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  1. 1. The PATA Foundation PATA and the Doing Good and Doing it Right Contributed over US$ 1 million to 118 projects (104 scholarships) in over 29 countries since 1985 Visitor Economy 2013 “PATA offers a Solid Principles: PATA Foundation Current Projects New Ideas, Energy fantastic service. PATA Foundation Mission To contribute to the sustainable and responsible • Sala Baï Hotel and Restaurant School, Siem Reap, and Direction for Don’t take it for granted” development of travel and tourism in Asia Pacific Cambodia through the protection of the environment, the – Bruce Poon Tip, conservation of heritage, and support for education. • Young Cultural Ambassador Project (YCAP), Founder, G Adventures Nongkiaw Town, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR • Community Conservation Centre (CCC) The Challenge in 2013 Development and Nature Guide Training for Koh Phra Thong Lions Homestay Group at Lions Village and Tha Pae Yoi Village, Phra Thong Island, Travel and tourism is Kuraburi District, Phang Nga, Thailand vital to the Asia Pacific economy. Many • Community Tourism Partnership Projects, Ta Phin countries depend and Lao Chai, Sapa, Vietnam upon the industry’s stability and growth for jobs and wealth Vietnam Hilltribes: creation. The future Support from PATA Foundation looks bright in the Sea Turtle, French Polynesia short-term. Travel and tourism continues to struggle with the challenges raised by its own success. Tourism development in response to short-term increases in demand puts pressure on environments, heritage sites, cultures and communities – the very assets that create the demand. Embroidery at Many people in both the public and private sectors of the industry are realising that if a building, species or tradition disappears, it is gone forever; that a polluted Ta Phin Village, Sapa, Vietnam A community tourism training project in the Sapa In 2012, PATA raised its profile globally. We worked on behalf of our members to defend direction of the Visitor Economies in South Asia – India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan – will beach and an overcrowded temple unnecessarily region of Northern Vietnam operated by PATA member the interests of Asia Pacific travel and tourism at also increasingly be on the PATA agenda. diminishes the travel experience. Capilano University Vancouver, Canada, and Hanoi leading forums around the world. Along the way, Open University, Vietnam, is supported by the PATA we sowed the seeds for future growth. The Visitor Economy is a key pillar of social The challenge for the industry is to strike a balance Foundation. The project features tourism training to development in Asia Pacific and beyond. PATA is between short-term gain and long-term viability. If it help sustain vulnerable ethnic cultures and maximise In 2013, PATA and its members are starting its defender and advocate-in-chief. can rise to the challenge, Asia Pacific travel and tourism benefits of tourism to small and unique villages in has a very bright long-term future. Northern Vietnam. Training is done by Capilano and to harvest the results. PATA Next Gen is now Hanoi Open University students and faculty. Find out delivering on initiatives such as PATAcademy, an These bold outreach manoeuvres come at a time Since its inception, PATA has been a champion of more: enhanced PATAmPower intelligence platform, and when PATA has stabilised its finances – by proving environmental and cultural heritage preservation as an expanded aligned advocacy agenda. its worth to members who are embracing PATA it relates to travel and tourism development. PATA again to build their business. recognises the importance of the environment, cultural heritage and education to the long-term viability of This year we are adding the vital new concept destinations. on. of the Visitor Economy to our aligned advocacy In 2012 our events became much more strategically nservati les of co agenda. Committed to the job creating power of linked to our members’ tourism industry priorities. n to the princip dicatio the Visitor Economy, PATA will robustly address That will continue in 2013. Does your destination ATA’s de extens ion of P tural the obstacles to growth around Asia Pacific. need key travel issues aired? Tell us. PATA is here dation is a naThe PAT A Foun Politicians take note. The health and future for you.   Martin J Craigs PATA CEO
  2. 2. Giant Panda, Chengdu ry Secreta ourable e hap ter Hon aised with th India C were also r nd PATA es sta An tunes a advocacy issu Ma nuel Co 2. High level 2013. an João 8, 201 7-20, PATA Travel Mart 2013 Chairm dia, August 2 elhi, March 1 h PATA enga ges wit New Delhi, In i an d New D Table t t Sahai visit to Mumba dh Kan eet during his p with visits to Sh ri Subo S an J llow u inister irector e Top Impac urism M tions D O will foIndia To a Das Publica ATA CE raigs, P September 15-17, 2013 rg artin C at th and Du f Aviation. M Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center Min ister o s Back Making an Chengdu, China ATA i and Connect to the fastest growing and largest outbound market and inboundP destination in the world. The Mart is the premier buyer-seller event for the travel trade in Asia Pacific. The Event PATA has a new vision. The Visitor Throughout 2012, PATA helped align PATA Travel Mart is a PATA signature event and a premier travel trade show in the Asia Pacific region. The Mart offers a dynamic programme and remarkable platform to showcase travel products and services from around the Asia Pacific region. PATA Travel Mart brings together Economy should be better recognised industry advocacy with other regional hundreds of international buyers and sellers in one marketplace. and respected as a key pillar of travel industry bodies. We made a Chengdu will be the first city to host PTM in midwest China. social and economic development declaration of interdependence. in Asia Pacific. The Visitor Economy Together we formally launched the delivers cross-cultural understanding Global Travel Association Coalition Opportunities & Highlights of PATA Travel Mart 2013 and poverty alleviation through (GTAC). PATA is a founding member. • Guaranteed scheduled business appointments with quality buyers job creation. Managed properly, Other members include the Airports • Explore business opportunities and network with tourism stakeholders responsible tourism makes a massive Council International (ACI), American • Make new connections and strengthen partnerships across the Asia Pacific region and positive contribution in a dynamic Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Cruise • Experience a different host destination each year Visitor Economy. Our message to Lines International Association (CLIA), • Get in-depth insights on key destinations governments is: Don’t unduly tax the International Air Transport Association Visitor Economy or strangle it with (IATA), United Nations World Travel regulations. Nurture it! Organization (UNWTO), United States Discover Chengdu and China - A Booming Market and Destination Travel Association (USTA), World Chengdu, with a population of over 14 million, is the capital of Sichuan Province, which is known as the “Heavenly State”. It is located in the middle of Sichuan Province on the Government ministers in Asia have Economic Forum (WEF), and the World West Sichuan Plain. Chengdu is the most important economic, transportation and seen the light. They are generally Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). communication centre in Western China. The native language in Chengdu is Sichuanese pro-tourism. Many governments in Mandarin. developed western economies have a Among that pan-global alliance, PATA lazy, exploitative approach to tourism. has the unique distinction of being Chengdu was hailed as one of the “best tourist cities in China” by the China National They see it as an easy tax collection the only group headquartered in Asia Tourism Administration and UNWTO. It has many tourism resources, specifically the option. They see the travel industry Pacific. indigenous habitat and ecological culture that supports pandas – the leading tourism as divided and unwilling or unable to attraction of the area. fight its corner. They need to be proven So whether you are an airline, NTO, tour wrong. operator or hotelier, if you think there are obstacles to growth, unfair levels of “The system of prearra taxation, too much red tape, insufficient “As a first time seller, “Excellent speakers, appointments is very usnged investment or training, structural blocks excellent debate Many of the buyer delegeful. to creating a growing, dynamic and we were surprised looking at where ate were highly qualified an s responsible Visitor Economy in your with the high level of tourism is going.” represented interestingd country, region or sector, tell PATA. We buyers.” companies.” will do our best to fight for you and for Keynote Speaker at PATA House of Commons -- Ron Corben, Correspon dent, -- Helmut Mochel, Direct Aligned Advocacy Dinner, 5th November 2012, -- Tomoyuki Okagawa, JTB or, Eurasia the development of the travel industry. Australian Associated Pre ss, Thailand Erlebnisreisen, Germany H.E. Ms Gloria Guevara Manzo, Tourism Secretary of Mexico, CEO, Mexico Tourism Board
  3. 3. PATA Face to Face: PATA and Aligned Advocacy Business Events that Build Your Business, Throughout 2013, PATA will Address Issues and Grow connect people, ideas, buyers and sellers at innovative events. UK Air Passenger Duty PATA vindicated by PwC Report on self-harming APD: European Union: Emissions Trading Scheme Clock stopped: In November 2012, the Visitor Economy We listen to members. Our events reflect their needs PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC produced an evidence-based report that validates the European Commission agreed to stop the clock over its greenhouse and growth plans. the long battle that PATA, together with gas emissions trading scheme. This UNWTO, WTTC, and IATA, have been effectively stopped the carbon penalties advocating against the self-harming being levied on flights taking off orPATA Hub City Forums APD. The report stated that by axing the tax, the UK GDP will get a 0.45% landing in EU member states. Aligned advocacy by IATA, PATA and others has boost, create 60,000 new jobs, expand worked. Airlines pledged to look intoIn 2011/2012 PATA held five Hub City Forums. These were medium sized events strategically linked to local market needs. investment and exports, increase ways of cutting their emissions, through business opportunities and productivity. a “market-based mechanism” and with • Hong Kong: Quality: A Valuable Destination, December 2011 “The battle to stop the imposition of a overall guidance from International Civil • Bangkok: Navigating the Headwinds, January 2012 ‘neo-colonial’ travel tax in the form of Aviation Organisation (ICAO). • Singapore: Quality Tourism Through Innovation, May 2012 the EU ETS was won last year. It’s time • Beijing: Progressive Transformation Through Innovation, June 2012 to saddle up for the long and hard road South Asia: Travel Issues Need • London: Preparing for Post Olympic Challenges, July 2012 to APD minimization. The UK Treasury Addressing will eventually have to take their hands New challenges: India is currently a off their eyes and ears and recognize major outbound force. As an inboundIn 2013 public and private sector leaders will convene at the following they need to stiffen their resolve and entity the travel industry and PATA canPATA Hub City Forums: effectively tax the destructive economy see that it has much more room to not the creative economy that creates grow. PATA in cooperation with public • 12th February - Sydney real jobs faster than any other,” said PATA and private sector travel industry CEO Martin Craigs. partners will, in 2013, address obstacles Ms Priti Patel, Conservative Member of UK • 8th April - Abu Dhabi to growth impacting the inbound Parliament for Witham, Essex, questions • 15th April - New Delhi her own party’s logic for imposing the “self • 21st May - Moscow The battle continues: On November travel sectors, especially in India and harming“ Airport Passenger Duty (APD) tax. • 1st June - Cape Town Sydney New Delhi Abu Dhabi 5, 2012 PATA brokered a high-powered Bangladesh. PATA will release a white The PwC 78-page Economic Impact of APD • 10th-12nd October - Yogyakarta dinner in the House of Commons to paper on South Asia’s inbound tourism study issued 5 February 2013 fully vindicates protest the tax increases with support challenges in Q1 2013. Ms Patel and PATA’s aligned advocacy from UK MP, Priti Patel and others. PATA campaign. CEO Martin Craigs said the day after: “Last night’s PATA organised dinner in the House of Commons, was, what Moscow Cape Town Yogyakarta UNWTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai2013 PATA Annual Summit called, a ‘triumph for next generation PATA activism’ and a ‘major step on the road to aligned and effective advocacyTheme: Embracing the Complete Visitor Economy for travel and tourism’. Taleb called it anFriday April 26, 2013 ‘exquisitely timed, located and deliveredCentara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre declaration of interdependency.”Bangkok, Thailand Media thought leaders from TheTourism Ministers and CEOs from around the world will gather to outline the Visitor Economy principles. Based on its aligned Economist, CNN and Flight Global/advocacy credentials, PATA has the opportunity to lead the Visitor Economy conversation in Asia Pacific. The Association Airline Business also attended thecan – and should – showcase the range of PATA’s current and targeted membership to demonstrate how the Visitor Economy event. In 2013, a follow up event attouches a very wide range of infrastructure and services – from Boeing to Bombardier, Siemens to Samsung, TripAdvisor to WTM will be an even more interactiveTiffany’s. PATA’s vision is to join up and secure better recognition of all aspects of the highly interdependent travel, tourism (From left to right) Marthinus van Schalkwyk, South Africa Tourism Minister; Martin Craigs, and live streamed session. Politicians PATA CEO; and Gerald Lawless, President and Group CEO of Jumeirah Hotel Group. All speakingand trade sectors, international and domestic. The PATA Annual Summit in Bangkok will address those challenges and and travel industry leaders will debate out “loud and clear“ on visitor economy impediments at the WTTC Summit in Tokyo, April 2012.opportunities head on. the opportunities and obstacles for the global travel and tourism sector. “A major step on the road to aligned and effective advocacy for travel and tourism.” PATA’s NEW MANTRA – UNWTO Secretary Gen eral Taleb Rifai on PATA’s Advoca cy Dinner in “The Visitor Economy: Driving Societal Development in Asia Pacific” the House of Commons in London, November 5, 2012 Thailand Grand Palace
  4. 4. Insights & Knowledge PATA Strategic Intelligence 2013 = PATA publications (electronic or print format), reports, insights and in-person presentations at your own events are unique. PATA’s privileged ‘impartial’ position as pan-regional travel industry association for both the public and private sector Competitive Advantage gives us unique access to data from national tourism organisations, airlines, academic institutions and other travel bodies. It is information that we put to good use for our members. Some key outputs from PATA’s acclaimed Strategic Intelligence Centre include: • Asia Pacific Tourism Forecasts 2012-2014 • Asia Pacific Regional Tourism Forecasts 2012-2014 Intelligent • Annual Tourism Monitor • Quarterly Tourism Monitor Partnerships • PATA Outbound Snapshots and Insights PATAmPOWER • China Outbound Tourism Yearbook • Annual Report of China Outbound Tourism Development • Are You Ready for Chinese International Travellers? Look at the quality of the What is PATAmPOWER? • The Green Book of China’s Tourism travel intelligence partners PATAmPOWER is a next generation business decision-making tool providing • Issues & Trends that PATA works with: Asia Pacific travel data for travel professionals. As the leading voice and authority on travel and tourism in Asia Pacific, PATA will How can I use it? keep upgrading its intelligence offerings in 2013. There will be greater emphasis on Every PATA member who has a computer, smartphone or tablet and an China – as both an inbound and outbound entity. internet connection can access it. What sort of information does it have? Volume17, 4th Quarter 2012 Travellers – the number of international visitors visiting a destination ASIA PACIFIC ANNUAL TOURISM “I saw PATAmPOWER. throughout recent history, currently, and in the future; mode of transport, TOURISM FORECASTS 2012-2014 MONITOR 2012 Final Edition & TRENDS That is an excellent length of stay, gender, expenditure, digital indicators; Aviation – seat capacity, Asia-south America: growing to the tune of a samba? product suite. What you flight frequency, passenger flow; Accommodation – room supply, demand; Are You Ready ? have has super potential Digital indicators – ICT indicators, web usage, top ten travel sites and more. For Chinese International Travellersin both the region and th e How does PATA get all this information? hotel sector.” Its Strategic Intelligence Centre gathers and collates it from sources such as-- Raj Lalsare, Head of e-C national tourism offices, national statistics offices and from PATA’s amazing Lindsay W.Turner & Stephen F.Witt ommerce, list of partner organisations – Visa, TripAdvisor, Amadeus, comScore, SinoTech Marina Bay Sands Group, STR Global, Travel Channel, Dragon Trail, Travel Guard Chartis, Airport IS, PhoCusWright and others. Welcome to the New PATAcademy Will I get access to all this information? I N T E R A C T I V E It depends on your category of PATA membership. The new PATAcademy is PATA’s innovative and tangible embodiment of our commitment to Human Capital Development. Tourism, travel and trade will“The PATA next genera It sounds good, but what should I exactly use it for? likely continue its strong growth in Asia Pacific. The challenge is creating tion As a travel trade professional you will find it a great resource tool to prepare talented people to meet the industry’s needs. That’s why we are launching the sinotechgroup research platform presentations, to help with marketing and budget plans, in short, to get you PATAcademy in 2013. Its key features: PATAmPOWER is a very faster insights and help you make smarter decisions.compelling reason to be • Six-day course in PATA HQ’s Engagement Hub a • Targets middle management – the ‘rising stars’ member.” What are PATAmPOWER’s plans for the future? It will be adapted and made even more responsive for mobile users. You’ll be • Guest lecturers covering strategically linked subjects-- Aliana Ho, Vice Preside able to join PATA on PATAmPOWER. And there will be a Mandarin language • Combination of classroom coursework, case studies and field trips nt, Asia Pacific • Sample subjects: strategic planning, human resources, consumer Regional Sales and Travel version by September 2013. Operations, marketing, trade sales, digital commerce, research, finance, growth The Walt Disney Compan markets, tourism development, and more y • Courses in English • Price guideline US$200 per day • Courses to start in Q4 2013 ur Pe ople B u ilds Yo