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Brochure blanco steelart_ev


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design kitchen must using this sink proposal to customer ..

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Brochure blanco steelart_ev

  1. 1. Made of stainless steel. Made with passion. BLANCO STEELART. Experience the art of craftsmanship.
  2. 2. BLANCO STEELART. It’s all in the name. ElementSTEELART – exclusivity to suit every specification. Exclusive individual elements in stain- less steel which transform the kitchen You appreciate rich materials with perfect environment. The design-orientated, craftsmanship – and perfection of form? high-quality BLANCOCLARON and You know exactly what makes stylish furni- -ZEROX ranges of bowls, and the shings and take daily pleasure in out of BLANCODIVON, BLANCOCLARON-IF, the ordinary objects with functional details. BLANCOZEROX-IF and BLANCOFLOW-IF Welcome to STEELART, the exclusive innovative programmes of inset sinks: stainless steel solutions from BLANCO. out of the ordinary, versatile and with matching accessories. Concept Worktop solutions in stainless steel, harmonised in design and function. Complete flexibility in the choice of lengths and depths gives you plenty of creative scope to reflect the latest design trends. Matching accessories round off these worktop concepts. STEELART stands primarily for creative freedom in the kitchen as part of the world Creation you live in, from the design of worktops to preparation, cooking and washing-up. Maximum creative freedom thanks Convert all of your ideas into reality with to custom-made features centred the ELEMENT, CONCEPT and CREATION around the stainless steel worktop, product ranges – exactly as you require, including wooden rims for an indivi- from unusual single bowls through to dualised combination with stainless fully-flexible solutions centred around the steel. Design the work areas according stainless steel worktop. to your requirements, with an outstan- ding choice of bowls for seamless Experience stainless steel as a material in integration. its timeless and aesthetic elegance and quality. Discover the almost unlimited crea- tive freedom. Savour the rich combination of stainless steel with other materials and the seamless appearance of the one-piece casting. You will quickly realise. STEELART is the art of living. 3
  3. 3. Element A combination of exceptional design and function. The BLANCOFLOW-IF exclusive sink centres impress with their symmetric design and flowing transitions. The subtle design of the stainless steel drainers, and the centre bowl, create an overall impression of elegance. Design Perfection. BLANCOFLOW-IF – sink centers with flowing transitions. The particular attraction is in the detail. With no steps or joints whatsoever, the drainers merge smoothly into the low-profile IF-rim. At one glance • Design-awarded, hand-crafted undermount sink from the STEELART manufactory • Flowing transitions between drainer and bowl • Symmetrical design with large bowl • Matching accessories, such as colanders and cutting boards available • IF-flat rim for elegant looks and flexible 4 installation: from above or flush-mount 5
  4. 4. Element Our commitment to clear lines. BLANCODIVON – sink centre with clear lines and forms. At one glance • Perfectly shaped sink centre from the STEELART high-tech manufactory • Hand-crafted bowls with 10 mm-radius in pure, elegant look The distinguishing feature of the • Extraordinarily narrow, excellently BLANCODIVON sink centres is their coordinated radii finely worked details. Thus, the extra- • Clear contours and supreme appearance Perfectly shaped overall appearance: ordinarily small, perfectly coordinated radii, • Optional system accessories in perfect the hand-crafted, elegantly pure bowl in together with the clear contours, give harmony with the sink centre harmonious interaction with the clear BLANCODIVON its completely individual, contours of the drainer. supreme overall look. 6 7
  5. 5. Element Experience design in a completely new way. With their elegantly pure design, the hand-crafted BLANCOCLARON-IF sinks are a true highlight of clear design language. The innovative sink generation combines impressive look and function with flowing transitions and unique con- tours. Elegant corner radii of 10 mm emphasise the clear design language. A masterpiece of clear design language. A revolution in form and technology: the BLANCO CLARONLINE-IF – the sink centre in the elegant-pure design. drainer flows smoothly and seamlessly into the bowl, and the flowing transition of radii into straight lines is uniquely innovative. At one glance • The inset programme with elegant corner radii of 10 mm • Seamless transitions of radii into straight lines create unrivalled contours • Wide product range of hand-crafted sinks with perfectly coordinated accessories • IF-flat rim for elegant looks and flexible installation: from above or flush-mount 8 9
  6. 6. Element Is there an optimum solution for the design of an object? For the hand- crafted bowls of the BLANCOCLARON series, it is mainly the small corner radius of just 10 mm that creates its character. It represents the ideal synthesis of clear Perfection is achieved, when you design contours and functional aspects. don’t want to change anything else. BLANCOCLARON programme of bowls. With their great diversity and matching accessories, the elegantly pure BLANCOCLARON bowls harmonise perfectly with any kitchen design. At one glance • Elegantly pure design with concise corner radii of 10 mm • Optimum utilisation of the bowl capacity thanks to extra deep bowls • Great diversity: models with or without integrated tap ledge • Matching accessories, such as colanders, cutting boards or a lay-on drainer • Flexible installation: installation from10 above, flush-mount installation or under- mount possible
  7. 7. Element Equally appealing are the bowls with an integrated drainer and a zero-radius design. The BLANCO ZEROXLINE-IF inset programme with its straight-lined contours has a characteristic design that is further enhanced by the striking X-shaped pattern on the base. Focus on the essential. BLANCO ZEROXLINE-IF – the sink centre in the zero-radius design. Understated but with lots of functions: The flat-fitting IF-rim gives the sinks a flush-mount look. At one glance • The inset programme with striking zero-radius design • The integrated drainer drains directly into the sink • Wide product range of hand-crafted sinks with matching accessories • IF-flat rim for elegant looks and flexible installation: from above or flush-mount12 13
  8. 8. Element The hand-crafted bowls of the BLANCO ZEROXLINE series in zero-radius design are a purist statement that lacks for nothing. The consistent implementation shows mainly in the striking, linear shapes of the bowls. The X-shaped pattern on the base also emphasises the special character. The art of reduction. The purist programme of bowls from STEELART – BLANCO ZEROXLINE. The series is available in a large selection of single and double bowls and with extensive accessories. At one glance • Striking, linear zero-radius design • X-shaped pattern on the base • Great diversity: models with or without integrated tap ledge • Matching accessories, such as colanders, cutting boards or a lay-on drainer available • Flexible installation: installation from above, flush-mount installation or14 undermount 15
  9. 9. Concept The sink as the focal point of the kitchen. In BLANCOFLOW, we have used our wealth of experience with stainless steel to create beauty and functionality: an elegant bowl with smoothly tapering double drainers is integrated into the stainless steel worktop for perfect symmetry. Beauty and functionality join forces. BLANCOFLOW. The connection that flows. As if cast in one piece, the delicate 12mm work surface seamlessly merges with the draining area. At one glance • Pre-defined stainless steel solution with flowing transitions • As if cast in one piece: drainers smoothly tapering into the worktop • Delicate 12mm stainless steel worktop with innovative edge radius R1 • Symmetric and functional: BLANCOCLARON central bowl with double drainers16 17
  10. 10. Concept The proof of perfect precision. BLANCOLEVAGO – Analogy of aesthetics. At one glance • Stainless steel solution with clear forms • Two precisely aligned working zones in the same shape meet the highest design In dialogue with clear form language requirements: and fine materials The Concept - Bowl with elegant cutting board solution BLANCOLEVAGO radiates guidance a thoroughly pleasant optical calm all - Working and parking zones with the around with its fine materials. Two lay-on cutting board flush with the analogue working areas precisely The innovative cutting board lying worktop integrated into the worktop meet the flush on the worktop can also be • Innovative, solid cutting board in an highest design demands. used for covering the bowl. elegant design.18 19
  11. 11. Creation From the experience and maturity of the tried-and-tested one can learn that the new brings freshness and energy. So use the flexibility which STEELART CREATION offers you to create exciting combinations. Find your own personal custom-made stainless steel worktop. Reduced architectural solutions frequently demonstrate the highest demands made on the quality of life. Thanks to their uncompromising shape, the straight-lined design of their edges and the seamlessly integrated bowls, individual stain- It is usually the combination less steel worktops not only influence a large part of the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, of old and new, which enrich life. they also unite all important work areas. Free-standing solutions in stainless steel. At one glance • Customised stainless steel worktops with a clear, straight edge design: with a 1 mm radius or chamfer • Seamless integration of different bowl models and geometries possible • Precise processing and aesthetics on the highest level • Can be combined with stainless steel panels20 21
  12. 12. Creation A new definition of delicate refinement. SolidEdge: solid, light, innovative. At one glance • Innovative, delicate stainless steel worktop with solid edge When aesthetic refinement meets • Combination of highest design professional materials competence, the requirements with innovative result will be an extraordinary, unprece- technology for secure and simple dented solution. The innovative SolidEdge overall planning puts the focus on the delicate beauty of • Versatile: with a floating effect or as BLANCO STEELART leaves you the choice a thin stainless steel worktop in every a lay-on • Integration of all bowl and sink models between the elegant simplicity of the floating- detail. Combined with great stability and and different geometries possible effect worktop solution and the classic, planning safety for the greatest amount lay-on installation from above. of individuality.22 23
  13. 13. Creation The human eye doesn’t differentiate. It always looks closely in the direction which is most appealing. Stainless steel tables are a particular eye-catcher in your kitchen when combined with other materials. Completed with front and rear panels in stainless steel, they For another of the create a completely new focus – by emphasising the special features of the glances you always room. wanted to win. Tables in stainless steel. Make your mark. Whether as a stand-alone solution or integrated into your kitchen worktop – what is special about stainless steel tables from STEELART CREATION is their individual designability. At one glance • Customised stainless steel tables with a clear, straight edge design • Seamless integration of different bowl and sink models possible • Precise processing and aesthetics on the highest level • Can be combined with front panels or a rear panel of stainless steel24 25
  14. 14. The fascination of System Design. Form and finish in smooth harmony. BLANCO STEELART System Design – where the form and surface finish of the control elements – tap, soap dispenser and pop-up – have been designed to match the STEELART BLANCO STEELART System Design sink centres. They appeal with their is available in different design lines to consistent design and the unique suit the wide range of various bowls. matching of their surface finish.26 27
  15. 15. 3626/ENG/12-10 SAP 191 391 © BLANCO GmbH + Co KG 2010 All rights reserved. Subject to alterations and errors without notice. Slight deviations in colour are possible.