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School Photography Solutions


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A guide to how Arts Photography can create outstanding photography for your school

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School Photography Solutions

  1. 1. Individual Portraits iotriioii. trtflollioie. , ioieiriiii. V‘: I‘ Your Key Benefits ‘ - Natural and relaxed individual portraits - CRB checked team of caring professionals - Specialist in multi studio set ups (increased efficiency) - Stunning studio quality at reasonable prices - Provision of FREE SIMS disk for your registry - Safe & secure online ordering - Ultra efficient service and turnaround - Hassle free admin and order system - Great commission for school For More Information and to Book Please Call 01 13 827 20 20
  2. 2. “Truly Outstanding Individual ' r Portraits - Better Memories” - Studio quality professional images at reasonable prices. - Easy safe and secure hassle free online viewing and ordering facility - Proven exceptional take up rates with our high standards. - Well planned and run systems to make your day hassle free! - FREE sims disk with your pupil data to integrate -"’ ‘ I”I° V°”" 5°h°°I “'3‘9I5"Y~ - Want to try something new? - Experience in working with special needs pupils. - Guaranteed quick turnaround of proofs and final 'Nafurci| s' portraits shot in beautiful outdoor surroundings. orders. - Multi Pose Proofs available — more - Sibling photos available at the some ° Traditional or choice and more commission. flme_ contemporary poses. Booking Date Suggesnon - Great choice Ideal to book either of packs and Feb/ March or DIOCIIJCII OI Sep/ Oct/ Nov for end greo pnces of year and Christmas gifts
  3. 3. _, Traditional Class Groups iv . ‘ _§F; ’»r7,. ec§uitjs‘ii’tCE>, n’. ; <r’“Y¢, Iiuteft M 1. ‘ if‘ " it? ‘ n-' . ‘ - ‘I (1 ft, ‘ . ‘i Your Key Benefits - Traditional classl team groups. the perfect memory to look back on - Can be taken indoor or outdoor - Excellent commission - FREE framed copies for school display - Safe & secure online ordering - Choice of display options . For More Information and to Book Please Call 0113 827 20 20
  4. 4. “Classic Group Portraits - Done Brilliantly" - f<. ,.. ,,3._, ¢,f§. 3+ _= ‘, ,g; -._l"t , 4% ‘. "_: dT: N «V oi‘. .- ~-Vi J‘ Capture the spirit of your schools teams with fantastic iii ‘M. :“; ‘:, ,.-"_~"(’ team portraits. Everything from cricket, to music. to x 3*‘ ’ ; lJ, .ij__g4_*-. . : _ ‘ . =;‘ 1 r, “ t. ‘ ‘ ‘ . —.r‘ l. ‘ . gr, ; _ I . _ 5- may Choice of products - ~ ~ 3». Reasonably priced selection of products including mounted prints. posters and canvasses. Team Portraits The perfect way to capture your students doing what they enjoy. These work best done outside. Named or Unnamed mount finishes available Class and team portraits can be provided as single prints or with names displayed. We can taylor the presentation to fit your requirements with a variety of different finishes to choose from. Suggestion Ideal to book in end of term. Booking Date April/ May/ June for Branded with the school logo or crest Optional but adds personalisation to the overall product. Personalised mounts are also available. Whole Year Panoramics Panoramic class or yeargroups can also be arranged it required. These can be provided with or without names.
  5. 5. Contemporary Groups . 'I2Ifl. '.. '.. ".2?. ?.. ".fl ? .flJ. '.. '.. G.". Ifl. ‘.fl£l 30£33§ . '.-123.3. .18 m»rrur'. a.-g. ~unbm-30 o~.11_’, :um. :nli 2,33,‘, f. .‘. DJD. ".. °.flJOST. 3.fl33fl3.33flT.5'-fl Dfiflflfiflfiiflflflfl Your Key Benefits - Great fun for all the pupils - Exciting alternative to traditional group or team photography - Personally branded with school crest/ logo - Excellent commission - Safe & Secure Online Ordering - FREE display copies for school as a memento ‘ For More Information and to Book Please Call 01 i3 827 20 20
  6. 6. “A Modern Twist with Traditional Values” Brook Street Primary School - Professional studio ‘freestyle’ stitched panoramics of full classes. - Great choice of products and finishes at great value. - Fun memory for pupils to look back on. - Easy to set up and great fun. - Choose from a variety of props for added creativity and colour. group shots. nsssssgaasésasssvasasssztsaassssss 8$2.!3.; flI. fiLI. Q.. $ 9ha£9,_. £.I. I!. .9.flfl-. |!_»IV3 8991353-$? fl9é3-M33345"Q-M‘! --Y-O3-33-9-? -3 39we£&!88!¥3!!8&&3&! %tzéltséll~k£I &I&§!89!la-, &l&3ll3£ltlAl3Q8!l&§9l wasIsnssssnnnsxsanszssssnssssssnsn 5359953939;ssasssssastataoaatsssas 2-£31.! -I13.-.3?‘ Msgsasaasssauz Class/ Yeargroup Montages ma /6 Year320l2 6 Freestyle class panoramics are a popular alternative to the traditional Cnaseletrace foainotoqy Coueoe 2011 Closfla aggnss A great way for your pupils to remember the faces and names of those they went to school with. the montages are very popular. particularly with leavers. These can be booked as an option to accompany the individual photos. as it is the headshots we use to compose these. Booking Date Suggestion Panoramic Proofcard Any time of year. to Suit all budgets. The panoramic class photos can come as scrolled prints. mounted. or as frames or canvasses. Products _/
  7. 7. Yearbooks Your Key Benefits - Professional. CRB checked photographers - Fantastic Memento to treasure of school life - A great way to remember your friends - Great fun for pupils - FREE copies to school - Look great displayed on reception - CRB checked photographers For More Information and to Book Please Call OT 1 3 827 20 20
  8. 8. “History Published. Yearbooks to Treasure for Generations" Our yearbooks are extremely popular with school . leavers and tailored specifically to your requirements. Each one is completely unique! ~'5.« ‘ Each student writes a personal testimonial to be - published in the book, to look back on in years to come. - Great shot outdoors. yearbooks make a stunning reminder of friends and fellow pupils at school. - Published book feel at exceptional prices. - Look fantastic displayed on your school reception. - Strong colours make for a colourful and attractive yearbook. - The perfect gift for school leavers. . - » Y6W: Mrs Wigley ll - Features portraits. written thoughts and - Double page class photo with - Personal signature memories of life at school, and a drawing form teachers. page of all the or sketch tool children in the year. Booking Date Suggestion ~ Personalised introduction page featuring a letter to the students from the Head teacher. May/ June - Ideally shot outdoors in nice weather
  9. 9. Commercial/ PR Captuire. ‘ Convey. '7‘: 1 ~. A Display. / ' Your Key Benefits -, ‘L > 7 7 . — ’ - Help promote your core values and messages F T. ‘ ‘A __. _-‘, -~ - Stand out from the crowd with outstanding professional images ‘ ' - Showcase your school on your website ‘ I - Great to include in prospectuses ‘ 1 - W - Use to enhance mail outs or marketing T V‘ - Excellent range of graphics and large format displays ‘ ‘ ' - Experienced Commercial/ PR Photographer for all your marketing needs For More information and to Book Please Call 0113 827 20 20
  10. 10. “Supporting Your Core Message Through Professional Photography and Design” Prospectus Photography - Showcase your school's best assets for all to see. - Bespoke prospectuses to communicate your schools excellence and vlson. - Full photography. design and quotation for your perfect solution. - Stunning quality photography and print production. Don‘t Give up ' ‘ rstend Others Resmené. -sél _ . __ fig Large Format Displays - Innovative interior display graphics to enhance your school's image. - Exterior window film] signage to promote core messages. - Choice of finishes to suit your environment. Core Message Boards] storyboards - Promotes your core message and values with our high impact core message boards. - Reinforce key messages and values with carefully chosen images and wording. - Brighten up blank corridors and spaces with exciting graphics. - Make your pupils more in touch with the school's vision and ethos. - Create multi image storyboards through a collection of Images. _ Personalised core message BOOKIDQ Date boards and storyboards Suggestion Website Ideally at the start of the year Jan/ Feb - Have a rich supply of professionally captured images to use lg give marketing on your school website. ' Collateral for rest of - Use for emarketing or mailshots too. the academic year
  11. 11. Friendship Groups/ Proms it-‘ " . ti. _ W . - Fri -it I liter T99. , ,8 V! “ 11.’! [1 - ‘ til i at I 3' . L’ r " ‘.3 AS pm: I l‘‘‘'. , .. P " ft Your Key Benefits es " - Experienced professional event photography team - Great keepsake of best friends at school - Reinforces social values - Instant turnaround professional prints on the day - Studio qualify portraits at great prices - Greenscreen available with choice of fun backgrounds For More Information and to Book Please Call 0113 827 20 20
  12. 12. “studio Quality Photography at Your School Pram or Friendship Day at School" our professional team is not only gifted at capturing your pupils in their school uniform! We can take care of your prom photography. or capture images of your students with their friends too! - Full mobile studio provided at the school or event location. - Up to 12 friends can have friendship group shots taken. - Instant turnaround professional mounted prints within seconds. - Add your event/ school crest or logo to each print. - CRB Checked professional event photographers. With a variety of poses. we can cover a broad range of group sizes and capture images from formal couple shots to fun friendship circles. The perfect way for your students to preserve the memories of their friends. their senior school prom and their final moments at school. - Pupils can view _ and choose their Suggestion immediately with our mobile School Prom time monitor. M°V/ -“"9/J”'Y Images are printed there and then. so there is no Leavers Friendship waning mound! groups- June/ July
  13. 13. Family Portrait Days Your Key Benefits - Great fundraiser for school - Great fun for pupils - Fantastic incentive for parents and community spirit - Over a decade and a half experience of high end family portraiture - Offers parents fantastic quality family portrait photography at great prices for more information and to book please call 0113 827 20 20
  14. 14. “Studio Quality Family Portraits at Great Prices” Fancy having a fun family portrait day at your school? Give your families a chance to have studio quality photos done right there at school with one of our family portrait days. These prove a brilliant way to build community spirit in the school whilst raising funds at the same time! - Mobile studio and lighting conveniently set up at school. - Fun packed shoot and instant viewing of images. - Fantastic selection of innovative products of massive discounts to studio prices. - A great way for your school to raise additional revenue. ? We set up the studio and lighting at your school then give each family a fun photoshoot with contemporary poses guaranteed to capture laughter and emotion. After that, the family can view their images immediately and purchase the products they want to order. at huge discounts to the usual portrait studio prices! B k. D t Family shots can also be incorporated into your 00 mg_ 0 e individual and sibling photoshoots. Please ask if Suggestion you would like to do this. Best done before Christmas. Oct/ Nov/ Dec.
  15. 15. Your Incentives V ~§| _-(%e| [re_Ip; i;ng: .. §§jiQp; p;ori‘i1ng. l. _:i ' ' t ' V4. Clift onwth . , . H . Rawclrftestaifzon i5£iL; |S’fe. f7l. |[| '3, . rift ‘P7 Mn 5? : ' Lit. Your Key Benefits - SIMS/ Integris Disk — Pupil ID made easy - Complimentary pupil image records - Staff boards - Promotional posters - Great service and turnaround time - Fantastic commission For More Information and to Book Please Call 0113 827 20 20
  16. 16. “How We Go the Extra Mile” We are committed to ensuring your photography day runs as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to provide fantastic quality and great service with minimum disruption to you. We offer a host of incentives such as a SIMS pupil ID disc. complimentary staff portraits and display boards and discounts on commercial photography when you partner with Arts. We always go the extra mile. - More than just school portraits - truly outstanding quality. - Fantastic commission and fundraising opportunities. - Discounted commercial photography. - Easy online safe and secure ordering. - Hassle free ordering system. ‘ - FREE SIMS disc (all - FREE Staff Portraits V°°' '°“P" °°'° when you choose Arts Photography. you will be offered complimentary staff photos as E ' , n part of our service. These can be tailored specifically to your school. Gsv o rmpo ] : : g ~ * 1‘ r “V ‘~ P1 . , _ _, _, _, 9,5 . ,_' : _ 94 4.2‘. as Q . »- A - (5 A on ‘-3 Q ‘A I‘! f) -3 _. : 1714. n 4.1 ‘I ‘I3 no 1] Q g. n I: A ‘; .|". ;'a‘l“; tC‘-‘-‘fifi-A“-flan-A " .3‘ _ 9.; an . _ . _. _i _. _i 1,: 9; ‘- . .1 Chase terrace technology College V _ Stall ‘ '~ ——1 Staftphotoscanbe WUEWEH ' ' " ' " if provided as: ' V ' E1 H W E ‘Individual headshots EEWHHQGHUQ $33 — — montages. '§l§F°_‘F".5.‘ _. l: conveniently on DVD.
  17. 17. "How you and your parents can have better memories to share for generations, guaranteed" Quite simply. mediocre isn't good enough. We're all about escaping the mediocrity that has become so common in the world of school photography. You need a school photography company that goes the extra mile. Someone who cares. Someone you can trust. Someone with fried and tested systems with proven success and an eye on innovation and fantastic service. A company that can offer you and your parents a diverse choice of services, with great products at reasonable prices. that someone is Arts Photography. We don't send reps knocking at your door. we just let our Images do the talking. You can see the difference. We deliver on our promise. guaranteed. In this brochure you'll see the diverse range of professional photographic services we can offer your school. From timeless Individual school portraits to traditional class or team shots. stunning yearbooks or family portrait fundraising days. we offer you and your parents for more than the average school photographer. We understand your needs as a busy school. Our team of CR8 checked professional photographers will make your day a breeze. Our advanced systems have been refined to ensure your day runs with minimum fuss and our online order system makes for safe and secure online ordering helping to reduce your admin. Based at our flagship 5000sq ft portrait studio and production facility in Leeds. over two decades of experience in creating lifelong memories makes us confident of our promise to you. Our attention to detail gives us industry leading take up rates which in tum makes for healthy commission. Offering a FREE SIMS disk for easy pupil ID integration. staff photographs and displays. an outstanding commercial photography service to assist your marketing and display needs, you'll be glad you made the choice to work with us. You'll see the difference. And so will your parents. We look forward to creating memories to share for generations. Best Wishes fi% Charles Gregory Founder- Arts Photography P 8. Don't lust take our word for It. to see what they're saying on the opposite page! "The Raves" “Arts photography have been working with Ireland Wood for many successful years and fora number of Headteachers. I have been at Ireland Wood now for four years and right from first photo shoot Arts photography impressed me with their efficient. professional manner whilst contracted to take both individual and group photographs in our school. Their approach not only inspired confidence. but also generated the results we were hoping for. Nothing is too much trouble for Charles. Tess and the team for example we wanted some bespoke poster sized portraits for our new building. The photographer took candid photos of our children and produced high quality, fantastic photo posters of a very competitive price. these now have pride of place in our new building. Due to their years of experience working with schools. Arts Photography provide us with a product which fits in perfectly with what we and our parents want. Photography days In school can be quite stressful but the photographers take this away with their calm and organised manner. In short I cannot praise or recommend Arts Photography high enough. They are simply brilliant at what they do. " Ian Blackburn. Headteacher Ireland Wood Primary School, Leeds “Thank you very much for all your hard work with our Year 7 student photographs. We are delighted with the photographs and have received very positive feedback from parents. From a school paint of view. the service you provided was very good. the organisation from yourselves made sure the day ran very smoothly. I would be pleased to recommend your Company and look forward to working with you again in the future. " Sam Philips, Headteachers PA Canon Lee Specialist Arts College, York
  18. 18. Your Booking Dates A useful tool for keeping track of your important dates with us individual Groups Yearbook Family Portrait Day Prom/ Friendship groups Commercial Notes Arts Photography (UK) Ltd Studio One Rodiey House Coal Hill Lane Rodley Leeds LS1 3 1 DJ 0113 8272020 “Truly Outstanding School S Photography” http: //wvvw. artsphotography. co. uk/ school-photography " phologlopw