What is Digital Marketing?


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The Internet is more than websites and search engines, it\'s about a total web presence.

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  • Ask 10 business owners what “digital marketing” is and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Digital marketing could be described as “Internet marketing on steroids”. What I hope to share with you in the next 5 minutes is a better understanding of what this phenomenon is and how it can take your business to the next level, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, a real estate agent, a dentist, vet, doctor, lawyer – the industry does not matter.
  • Consumers are most definitely online. You can read some of the statistics here, but I read one the other day that was staggering: 121 million searches are conducted in Google every hour (this number does not include Yahoo or Bing), and only 25% of users scroll past the first page. My mission is to get my clients on page one!
  • OK…this is the Internet…(Pause)As you can see, it’s not just about search engines and websites any more…it’s about a web presence.
  • Having said that, here is the typical process that people follow when looking for your products or services.So going clockwise on the screen, 1: (CLICK)It usually starts on search engines like Google or Yahoo or Bing. Or maybe, on Directories like Google Places or Local.com.2: (CLICK)Next, Consumers learn about your products and services on many more places than just websites, perhaps on company or personal blogs, or on multimedia sites like YouTube or Flikr or vimeo.3: (CLICK)Then, they might check your reputation…essentially a free background check on Google hotpot, Google Places, Angies list, or Yelp.4: (CLICK)After that, they might consider personal recommendations from friends on Facebook, or Tumblr, or Twitter.5: (CLICK)Depending on your service or products, they might even check for deals on Groupon or Zagat or Yelp.This is all perpetually happening; You can’t stop it, you can be there, not be there, or be there with a good or bad reputation. You can leave it to chance, or you can manage it. That’s where we come in.To showthis cycle a different way…
  • Read slide, then say…Again, this is what we do for businesses like yours.
  • 1. What are you doing to attract new customers? And are you able to track those activities? (Click) These are some measurable digital marketing strategies that we use with our clients regarding lead generation.2. Is your website outdated, and in need of a fresh look? What is the goal of your website? What are you currently doing to establish brand credibility online? How is that working for you? (Click) And are you able to track your online reputation?3. How are you communicating with your current customers? Are you measuring the impact of those communication strategies? (Click) And is Social Media a viable part of your marketing strategy?These are just some of the services that we offer. I haven’t even touched on video or mobile websites – that’s a seminar in itself.
  • Bottom line, if you want to grow your business – take it to heights you’ve only imagined, reach out to us. We’d love to sit down with you and show you how digital marketing can help. Remember, at WSI, we simplify the Internet.
  • What is Digital Marketing?

    1. 1. What is Digital Marketing? David M. CheekCertified Digital Marketing Consultant
    2. 2. Who is WSI?• Founded in 1995 – birth of the Internet• World’s largest network of local, Independent Digital Marketing Consultants (1,100+)• Global presence -more than 80 countries• System-wide revenues in excess of $110 million in 2010• Our goal is to help businesses: – Generate more leads via the Internet – Elevate their online brand reputation – Tap into new revenue opportunities
    3. 3. Who am I? • 30+ years sales and management experience, corporate VP of Sales with 2 Fortune 250 companies, and owner of 2 successful businesses • Certified Digital Marketing Consultant@wsidavidmcheek /davidmcheek /davidmcheek blog.wsies.com
    4. 4. How consumers find & engage youCopyright 2011 Research and Management. All rights reserved.
    5. 5. The Search, Surf & Social Sales Cycle 2 3 1 4 5Copyright 2011 Research and Management. All rights reserved.
    6. 6. What is Online Visibility?
    7. 7. A Range of Powerful Services Online Brand Online Prospect Online Lead Credibility & and Customer Generation Exposure Communication Paid Search (PPC)  Website  Customer E-mail Organic Search Development Communication (SEO)  Landing Page  Prospect and Lead Social Media Development Nurturing E-Mail Optimization and  Social Media Communication Syndication Profile  Social Media Website Development Optimization & Conversion  Reputation Syndication Optimization Management
    8. 8. Do you know what your customers are saying about you (online), and why should you care?• 86% of consumers research you before buying from you• 90% of those trust the reviews they read (good or bad)• Learn how to respond to negative reviews• Learn how to promote positive reviews• Learn how your Online Reputation affects your bottom line A Free Seminar on how to… Evaluate, Improve, & Monitor Your Online Reputation When: Tomorrow , January 27, 2012, 8:00-10:00 A.M. Where: Frisco Chamber of Commerce Event Room Presented by: David Cheek, Certified Digital Marketing Consultant
    9. 9. Thank you! David M. Cheek 214-498-0808 Gina Cheek 214-498-0821www.WSIeMarketingSpecialist.com