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Parish chaz mobile_presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Parish chaz mobile_presentation

  1. 1. Mobile and TabletDesign Presentation by Chaz Parish
  2. 2. How much has mobile and tablet usage grown, andwhat is the estimated future usage?Mobile and tablet usage in the United States has grown at aphenomenal rate during the past three years.Tablets were projected to grown from 72.7 million units in2011 to 383.3 million units by 2017.
  3. 3. The iPad 3 sold millions within a few days of its release.
  4. 4. How has mobile and tablet usageimpacted web design?Buttons for navigation need to be bigger than that of a PC.Designing with fluidity and width in mind.The vanishing fold.
  5. 5. Web design
  6. 6. Success for your business Success for your business and you, depends on if you find a mobilesolution; it is growing at a very fast pace, get in today.
  7. 7. What current technologies can be used tomake websites accessible on all devices?MobifyWirenodeMippin MobilizerOnbiteWinksite
  8. 8. Websites that do not work very well onmobile devices
  9. 9. Websites that do work well on mobiledevices
  10. 10. Collins Catering Collins Catering is on the right track by wanting a mobilefriendly website. Do a quick search from a mobile device, and you will see the surge in mobile-friendly websites. Easier to read Big buttons At least 12-14 font size
  11. 11.