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Vip strong authentication : No Passwords - infographic by Symantec


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VIP Strong Authentication- No Passwords - infographic by Symantec. Know how Symantec Has eliminated Passwords.

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Vip strong authentication : No Passwords - infographic by Symantec

  1. 1. most popular passwords PASSWORDS ... We’ve had them for years, we know they’re not secure, and strong passwords are hard to remember. And with all the new cloud apps we now use, the number of passwords has multiplied… and the number of breaches is growing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA ) provides the protection we need breaches could be eliminated by 2FA 80% SOMETHING YOU KNOW SOMETHING YOU HAVE TOKEN MOBILE PHONE THE PASSWORD IS THE WEAKLINK NOW HAS ELIMINATED THE PASSWORD DOWNLOAD USERNAME remember me VIP 2FA SIGN IN Sign in Box Workday SalesForce Office365 > > > > S Symantec Access Manager VIP Access Touch ID for “VIP Access” Approve your Sign in request form: Your Corp Info 2:15PM PST Enter VIP PIN Deny Symantec VIP The Symantec VIP Mobile Credential Biometrics Touch ID HOW 2FA WORKS Logmein Until Now… password 123456 The Passwordless Cloud To sign in to an online application, partner site, or through the Symantec Identity: Access Manager SSO portal – you just need a username and your fingerprint. IN THE ON YOUR STRONG AUTHENTICATION ... NO PASSWORDS + +Symantec VIP SOMETHING YOU HAVE The Symantec VIP Mobile Credential SOMETHING YOU ARE Biometrics Touch ID ITS 2FA SECURE, AND EASY AS A FINGERPRINT. LEARN MORE ABOUT @WWW.SYMANTEC.COM/VIPSymantec VIP A leading cloud-based strong authentication for the last 19 years HOW IT WORKS