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Comodo ev multi domain ssl certificate from cheapestssls


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Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL Certificates (MDC's) are the convenient and cost-effective solution for online businesses looking to secure multiple websites from a single certificate. Like regular EV certificates, Comodo EV Multi Domain (MDC's) also display the trust-building green address bar to website visitors and provide the very highest levels of SSL security.

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Comodo ev multi domain ssl certificate from cheapestssls

  1. 1. Comodo EV Multi Domain SSLCertificate from Cheapestssls.comBUY NEW OR RENEW YOURCOMODO EV MULTI DOMAIN SSLCERTIFICATES
  2. 2. THE PRODUCT SPECIFICATION OF COMODO EV MULTI DOMAINSSL• Protect up to 100 domains with SINGLE SAN SSLCertificate.• Comes with power of Green SSL address bar on allwebsites.• Includes $250,000 warranty from COMODO.• Dedicated Account Manager• 2048-bit, the next generation SSL certificate• Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL enable with ServerGated Cryptography Technology.• Free phone priority and 24/7 hours email and chattechnical support from COMODO.
  3. 3. THE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF COMODO EV MULTIDOMAIN SSL CERTIFICATE• Domain Security Level: Single Fully Qualified Domain Name• Issuance Rate: 1 to 7 working days• Site Seal: Yes• Authentication Level: Comprehensive OrganizationValidated• Web Browsers Support: 99.93% compatibility of the latestweb browsers• Encryption Level: 2048 bit SSL• Reissue: Unlimited Issue• Support: Email, and Web• Refund Policy: 30 days
  4. 4. THE KEY BENEFITS OF COMODO EV MULTI DOMAINSSL• Save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year over thecost of individual EV certificates• Secure up to 100 Fully Qualified Domain Names on asingle certificate• Each of your sites will display the trust building greenaddress bar to your customers or clients• Easy to deploy by using our patent-pending EV-AUTOEnhancer technology• Simple and convenient - only one certificate to managefor all your domains