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Story of my ancestors


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I made a big effort to do this powerpoint, so i hope you like it!

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Story of my ancestors

  1. 1. Story of my Ancestors By Cecilia Contreras
  2. 2. My great-grandfather Casimiro camefrom Paraguay at the beginning of theXX Century
  3. 3. Casimiro arrived inMisiones
  4. 4. Casimiro is on the right side of the picture, playingthe guitar. This is the only picture of him I havefound!
  5. 5. He is Adrian, my other great-grandfather. I don’t know anythingabout him; I only know he lived inMisiones.
  6. 6. In the picture below, my grandfather and his friends. This picture was taken in Buenos Aires too.In the picture above is mygrandfather Marcelo. This was hisfirst time in Buenos Aires.
  7. 7. At present……Some pictures of my family…
  8. 8. This picture was taken during our holidays in Misiones in2009. We were visiting Puerto Panambi, near Brazil. It is themost beautiful place I have ever visited!
  9. 9. This picture was taken this year, when we went to Mar de Ajo.Those are my beutiful sisters Florencia and Daniela (I’mbetween them!)
  10. 10. And that’s all…I have more pictures, but my mother doesn’t allow me to put them here  I hope you liked!!! 