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  1. 1. Asia Pacific Tourism Forecasts 2012-2014Asia will continue to lead the way with arrivals growing at an annual rate of almost six percent,while North America is predicted to expand by three percent per annum and the Pacific by justunder two percent.These are a few of the predictions available in PATA’s flagship publication the‘Asia Pacific TourismForecasts 2012-2014. Covering 40 destinations within the Asia Pacific region, the report forecastsarrivals by country of origin, tourism receipts, departures and much more.PATA members US$750Chapter members US$1,125Non-members US$1,500Asia Pacific Regional Tourism Forecasts 2012-2014The companion volume to PATA’s Asia Pacific Tourism Forecasts 2012-14 is the‘Asia Pacific RegionalTourism Forecasts 2012-14’report in which international arrivals to the States/Provinces of Canada,China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the USA are explored and forecast over the next threeyears to 2014.The need for more detailed forecasts at the sub-national level has become very apparent in recentyears and as the report explains“the increasing numbers of international travellers worldwidehave made regional forecasting an important part of world tourism forecasting. Visitors nowspread out into regional areas in large numbers and in the larger countries the regional arrivalsform an important segment of the local economy. Consequently, there is a growing need to haveforecasts of arrivals in regional areas in order to aid with regional infrastructure planning”.PATA members US$500Chapter members US$750Non-members US$1,500** All books are only available in e-format !The Early Edition is released in the first halfof the year and provides a detailed accountof travel movements to, from and within AsiaPacific for 2011, along with some air capacityindicators that make many such movementspossible.PATA members US$250Chapter members US$375Non-members US$500The Final Edition follows on from theprevious report and provides a much moredetailed view of travel movements duringcalendar year 2011 as it includes a number ofother measures of travel activity and profilesincluding length of stay, expenditure andso on.PATA members US$500Chapter members US$750Non-members US$1,000Annual Tourism Monitor 2012The Annual Tourism Monitor (ATM) provides a detailed and timely perspective on internationalinbound and outbound travel movements for all major destinations within the Asia Pacific region.It is delivered in two volumes each calendar year.ANNUALTOURISMMONITOR 2012Early EditionANNUALTOURISMMONITOR 2012Final EditionORDER FORMPlease send me the following Strategic Intelligence Centre publications:Item # Qty Title PriceDeduct 10 Percent forBank Fee: Please add US$35 for wire transfer not drawn on a US BankPrinting & Binding Fee: Please add US$50 for e-format publicationShipping Cost: Thailand US$10 (US$5 for additional copy). Asia US$20(US$5 for additional copy). Others US$30 (US$5 for additional copy)TOTAL US$Contact Information (please print clearly):Name:______________________________________Title: _______________________________________Company: __________________________________PATA ID: ___________________________________Address:_______________________________________________________________________________City:_______________________________________State: ____________________________________Country:____________________________________Postal Code_________________________________Tel:________________________________________Fax:_______________________________________Email:______________________________________Method of Payment:Please bill my credit cardOther___________________________Card #: _____________________________________Name on Card: _______________________________Expiration Date: ______________________________Signature: ___________________________________Cheque: Please make payable to "Pacific AsiaTravel AssociationCheque #____________________________________Please send the order form with paymentto:Wire transfer information:505 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA94111, USAPlease indicate that this fund is for"Publications"A/C No.: 025155101ABA No.: 121100782SWIFT CODE: BWSTUS66Please fax your remittance toinUS Dollars drawn on a US branch of USshipping. Payment can be in the form ofcheque, money order or bank transferBank. Credit card payments are alsoaccepted.Please add me to your e-mail alert listfor publications!:liamE- ____________________________Note: we require payment in advance ofASIA PACIFICTOURISM FORECASTS2012-2014Lindsay W.Turner & Stephen F.WittASIA PACIFICREGIONAL TOURISM FORECASTS2012-2014Lindsay W.Turner & StephenF.WittBUSINESS INTELLIGENCE order copies of the above reports, please visit us at*Academics and Libraries seeking multiple copies please contact
  2. 2. Are you ready? For Chinese International Travellers:Are You Ready? For Chinese International Travellers”, jointly published by PATA and COTRI,provides a detailed introduction to the Chinese outbound tourism business, Chinese travel-ler behaviour, their likes and dislikes, as well as how to provide superior services for themfrom an insider point of view. The report comprises eight chapters including:· Chinese cultural background· Chinese Travellers’motivation and behavior· Product adaptation and ambience· Chinese language: information and sympathy· Communication with the Chinese marketPATA members US$350Chapter members US$375Non-members US$499PATA Outbound Tourism SnapshotsThis series of reports provides a concise and timely update on outbound travel trends tospecific Asia Pacific destinations including China, India, Japan, Korea (ROK), Australia andNew Zealand.PATA members US$100Chapter members US$180Non-members US$500& TRENDS Issues & TrendsA one-year subscription with four issues of Issues & Trends: an easy-to-read analysis ofimportant issues and trends affecting the region’s travel industry.PATA members ComplimentaryChapter members US$225 annual subscription (4 editions)Non-members US$300 annual subscription (4 editions)Quarterly Tourism Monitor (electronic version)The Quarterly Tourism Monitor (QTM) provides a timely look at inbound travel for all majordestinations in the region. (4 reports per year)PATA members US$500 annual subcription(4 reports)Chapter members US$750 annual subcription(4 reports)Non-members US$1,000 annual subcription(4 reports)Travel and Tourism: Opening Doors for Your FutureTravel and Tourism: Opening Doors for Your Future is a computer-based interactiveeducational and motivational programme that introduces the Travel and Tourism Industryas a serious, rewarding career track to beginning students or people who are entering theworkforce. Produced in high definition video for use in classrooms, it is ideal for entry-leveluniversity courses, vocational institutes, corporate HR departments or career counseling insecondary schools.e-Book versionPATA members US$7.99Non-members US$8.99DVD version Site (School or Company for one location)PATA Member US$80 classroom/year PATA Member US$650 site/yearNon-members US$90 classroom/year Non-members US$750 site/yearThe Essential China Travel Trends 2012Year of the Dragon Edition will make it easierfor businesses to understand China’s con-sumers, particularly their travel preferencesand the latest social, economic and digitaltrends in a highly complex, fast-movingmarket.PATA members US$24Chapter members US$27Non-members US$30ESSENTIALCHINALEVARTTRENDS2012