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Backlinking software comparo


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Backlinking software comparo details two backlinks building services for posting content and text links on thousands of high pagerank blogs all over the Internet. Read the review...

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Backlinking software comparo

  1. 1. Link Building Software Comparo  Link building software comes in a variety of different flavors. I use Directory Submitters, Article Marketing, Blog Commenting tools, Article Spinners and a bunch of other tricks. But there are two link building tools I use right now that are proving invaluable: • Linkvana • Text Links Even though this is a comparison article, I use them both for creating valuable back-links to my sites and my client’s sites. And I’m going to tell you what they have in common and how they are different. Here’s how they work (short overview): Both companies have gone out and bought thousands, and I mean thousands, of blogs that people or companies no longer use or the company that created them has gone out of business. This means that these blogs have been around long enough to build some decent page rank and have good quality content on them. It also means that just about every subject under the sun is treated by at least one of their blogs. Both companies will let you write minimum 100 word blog posts on whatever subject you want (except porn or gambling), and put your post up on one of their blogs. I can sit and crank out 100 word blog posts all day long on almost any subject. And they let you put an anchored text link back to the website page of your choice in each blog post. If you don’t understand why this is so valuable, you probably shouldn’t be reading this review. You are too much of a beginner to use Linkvana or TextLinks. I also want you to know before we go any further that these services are not cheap. Linkvana costs $147 per month and Text Links costs $99 per month. Are they worth it? Absolutely. It’s worth it to me to subscribe to, and use, both services. Now, obviously, for that kind of money, you want to be using them every day. First thing I do every morning is go to each of them and crank out blog posts for myself and my clients. Linkvana only offers the ability to write these mini-blog posts to create backlinks or 250 word articles to create backlinks. However, Linkvana makes it much easier to write blog posts and articles and put in the anchored text links than Text Links does. That’s it’s big advantage. And they also offer a service to write blog posts or articles for you. And they’re pretty cheap. I believe it’s less than ten dollars an article. I haven’t used that service because I prefer to do my own writing. Here’s how Linkvana works:
  2. 2. As you can see from the picture below, I have a lot of projects going on Linkvana. You create a Project for a website you want to promote. Then you go to the Links page and create a list of URLs (including anchor text) within that site that you want to promote. For my Plantar Fasciitis Inserts website, I currently have 13 pages that I create blog posts and articles for on Linkvana. My Linkvana Projects page When you’re ready to create a blog post, you go to the Posts page and click Add New. Here are their rules for blog posts: Basic Posting Guidelines: 1) Posts should be at least 100 words. 2) Only 1 link per post allowed. 3) All content must be unique. 4) Only link to “White Hat” real content sites. Here’s one of the conveniences I really love about Linkvana. When you are ready to put in an anchor text link back to the website page you’re promoting, you just go to the bottom of the page and click on a drop down menu that shows every URL with anchor text you created on your Links page. Then you just click the one you want and it inserts the anchor text link right into your blog post (or article). (Articles are allowed to have three links). Lastly, run the Spell Checker. Then you can either hit Save or Send. Save will simply save the article or post into your account. Send will submit it to Linkvana for approval (usually less than 24 hours). When it’s approved, Linkvana will install it on one of their thousands of blogs.
  3. 3. Here’s how Text Links works: Text Links has a more expanded offering. Not only do they let you post blogs and articles to their blogs, but they let you search the blogs and choose the blog you wish to place your blog post on. Right now, Text Links doesn’t offer a separate article service like Linkvana does. It’s all just blogs. And they don’t have a page to set up separate Projects. Essentially, you just go to the Control Panel, hit Write New Article, and start writing. My Text Links Control Panel Just like Linkvana, you’re allowed to have one link per post. And the posts have to be a minimum of 100 words. Unlike Linkvana, you don’t have the links and anchor text already built in so you have to do that yourself. Also like Linkvana, you are writing in text but you have some HTML you’re allowed to use and some of it is built into the tool bar. CAVEAT: Do not get carried away with the HTML. If you put too much HTML into the post, their system will scramble your blog post because they only allow a little HTML. The problem is, you don’t know when you’ve hit too much until they scramble your post. So I keep it to almost nothing. Here’s where Text Links gets interesting. They let you buy anchor text links in as many of their posts as you want. Your choices are: • Contextual Links (anchor text links within the copy of a post) • Sidebar Links • Footer Links
  4. 4. This is great for building up a lot of links fast. They charge you $1 of your $99 for every post and for every link you buy. However, if you hit your $99 per month limit, you can buy more credits. Linkvana is unlimited for your $147. Why I use them both That’s easy. With Linkvana, I get the option to write unlimited number of blog posts and articles with a system that’s really easy to use. And they have over 5,000 blogs to in their arsenal. With Text Links, they have another blog system that has over 5,000 blogs to choose from, I get to choose which blogs my posts go into, and they have the option of the Contextual Text Links. For $250 a month, this is an opportunity I just can’t beat anywhere else. Oh and here’s the biggest kicker: If you decide to quit using either one of them for any reason, your posts, articles and links are good for life. They never take them down! By the way, both sites have tutorial videos that teach you everything you need to know to get up and running fast. Check them both out (use the free offers – Linkvana has two – take your pick) and see which one better suits your needs (these are affiliate links but that’s the only way you can get the freebies so I recommend using them): • Linkvana – 5 Day Free Trial • Linkvana – 50 Free Credits • Text Links – 25 FREE Lifetime Text Links