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Introducing Forms, From Check I'm Here


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The Forms feature from Check I’m Here allows you to create custom forms, assessment surveys, and more that you can track and manage conveniently on a secure cloud platform.

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Introducing Forms, From Check I'm Here

  1. 1. Build, share, & process forms, surveys, & more. From Check I’m Here
  2. 2. Forms are the foundation of all campus and student life experiences. Unfortunately, forms can be tedious, easy to lose track of, and a pain to file, and not to mention it’s a hassle for students. Say goodbye to papercuts and messy desks! Don’t be barry Check I’m Here
  3. 3. We designed something that we believe would simplify this process that is so critical for success. Now you can clear your desk and your head, drop your paper forms in the shredder and replace them with Forms by Check I’m Here. Clear Your Head and Your Desk With Forms! Check I’m Here
  4. 4. Saves You TimeEasy to Use Ecofriendly integrated and accessed easily. Approval workflow and direct email Paperless solution to paper forms. Check I’m Here
  5. 5. Forms is a feature built into the Check I’m Here student engagement platform. You will never have to worry about a desk cluttered with mountains of forms again. Enjoy the convenience of having all your forms stored in a secure platform. Intergrated Check I’m Here Request Demo
  6. 6. Text Drag Fields Here Your First Digital Form Paragraph Time Scale Data Doc. Upload Signature Organizations Dropdown Yes/No Sector Header Events TextImage Draggable elements feilds go here Drag & Drop Builder Check I’m Here Forms drag & drop builder allows you to drap and drop elements as you need to creat custom forms, approvals, surveys and more all from your campus portal. Request Demo
  7. 7. Create forms for: Events Travel Budgets Surveys Elections Approvals Facilities Marketing Conferences Expenditures Applications And More...
  8. 8. Approval workflow played a tremendous part in how we developed this new feature. Because everyone has a different approval workflow depending on their institution, their department and what type of form is needed, we build this process to simplify workflow. Response 1 Responses Name Time Approve Response 2 Response 3 Response 4 Response 5 Barry Ruby Tony Kevin Drew 12:15 PM 8:42 AM 8:23 AM 9:07 AM 10:11 AM Approve Approve Approve Approve See Responses Instantly all in real-time Check I’m Here Request Demo
  9. 9. We know managing a form’s history is key to productivity and organization. We’ve made it so you can manage and view each response. You can also see what stage each response is in, who has approved it, what stages come next, and manage completed responses. Simplify Your Workflow Ruby Barry Tony Kevin Aprroved Notified Pending Pending Aprroved Notified Pending Pending Drew Pending Pending Check I’m Here Request Demo
  10. 10. After the necessary steps are completed, you're able to export and work with all the responses, forms, or survey results based on the data and information already stored on your campuses Check I’m Here platform. 5 11 3 Analyze and Export Check I’m Here Request Demo
  11. 11. Accessibility was a huge challenge to tackle, and we knew forms should be available wherever a student already is.The Forms feature allows you embed forms, and produce a simple link for your form that can be shared across all social media platforms from your Check I’m Here’s campus branded web portal Accessible and Shareable Check I’m Here Request Demo
  12. 12. Secure Cloud Storage Forms can be all over the place. With our new forms feature, you never have to worry about a scavenging around campus for forms again. You get to enjoy the convenience of all forms stored in a secure cloud platform. Request DemoRequest Demo Check I’m Here
  13. 13. Our forms interface is a productivity powerhouse. Surveys and forms are now easy to produce with our convenient drag and drop creator. Clutter and misplaced paperwork are no longer an issue as forms are stored with our secure cloud. Your campus forms, responses, and management can now be organized in one central virtual location. Check I’m Here Request Demo Clutter Is A Thing Of The Past!
  14. 14. Shred Your Forms Now Enjoy a greener, more efficient and organized campus with Forms from Check I’m Here. Check I’m Here Request Demo Build, share, & process forms, surveys, & more.
  15. 15. Check I’m Here Manage Assess EngageTrack Ready to Make an Impact on Campus Engagement? Request Demo Learn More