Resourcing for SEO


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Resourcing for SEO

  1. 1. SEO cost saving ideas For entrepreneurs or in-house SEO’sby: Chee Ho Wanfor: SEO bar campon: 4th March 2012
  2. 2. Why this topic• SEO your resources are always limited, so getting the best bang for your buck is needed.
  3. 3. Choose local or overseas?Why local?• Tasks that requires local cultural knowledge• Tasks are complex and require a high learning curve• Time sensitive tasks• Tasks that need close monitoring I would tend to choose local staff than offsourcing where possible and only outsource subtasks
  4. 4. Where to source staff
  5. 5. Gumtree.comWhat its good for Why does it suck• Finding journalistic level • Poor quality CV’s and content writers lots of them• Finding PR staff / online social media staff• Translation resources Hot tips • Advertise outside London • Choose your category carefully – content writers section gets a lot more traffic than the marketing ones
  6. 6. London Careers websiteWhat its good for Why does it suck• Finding top quality • Low volumes of graduates candidates• Posting ads to 11 • Is not consistent in different universities volume• Its free!!! Hot tips • Supplement with other activity as inconsistent with volume
  7. 7. oDeskWhat its good for Why does it suck• Low level tasks • A lot of candidates have• Ability to see what poor English candidates are working on • Some candidates do• Its cheap and no notice multiple jobs and are periods can be unreliable Hot tips • Create practical tests to test levels of English, excel skills, etc • Training and close monitoring is required
  8. 8. London Business SchoolWhat its good for Why does it suck• Finding a MBA waiting to • Low volumes of learn about online marketing candidates• Finding a developer • Is not consistent in looking to supplement volume their income Hot tips • Create practical tests to test levels of English
  9. 9. Partnering with European universitiesWhat its good for Why does it suck• Finding developers and • Difficult to set up graduate interns • Language can be a problem so patience is required! Hot tips • Government will supplement students income between £200-£300 which means you can pay them less
  10. 10. Design • 99designs Cheap and fixed price! • Find a designer Higher chance to find someone which is top based outside quality LondonFor design my preference is for UK based staff as there needs to be an understanding aboutculture and local style
  11. 11. PR – do it yourself! How? • Newsworthy content • Right timing • Great data • Use of tools like Gorkana • Contact journalist yourself instead of hiring an agency • Utilise your existing relationships Results • Over 100 links from news pressA bit of luck is needed with PR – winning over the Press Association was a key to success