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  1. 1. Analysis of three cd covers<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Analysis of three cd covers<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Analysis of three cd covers<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Analysis of three music video’s<br />1<br />
  5. 5. Analysis of three music video’s<br />2<br />
  6. 6. Analysis of three music video’s<br />3<br />
  7. 7. TREATMENT <br />Music Video Treatment <br />Song: ‘Take it off’<br />Artist: Ke$ha<br /> <br />Concept <br />The artist who we are working with is Ke$ha who is an American pop singer, rapper and songwriter, who at 18 was signed to Dr Luke’s record label and publishing company. <br />We have chosen to produce a music video, a cover for its release and a magazine advertisement; this will be promoting the artist and interest people to watch the video of ‘Take it off’. <br /> <br />Narrative and Performance style<br />This song depicts a girl aged 18 who just wants to dance and have fun throughout her teenage life. Her costume and hairstyle conveys this well through her wearing hot pants with wild hair. She wants to represent the characters as animals throughout this song by their clothing and hair whilst she also creates their movements and characteristics to be ‘animal like’ this is effective in the video due to this linking into the lyrics of the song ‘when the dark of the night comes around, that’s the time that the animals of the night come alive’. <br /> <br />Although, overall this song conveys more of a performance style rather than a narrative for many different reasons these including; the use of the camera tracking the characters dancing, the use of a hand-held camera which allows the viewers to feel like they are in the video. There isn’t really a plot to this story but rather a dance, party ‘rave’ which many viewers could relate to through their ‘raves’ being very similar. The camera has many different shots which cut from one place to another throughout the video thus adding to the excitement and craziness’ demonstrated in the video for example<br /> When there is a colour explosion and paint and glitter is thrown everywhere<br /> When the characters and Ke$ha are running out at the beginning of the scene<br />Overall there is a very clear performance style to this video through the use of camera angles e.g. a close up of Ke$ha’s face, whilst there is also a narrative of what happens to people when they go to a ‘rave’ this is conveyed through the lyrics and performance. <br /> <br /> Key moments of the video which convey Ke$ha experiencing a rave <br /><ul><li>The video starts with Ke$ha crawling out from the bushes along with many other characters silently, situated in a empty housing estate
  8. 8. It becomes clear to the audience that there is a ‘rave’ beginning, the music begins with a heavy beat
  9. 9. Characters begin dancing and going wild, seem out of control and confused
  10. 10. There is a massive colour explosion of paint and glitter
  11. 11. Ke$ha starts dancing in circles with glitter all around her, this is conveying how confused she is
  12. 12. The song ends with everyone going absolutely crazy, and a close up of Ke$ha’s face. </li></ul> <br />
  13. 13. Locations<br />The main idea for our music video is for it to convey a typical teenage ‘rave’ this therefore needs to be indicated through the locations used. The locations in which we will be using will need to indicate and fun typical teenage area in which a ‘rave’ would take place.<br /> <br />Bearing all of the above in mind Bella and I decided to locate our filming in her back garden; this is mainly due to their being long grass and a large amount of space which can be used. We also can incorporate trees into the filming through characters hiding behind them; these added ‘props’ allow more depth to the video. <br />The song begins with a long shot of the location which is going to be a large field; one section of the shot is going to have long grass and the other short grass with a path entrance for Ke$ha to walk down. We have chosen this location due to it being convenient to film; moreover this would be a typical conventional place for teenagers to have party. After some further research into our video we decided to add another location, this consisting of an empty barn which we could represent as a rave, we chose to use this location last minute because the lighting was proving to be a problem outside and therefore with this inside area would could control the amount of light needed. <br /> <br />Colour Tone<br />We have decided that our video is going to be in colour this mainly due to us being able to express the colour explosion which we have planned to happen near the end of the video. Due to us filming this video at night time it will be dark and we are going to need a flash for the camera. <br /> <br />Although it will be dark we are using a bright tone of colour near the end of the video this is through the use of powder paint, glitter and neon paint which will be decorated onto the characters faces and bodies in order to make it stand out. From this we are creating a great contrast against the dark sky with the colour explosion; this should look effective for the viewers. <br /> <br />In order to stick to our theme of colour and excitement we are going to follow this through In our CD cover and magazine advertisement by adding vivid, bright, neon colours into them, this is therefore keeping our colour scheme consistent throughout. Moreover the bright fluorescent colours used will reflect the party being fun and exiting. Colours such as orange, blue, yellow and pink all represent enjoyment and this is exactly what we want to convey in our video. <br />The Artistic/ Style and Form<br />Our theme and interpretation for the song ‘Take it off’ is ‘being young and yourself despite what you wear or who you are.’ We are going to interpret this into our music video as the main theme. We have decided not to stick to the typical conventions of Ke$ha and how she is shown but rather make our character performing as Ke$ha to be much more classy through her hair being straightened and her makeup being less smudged and more beautiful, although we are also sticking to the typical conventions through her clothing representing an animal and her overall physique will also symbolise this. <br /> <br />Through the Mise en Scene of the scene we will be able to convey Ke$ha as having a mixed personality through the contrast in her clothing against her face, this is conveying the point that she is torn between being herself e.g. her face and her clothes e.g. short skirts and cleavage showing. <br /> <br />We will be endorsing some modern conventions into of a pop video through the use of <br /><ul><li>Colour Shot’s e.g., the powder paint and glitter
  14. 14. Aesthetics e.g. the style will be modern through the use of colour and clothing yet it will also have a unique style and have a fairly good representation of teenage girls and how they behave in today’s society.
  15. 15. The performance factor involving people dancing and their being an atmospheric feeling created in the video through the light and location. </li></ul> <br />
  16. 16. Although most of these ideas seem conventional of a typical pop/rock video we will be challenging the ideology that Pop videos typically have<br />through the use of colour, characters and most importantly Ke$ha through her being a classy character who is surprisingly through our choice going<br />to be conveyed as a well groomed character, this should shock and surprise the audience. We will be representing her happiness and excitement<br />through the use of colour, in contrary at the beginning of the scene there will just be typical lighting used therefore presenting the party before It<br />has begun. <br /> <br />The key look that we want for our Cover for the song Ke$ha’s release is going to have a close up of Ke$ha’s face, this will be conveying her<br />personality and character all in one through the use of make-up, hair and styling used. We feel personally that we should not stick to the<br />conventions of a typical Ke$ha and put our own slant on her through making her more sophisticated and pretty. For the typography we want the<br />Artist’s name ‘Ke$ha’ in bold at the top of the page this therefore drawing the viewers attention straight towards it. <br /> <br />Due to us wanting the colour scheme’s to stay constant throughout we would like to make the background of this page another colour explosion,<br />we want to achieve this through shapes and patterns being created with colour in order to keep up the exited fun theme demonstrated by colour.<br />The use of these colours represents a typical teenage ‘rave’ through it relating to the genre effectively. We would also want a logo of Ke$ha’s name<br />thus sticking to the typical conventions and therefore sticking to the relevance and theme of the song. <br />In our design for our magazine advertisement we want a vast amount of characters all dressed in different exiting ways e.g. through the use of<br />being animals and creatures, we will create this through the make-up, hairstyles and clothing used. Moreover we also want to stick to our original<br />theme of glittery and colour but want to make this Magazine Advertisement much more crazy and exiting due to this not being solely focused on<br />the Artist Ke$ha but rather the party crowd. <br /> <br />We will be giving it a 5/5 star rating in order to get the viewers interested In the video whilst also trying to create it to be as imaginative and exiting as<br />possible through the colours, characters and overall impression that it creates to viewers. We feel personally that in order to make it as popular as<br />possible we are going to stick to the typical conventions of a music video through having the ‘date of release’ and ‘artist’s name’ clearly positioned<br />at the top left hand corner of the page. <br />
  17. 17. Mise en Scene <br />Clothing and makeup- from this video we want the viewers to realise that you don’t have to be someone your not in order to be popular and fake. This is going to represented through the artist Ke$ha to be dressed in contrast with all the other characters through us making her clothing black and white and her make up being simple and classy. To make the contrast against the other characters in the video effective we are going to emphasise their wild, bright coloured clothing through paint and animal prints. Their hair is going to be backcombed and wild whilst Ke$ha’s hair is going to be smooth and sleek.<br /> <br />Location – the mise en scene of this video is mainly through the location of a garden which I mentioned in the above. We know that the opening shot of our video will demonstrate the Mise en Scene effectively through it being a long shot which will be taken at dusk this therefore creating atmosphere for the rest of the video. <br /> <br />Lighting –from the lighting created from the time of day in which we are filming we will be able to create an atmospheric feeling for the viewers whilst also showing a difference in dusk to the black of night. <br /> <br />Camera Shots - the camera shots are going to enable the Mise En Scene to be created effectively through the long, close, mid and tracking shots used. They will allow the opening scene to convey the location and the close up’s will portray the Ke$ha’s face e.g. her simple make-up and classy style. <br /> <br />All of the above are creating an effective Mise En Scene due to when all of these concepts come together the video will have a distinctive meaning and excitement for viewers to <br />Receive, moreover the camera shots will enable the viewers to really feel engaged in the scenes whilst also creating a feeling of them actually being in the video themselves.<br /> <br />Technology<br />Throughout our filming we are going to be using a camera in order to capture our footage, the camera has a good, clear quality and has effects which will make our video more realistic and exiting to watch e.g. increased colour saturation this enabling the colour explosion to be more extreme. Moreover the Shiplake College software used at school will enable us to Photoshop our video through cutting sections, adding in sections and altering the effects. E.g. for Ke$ha’s close up of her face we are going to airbrush her skin in order to make It seem flawless and beautiful, we are also able to adjust sections by cutting them if they are not appropriate or view badly on the video.<br /> <br />We are also going to incorporate the above into our magazine advertisement and CD cover through the use of enhancing the colour and airbrushing for certain characters. We will be able to experiment with different tools such as crop, cut and paste in order to get our desired effect. <br />
  18. 18. Target Audience<br />Our target audience is mainly female teenagers aged 12-18. The reason for us choosing this age range and gender is through is through the song focuses on themes such as dance, fun and typical teenage parties. We believe that this is a fair age range for our target audience through this being the most likely age in which people would be likely to party and experience what Ke$ha does. <br /> <br />We decided to focus mainly on targeting girls due to Ke$ha being a female and through us wanting to represent our moral ‘to be proud of who you are and not change to fit in’. Moreover many teenage girls could relate well to Ke$ha through her being out of control and a party animal who lives for the night. <br /> <br />We felt that it would be unlikely that younger or older ages would suit this video through them either not understanding the conventions of it or rather older audiences would be unlikely to experience this. <br />Through us sending out a questionnaire and receiving it back we learnt how each teenager is different and therefore we have to consider this when filming our video through not making it too intense whilst also preventing it from being boring. <br />We want this video to represent sociality through different characters all mixing together which each other and being proud of themselves, moreover we will also be incorporating ethnicity into our video through all different nationalities being filmed. We have researched this through studying different pop video’s e.g. Club Cant Handle me – Flo Rida, this video represents black girls as dancers through them having better moves than white girls, moreover even though the artist is black he is happy to include white males and females into his video. <br />Here is an image of a girl which would suit our target audience perfectly through her style . <br /> Individual Dress sense / cap <br /> Stars/ glitter on face adding excitement and <br /> uniqueness to her style<br /> Continuous theme of stats through Cap, <br />` Earrings and Glitter<br />Continuous vibrant pink colour theme throughout. Hair, top, lips and cap. <br />Low top showing a sexual nature towards males<br />
  19. 19. We asked how they felt about us incorporating colour into our video and 90% of our peers said that they think we should. <br />We also incorporated health and safety into our questionnaire through asking which would have more of a risk outside or inside filming and 70% of our peers said that inside would be more dangerous. <br />We will appeal to our target audience through various different aspects location being one of them. We are going to use a large garden field to film the video through it being a typical place for a teenager to have a party. We are also going to make sure that our filming enables viewers to see that is it a safe area this therefore suiting the female target audience as well due to them being unlikely to have a party in a shabby, dangerous area like males would. <br />The themes in which we have decided to use in our music video will also appeal to our chosen target audience through colour and dancing being a popular interest of teenagers today. They can understand and experience this happening and therefore can relate to the music video accordingly.<br />This video will target mainly lower class characters; we have decided to portray them this way due to their being a message of no matter what you have got you can still have a good time. The use of colour comes in here too due to this being a simple cheap way of having fun without money being spent.<br />We have produced target research through us completing a survey/questionnaire which we handed out to our peers around college. From the questionnaire results it was clear that their preferred location was a garden area outside rather than a house, from these opinions we stuck with the idea of having our video outside. We also asked them what do you feel would be the target audience for this video and they all ticked the box saying 12-18. <br />Moreover we also asked at what time would you like this video to be filmed to create the most effect, the results from this were varied but dusk was popular and therefore we decided to stick to our original idea. <br />
  20. 20. Pre- ProductionKe$ha: Take It Off Lyrics<br /> When the darkOf the night comes around.That's the time,That the animal comes alive.Looking forSomething wild.And now we lookin' like pimpsIn my gold Trans-Am.Got a water bottle full of whiskeyIn my handbag.Got my drunk text onI'll regret it in the mornin'But tonightI don't give aI don't give aI don't give aRefrain :There's a place downtown,Where the freaks all come around.It's a hole in the wall.It's a dirty free for all.And they turn me on.When they Take It Off.When they Take It Off.Everybody Take It Off.There's a place I knowIf you're looking for a show.Where they go hardcoreAnd there's glitter on the floor.And they turn me on.When they Take It Off.When they Take It Off.Everybody Take It Off.Lose your mind.Lose it now.<br />EVERYBODY TAKE IT OFF!Oh, Oh, Oh!EVERYBODY TAKE IT OFF!Right now! TAKE IT OFF!Right now! TAKE IT OFF!Right now! TAKE IT OFF!Oooh.Right now! TAKE IT OFF!Right now! TAKE IT OFF!EVERYBODY TAKE IT OFF!There's a place downtown,Where the freaks all come around.It's a hole in the wall.It's a dirty free for all.And they turn me on.When they Take It Off.When they Take It Off.Everybody Take It Off.There's a place I knowIf you're looking for a show.Where they go hardcoreAnd there's glitter on the floor.And they turn me on.When they Take It Off.When they Take It Off.Everybody Take It Off. <br />The characters are being represented as animals. Due to it being at night they could be portrayed as ‘werewolves’ <br />The whiskey is representing a typical ‘rave’ of which teenagers would drink spirits at. <br />‘Take it off’ is being expressed on how the characters should take off their cover of who they think they are and become themselves and be proud of it. <br />Glitter on the floor indicates the rave through the use of colour and fun. ‘Hardcore’<br />Lose your clothesIn the crowd.We're delirious.Tear it down'Til the sun comes back around.N-now we're getting so smashed.Knocking over trash cans.Eurbody breakin' bottlesIt's a filthy hot mess.Gonna get fadedI'm not the designatedDriver soI don't give aI don't give aI don't give aThere's a place downtown,Where the freaks all come around.It's a hole in the wall.It's a dirty free for all.And they turn me on.When they Take It Off.When they Take It Off.Everybody Take It Off.There's a place I knowIf you're looking for a show.Where they go hardcoreAnd there's glitter on the floor.And they turn me on.When they Take It Off.When they Take It Off.Everybody Take It Off.Oh, oh, oh!<br />Loose your clothes refers back to the chorus of ‘take it off’<br />Delirious could be conveying the atmosphere of a hardcore rave. <br />Take it off is always emphasised in the song and reminds the viewers of the hidden but a strong meaning in the song.<br />
  21. 21. Pre- Production <br />OUR THEME AND INTERPRITATION<br />Song – ‘Take it off’ by Ke$ha <br />From the use of annotating the song lyrics, we came up with a theme that we shall incorporate into our music video . <br />“Being young, yourself despite what you wear or who you are.” <br />
  22. 22. Pre- Production- Mind Map <br />Paint and glittery themed<br />Dark Clothing <br />i.e. black and shorts white so the cover artist stands out <br />Close up of main character <br />Relating to performance and theme <br />Name of song and the right conventions<br />EXPLOSION of colour<br />A cover for its release<br />(individually)<br />Magazine advertisement<br />(individually) <br />Typical Logo<br />Making it simple but eye catching and by having the right conventions on the advert, such as: date of release, artist name<br />Making it as realistic and professional as possible<br />Ke$ha- <br />Take It Off<br />5/5 star rating<br />Dark clothing can be enhanced by glitter<br />Music Video <br />Dark clothing and bare foot, but with a touch of wildness e.g. animal markings and dots on face<br />Performance based<br />Tall grass and forest setting.<br />Set in a large back garden <br />Un-usual twist to the original music video <br />Fun and Fantastic <br />Colour exploding effect! E.g. glitter and powdered paint<br />
  23. 23. Pre- Production<br />Part of our pre-production process involved us creating a Questionnaire which we would then hand out to our peers in order to receive some helpful ideas and opinions on our Music Video of Ke$ha.<br />Here are some example of the questions we used ….<br />From this questionnaire we were able to understand exactly what the viewers wanted in our music video and therefore gather this information and improve our final product, moreover we can learn who our target audience are and what genre of music that they are interested in. <br />
  24. 24. Results from Questionnaire <br />Here is a brief example of some of the responses that we have got back from our questionnaire, I have presented these through a Pie Chart, we felt that these were the three key question's that we asked and therefore used these to help us with our overall filming for Ke$ha.<br />It is clear from the these pie charts that Television is the most popular way to watch music video’s whilst over 50% of people said YES to buying a music magazine. <br />Nearly 90% of people said that Ke$ha should be filmed outside this therefore making Bella and I swayed much more towards this rather than having it in an empty house. <br />
  25. 25. Combined Storyboard<br />1.<br />2.<br />3.<br />This drawing which was created by Gracie Miller is a long , opening shot, it is clearly showing the mise en scene of the video. <br /> The sunset is indicating the arrival of the night and there is long grass which characters are walking and crawling out of, this is representing the wildness in the video.<br />This third shot was created by Bella Le Blanc and it is a medium/long shot. It clearly identifies the main artist this being Ke$ha, she is portrayed to be a very pretty and blonde girl, whilst all around her are other characters hiding beneath the shrubbery ready to dance. <br />There is a mixture of girls and boys in this shot and the by this time the ‘rave’ is beginning to really come alive. <br />This shot which was created by Bella Le Blanc, is conveying the speed in which the night-time comes around. It is also a long shot which is showing the opening where Ke$ha will be zoomed in on in the next shot. <br />The three characters are beginning to come alive followed by many more characters later on. <br />
  26. 26. Combined Storyboard<br />4.<br />6.<br />5.<br />This image created by Bella Le Blanc is a follow through from the previous image. The refrain in the song repeats ‘Take It off’ so therefore we are going to alter the shot from a close up to a long shot each time these words are sung.<br />This should hopefully look effective from the audiences perspective due to the varied shot types and how they are presented. <br />This image was designed by Gracie Miller, it involves a close up of Ke$ha’s face, she is lip sinking to the chorus ‘Take it off’ as you can see in the bubble. <br />The background is representing the ‘dark of the night’.<br />In this image created by Gracie Miller it is showing the last verse being lip sung in the refrain. <br />This is a long shot of the main character and differs from the other 2 previous shots. <br />
  27. 27. Combined Storyboard<br />8.<br />7.<br />9.<br />This picture designed by Bella Le Blanc is conveying all the different people who would be at the ‘rave’ with their crazy hairstyles and clothes. It is dark in the background and they are going to have glow pain on their bodies so that they stand out. <br />This image designed by Gracie Miller is conveying a colour explosion of glitter and neon lights, this is conveying the excitement of a rave and indicates people having run with colour. <br />This image was designed by Bella le Blanc and represents people using the props e.g. trees and bushes to hide behind, this representing animals. <br />
  28. 28. Combined Storyboard<br />11.<br />12.<br />10.<br />This shot which was created by Gracie Miller is a birds eye view shot of 5 characters lying down stargazing at the end of a hectic night, some of them are passed out through alcohol and others are just relaxing. <br />This is a low angle shot designed by Bella Le Blanc showing some alcohol which would have been drunk at the party.<br /> It is clear that this is a vital part of the party through drink being a typical convention at a teenage party. <br />This image designed by Gracie miller is explaining how the characters have vanished to create suspense for the audience. <br />This long shot is showing the mise-en scene on the shot. <br />
  29. 29. Combined storyboard<br />14.<br />13.<br />15.<br />This image which was designed by Gracie Miller. Its is a close up of Ke$ha who is holding glow sticks. She is lip sinking ‘Take if Off’ to the crowd.<br />She is the centre of the shot and is representing herself as a party animal.<br />This image designed by Gracie Miller it is showing a black box area with spotlights in 3 different areas.<br /> People are dancing with ‘glow sticks’ and its situated in a dark square room. This is low angle shot allowing the mise en scene of the ‘rave’ being shown<br />This image created by Bella Le Blanc is a close up of the rave itself. Its conveying extreme colour through powder paint and glow sticks and is taking individual notice of 2 dancers in particular. <br />This shot is situated in the middle of the dance floor. <br />
  30. 30. Combined Storyboard<br />16.<br />17.<br />This image which was designed by Bella Le Blanc is clearly showing the ‘rave’ paint in which we used. This was used for the boys and showed up well against the lighting used through it glowing. <br />This show is a close up of an individual’s face.<br />This image is designed by Gracie Miller and is showing what the girls had on their face. This was also pink rave paint which glowed up against the lights. <br />This is also a close up of one of the characters faces. <br />
  31. 31. Combined Storyboard<br />18.<br />20.<br />19.<br />14.<br />This image which was created by Bella le blanc is conveying the party through the use of colour and patterns on her face. These two shots are identifying the girls at the end of the party after a hectic night. <br />This is the final image, designed by Gracie Miller, we are going to have a long shot of the sky which is going to be filled with colour and glitter. The music will stop and there will just be a shot of this.<br />This picture is designed by Gracie Miller and is a close up of a characters face, this is conveying a shot we are going to use to show the colour explosion and glitter that is thrown everywhere near the end of the Video.<br />
  32. 32. Shooting schedule <br />0<br />
  33. 33. Diary of shooting the video<br /> 11.00 - We began our shooting in the morning by taking location shots of where we wanted to shoot.; these consisting of a field with a large frozen pond and a large tree which looks quite mysterious, we felt that the lighting in these shots was perfect due to it being quite eerie with the shadows created from the trees, this creating the desired effect for our filming.<br />12.00 - We continued preparing for our shoot through planning what directions we would give to Ke$ha and how her lip sinking would be realistic through us having the words on the camera for her to read whist singing. <br />2.00 - People began to show up for our shooting although, their were many problems which occurred through this these including ; us not understanding the camera well and therefore the dark preventing us from filming, the un-commitment of people showing up for the shooting, the difficulty of keeping the camera sturdy and preventing the camera from shaking during filming. <br />3.00 – We decided to use some of the clips from today’s filming from our video but are going to finish the ‘rave’ and ‘colour explosion’ in the Tithe Barn at school with glow sticks and powder paint, due to the light becoming weak as the day progressed and the camera not being able to grasp certain images which were needed. <br />
  34. 34. Second Recording located in the Tithe Barn<br />We designed a poster which would advertise our ‘Rave’ and put it around college.<br />8.00 - We planned to film the second half of our filming at school, we are going to<br /> use the Art Department( annex) due to it being really messy and colourful. <br /> Zara is going to lip sink to the lyrics in this area.<br />9.00 - We filmed the actual ‘rave’ in a dark room with people dancing we provided<br /> them with Glow-Sticks and Powder Paint to create an explosion. <br />This filming proved to be a greater success than previously through their being everything in one place and many<br />more people were available for filming due to their being a high number of boarders. We managed to create a similar dancing theme <br />To the actual Ke$ha video through us zooming in on individual dancers throughout. <br />Although, their proved to be some difficulty through the camera becoming blurry at some points and the focus was lost due to the<br />flashing lights. This could have been altered through us testing the camera before we started filming, also we should have increased<br />the lighting at certain points within the video in order to give depth to the overall view from inside the tithe barn. As you can see from the image below the lighting was too dark at some points within the video. <br />Bella and Gracie <br />Wednesday 2nd December <br />Tithe Barn 7.30pm<br />Except for MICHEAL and TROUP!!<br />‘TAKE IT OFF’’<br />A2 Media filming<br />
  35. 35. Preparation for the Rave / Ke$ha’s Makeup<br />Here is an image of Zara who is performing as Ke$ha in our music video. She did her own make up and we helped style her through<br />backcombing her hair. We added blue dots to her face to create a different and exiting look.<br />We dressed her in casual clothes through this presenting a more casual calm Ke$ha.<br />Bella and Gracie <br />Wednesday 2nd December <br />Tithe Barn 7.30pm<br />Except for MICHEAL and TROUP!!<br />‘TAKE IT OFF’’<br />A2 Media filming<br />
  36. 36. The actual ‘Rave’ location<br />Our filming which took place in the Tithe Barn and School proved to be huge success through the turn out of people being high. We used a friend to help us with the lighting and created a disco effect which would work with the camera well. <br />We prepared very well for this date through emailing teachers asking whether the Tithe Barn was available whilst also designing a poster persuading people to come. <br />We began to film through setting the mood up by playing Ke$ha ‘take it off’ through the speakers in which we brought. We then asked everyone to stand in the middle of the room this therefore making the party seem very big when actually is was quite small. <br />Bella and I shared out this role through us each filming different sections.<br />We used rave paint in order to add colour and excitement to the video whilst we also filmed Zara who was being Ke$ha dancing through zooming in on her. <br />We also used many different filming angles including a Low angle shot, close up, zoom and long distance shot which created the mise en scene. <br />Here are some images of us recording the ‘Rave’ and snap shots of the video ; <br />This is the area used when the lights were on<br />And with the lights off<br />
  37. 37. Risk Assessment<br />Gracie Miller<br />
  38. 38. Location Shots<br />This is the house in which we are going to be using for filming, this hedge will be used for people to hide behind. <br />This image below is demonstrating where Ke$ha will be walking up Lip Sinking to the verses of the song. This space allows many people to gather and creates great space for our filming. <br />We are going to be using this upper part of the garden to give the video more depth and excitement for viewers.<br />
  39. 39. Location Shots<br />This open space portrayed in both these pictures is demonstrating where most of the filming will take place, we will be showing a contrast in the day to the dawn through filming it around 4.00 which is the time in which it begins to get dark, this therefore creating an eerie and interesting effect for the viewers.<br />
  40. 40. Location Shots <br />The location shots on the previous slide were not actually used in our video due to unfortunate timing and it being too dark to film in<br />that particular area. Below are the actual shots which we used in our video to film the ‘rave’ scene , this was a black box area which<br />allowed us to experiment with lighting and the effects in which it produces in order to portray a rave. <br />Here are some shots of Zara being filmed in her lip-sinking scene in the second verse of the song.<br />
  41. 41. CD COVER draft<br />This is a draft for my CD cover, I am going to use the information which I have written here but change the image to an image which I personally have taken from our filming. <br />I am going to use persuasive writing throughout my CD cover through teasers and splashes. <br />This CD cover is a prime example of the ideas in which we want to use through their being a colour explosion, we aim to present this in our design for our CD cover through Powder paint and glitter being used. <br />
  42. 42. CD Draft Completed<br />This was my initial idea for my CD album cover. I created this cover through Microsoft Digital Imaging Suit. I began by intensifying Ke$ha’s face and added a diffused green glow to the image. I then sketched in ‘Take it off’ with paint adding different colours to reflect a colour explosion. <br />I added in a teaser at the right hand side of the page which is indicating what songs are on the CD therefore persuading the readers. <br />I also added a splash at the bottom of the page indicating what the price is.<br />This close up shot is indicating attitude which is the type of image that I wanted to create. <br />
  43. 43. Magazine Advert draft<br />Close up of Ke$ha’s face we will copy this with our own image<br />Teaser for the readers<br />5 star rating<br />We want to incorporate this style in our music Magazine advert through having the Artist as the focus for the magazine, this Is going to be achieved through a photo being taken of ‘our Ke$ha’ from the filming taking place.<br />
  44. 44. Completed Ke$ha Magazine Advert<br />Here is my initial idea for my Ke$ha Magazine Advert, this was completed through using Microsoft Digital Imaging Suit and is identifying the colour explosion through my character having a diffused pink glow. <br />I have painted the title myself through using a paint brush and then sketched ‘Take it off’. I wanted this title to represent Ke$ha through it reflecting her character of being wild and having a free style about her. <br />I have used a splash in the far left corner in order to grab the audience’s attention, and have added a tagline which is a review from the sun which proves to use persuasive language towards the readers. <br />I have used a border of ivy in order to create an outside and wild feel about the video. ‘The ivy is growing around her like her album should be growing in sales.’<br />
  45. 45. DESIGNS AFTER FOLLOWING CONVENTIONS<br />In order to follow the modern conventions shown in today’s society I realised that normally the advertisement has a similar or the same features colours and images as the CD design. Therefore I have altered the Poster to have similar qualities to the CD Design. I have stuck to a constant theme of ‘scruffy’ graffiti writing which suits the style of the girl in our video. <br />Through completing our digi pack, we decided that we would stick to the consistent theme of bricks and graffiti which is portrayed throughout this, therefore we are using the same conventions throughout both our Magazine and Advert and our CD album.<br />Here is the completed CD album<br />In order to create this I added a black and white effect onto the original <br />Colour scheme through saturating the black and intensifying the contrast <br />Within the image.<br />I have added a Teaser at the top of the page which should interest <br />Viewers ‘NME….’ whilst I have also added information about her <br />Chart Hit single ‘Take It off’. <br />We decided on this colour scheme through it having a hint of colour <br />Through the stars but has a difference to the Digi-pack created which is <br />Vibrant and full of colour and excitement, although we have stuck to the <br />Conventions through using the same image and fonts. <br />Our font used throughout this product is Quick end jerk, we decided on <br />Using this front due to us wanting to create a graffiti. Scruffy writing effect.<br />
  46. 46. Sketch design for Cd Album cover<br />
  47. 47. Here is an image of our final magazine advert design. As you can see we have stuck to the original <br />conventions through continuing with the Black and White theme but adding a slight colour <br />intensity into it through the Kesha writing. This was created in paint through us writing her name <br />free-hand and then playing around with the idea of colours and effects.<br /> We then added in some reviews from popular newspaper such as ‘ The Sun’<br /> in order to grab the viewers attention. Moreover we also added in a splash<br /> near the bottom of the page consisting of the price of the CD album, from <br />Customers can decided their and then if the price is within their budget.<br />We added in a ‘teaser trailer’ at the bottom of the page, this consisting of where the album could<br />Be bought to help inform people. We added a slight blue glow to the colour to once again <br />Illustrate the colour theme but in a less obvious and bright way to the Digi-pack. <br />The ‘Brick Lane’ writing in the background is the official Album name of the CD and therefore is<br />On both the CD album and magazine advert to enforce readers to remember it. <br />We wanted to create a difference in these advertisements to the actual DIGI pack whilst also <br />Sticking to the theme of bricks and old shabby writing. This has been achieved through us <br />Adding our own style onto each design and creating Black and White effects in contrast to high <br />Saturated colour effects. <br />DESIGNS AFTER FOLLOWING CONVENTIONS<br />
  48. 48. Sketch for Digi- pack<br />
  49. 49. Process used to make our Digi-Pack<br />This process took a lot of planning through us having to understand the conventions needed within the Digi-pack<br />We decided to use an image of a old road in London called ‘Brick Lane’ this being the album name. We chose this<br />through us wanting to create a graffiti effect through free-hand writing being put on the wall to create a scruffy<br />effect. We want to illustrate this image through Ke$ha being a crazy girl with no real aim in life but rather just living<br />for the moment. In order to keep a continuous theme throughout we used a similar photo which was take in Brick<br />Lane for the back page and wrote in free-hand the song listings.<br />The inside consists of more brick style photos and an image of Ke$ha herself. The colour scheme is continuous<br />through it being bright and colourful throughout, this being in complete contrast to the Magazine, CD and poster. <br />
  50. 50. Construction for Digi pack<br />This image was taken by Bella Le Blanc and I, we enhanced <br />the colour through the use of Microsoft Digital Imaging<br />Suit. We gave it a ‘pinkie’ colour effect in order to keep a <br />Constant colour scheme., we also used this colour <br />In our music video , therefore this image links well<br />With that. <br />We added stars into the background in order to create the effect of ‘Ke$ha’s’ magical world, these stars are also brightly coloured therefore sticking to the original theme of a colour explosion. <br />For the back page of the digi-pack we used a photo which we had taken in Brick Lane. This lane would be the album name for the CD Digi-pack. We added a pink glow to white areas of the image through increasing the diffused glow. <br />We hand-sketched the writing of Track Names through this being a messy and typical convention that Ke$ha would have used. <br />The yellow border is a continuous theme throughout the Digi-pack. <br />We have put in a bar-code at the bottom of the image to create it to look very believable. <br />
  51. 51. Construction for Digi pack<br />This image was taken by Bella Le Blanc and I, we enhanced <br />the colour through the use of Microsoft Digital Imaging<br />Suit. The ‘Peace’ sign is indicating Ke$ha as a very chilled out and relaxed person who would typically have a tattoo of a piece sign.<br />The Shape of the image suits the CD case well through it being a similar shape to the actual CD, therefore this looks effective for viewers. <br />For the front page of our Digi-Pack we also used an image from ‘Brick Lane’ in London. We enhanced this picture in Microsoft Digital Imaging Suit through increasing the orange colour and saturating the red. <br />The ‘Kesha’ was written with our consistent font of Quick End Jerk to illustrate her personality as messy and fun!<br />The image is nothing special and allows the viewer to wonder what will be inside the Digi-pack through this image not giving much away about Ke$ha as an artist.<br />