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Social submitter SocialADR


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Social submitter SocialADR is an easy to use service to get your content bookmarked fast and easy. Read the review...

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Social submitter SocialADR

  1. 1. Free Social Bookmarking Service –  SocialAdr  Social bookmarking service SocialADR is becoming one of my favorite tools for getting quality backlinks. And everyone I’ve shared it with has told me the same thing. For example, one of my best friends owns (the 800 pound gorilla of online dining guides in Minneapolis/St. Paul). I turned him on to this social bookmarking service. When he started using it, he got so many new clicks at his dining guide that he had to increase his payments to his hosting company by $40 a month to handle the added capacity. Gotta love that! SocialADR comes in two flavors It has both free social bookmarking and automated social bookmarking. I and my friend both use the automatic social bookmarking because it’s only $40 a month. And for all the bookmarks and traffic I get, it might as well be free. How this social bookmarking service works Free Social Bookmarking version I’ll explain the free version first. I’ve taken this directly from the SocialADR site so there’s no chance of me getting the explanation wrong: You earn credits by Sharing other members’ bookmarks. “Sharing” means you click a single button and the bookmark is submitted to ALL the social bookmarking services you have setup. The amount of credits you earn depends on your account type. A minimum of 8 credits is needed before your own bookmarks can be “Shared” by other members. The most effective way to earn credits quickly is to setup as many social bookmarking service accounts as possible. One credit is deducted from your account every time one of your bookmarks is “Shared” by another member and submitted to a social bookmarking service.
  2. 2. They have a setup wizard that takes you through the process of setting up your bookmarks and your bookmarking accounts. You can even stop in the middle of it if something comes up and return to finish it later without having to start all over. This is basically a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” kind of a swap deal. While the free social bookmarking is great for beginners and “newbies” to keep your costs down, I’m way too busy and my time is way too expensive for me to invest the time. Automated Social Bookmarking version There’s not much difference in the two versions except that with the paid version, all you do is set up your bookmarks (you don’t have to set up accounts at any of the bookmarking services) and “the monkey pushes the button.” The free account people start bookmarking your pages or sites for you to earn credits so they can get their stuff bookmarked by the other freebies. You do nothing but sit back and watch the traffic roll in. The SocialADR Dashboard The dashboard is really slick. It lets you keep track of all your bookmarks, go in and edit them, and gives you complete statistics on your social bookmarking campaigns. Don’t use this social bookmarking tool until you read this! There’s a very cool feature of this bookmarking service that you need to know about before you start using it. You can spin your bookmarks! That’s right! It has a spinner in it so you can set up your bookmarks to spin a different version every time it gets posted. You can spin the title and the description. This way, rather than all your bookmarks looking identical (so Google figures out real quick what you’re up to and slams you for it) all your bookmarks will look unique. That’s killer!
  3. 3. How many bookmarks can you expect? On the next page is a screen capture of the results I got for my first $40 investment. You aren’t going to believe your freaking eyes: Here’s my affiliate link to SocialADR Social Bookmarking Service. I’d really appreciate your using it. Thanks!