite view of Kenya
  4. 4. Kenya Tourism Facts
  5. 5. Kenya is home to many indigenous species, native to Africa. Animals like Lions and Elephants etc. These animals are rare and so safari holidays to Kenya are one of Kenya’s most attractive features. Conservation and protection of these animals plays an important role in Kenya. So this means that a lot of conservation and charities are based here. But unfortunately, the attraction of rare animals reached game hunting. Animals typically in the maasai Mara were killed for either trophies or ivory (in the elephants case) WildLife in kenya (an important tourism factor)
  6. 6. The Maasai Tribe The Maasai are a tribe of partly nomadic people who can be found in Kenya and northern Tanzania. Because their customs and dress are very recognizable they have become one of the best-recognised African tribes to date. They have been one of the very few tribes who have been able to keep their cultural traditions intact but at the same extend their reach to the foreigners. The Maasai tribe speaks “Maa” In 2005 a survey was conducted and population results were:          Maasai population in Kenya: 650,000          Maasai population in Tanzania: 643,000 In total this meant that a total of 1,293,000 Maasai tribes people existed. Unfortunately the increasing attraction of the Maasai tribe has resulted in exploited tradition this meaning that Cultural ceremony’s Like dancing for Enkai, is faked and only put on for show.
  7. 7. The Indian Ocean Kenya is on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean is the third largest body of the water in the world. Making up 20% of the earth’s water. Because it is situated along the Equator, the Indian ocean is the warmest ocean in the world. This attracts a lot of Tourists. With the vast amount of water available this means that plenty of water based activities are in place even further increasing the attraction of tourism
  8. 8. THANK YOU for reading my presentation, i hope it has helped