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Hmc installation .


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horton network hadoop installation based on HMC tips

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Hmc installation .

  1. 1. HMC installation Details : 1. Setup the ssh-shared environment in the cluster nodes [confirm bn nodes ]. 2. Ensure the availability of HDD / RAM size [It is very important ] 3. Setup the node [On which we are going to run the HMC ] with browser . 4. Update the FQDN name in all nodes /etc/hosts file. 5. Verify the puppet ssl sign / requests status between HMC server / other nodes 6. If we are not using DNS we can use HMC server name as puppet [Personal opinion / not required] 7. Download / install epel / hmc repo rpm in HMC node. rpm -Uvh centos5/epel-release-5- 4.noarch.rpm rpm -Uvh centos5/hdp-release- 8. Install the per-requesties in all nodes as per the HMC doc. 9. Install hmc in HMC node. yum install php-pecl-json hmc 10. Once installed start the hmc service .and follow the instructions. 11. If not preferring HMC to download the JDK bin file, Please upload the bin [32,64 jdk ]file in /var/run/hmc/downloads folder with appropriate permission settings [chown -R apache:puppet] 12. Check the Document root settins in apache. 13. Check the Download permission for jdk files [curl -I localhost/downloads/jdk_filename, confirm the 200 response] 14. Start the httpd service and access the link from HMC node. 15. http://<hostname for the main installation host>/hmc/html/index.php. 16. Follow-up the installation instruction . 17. At last step calculate the memory to allocate for apps . and make confirm the jdk download path + java path settings. LOGS : 1. Verify the /var/log/puppet_agent.log in all nodes getting the proper update or not. 2. Check in HMC node /var/log/hmc/hmc.log 3. [puppet kick got failed is not meaning for puppet is not working . We can confirm with varify the /var/log/yum.log file]K.Karthikeyan