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Marketing Automation: Why Email is still the killer app!


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Marketing Automation: Why Email is still the killer app!

  1. 1. MARKETING AUTOMATION:W email is still the killer app! hy Chaz McGregor – SATIC eTOURISM CONVENTION Prepared by Via Media Communications. A Digital and Direct Marketing Agency.
  2. 2. “ Via Media is South Australia’s leading Digital and Direct Marketing Agency. W combine e strategy, creative, data and technology to connect our clients with today’s customers. . ”
  3. 3. Former Director W Am I T T ho o alk?Past Clients
  4. 4. W W Do it For ho e
  5. 5. Today’s Discussion• Marketing Automation: A Practical Definition• Upside• Case Studies• What You Should Do Tomorrow
  6. 6. A DefinitionMarketing Automation is2.Defining your customer journey3.Then identifying possible life-cycle touch points4.And planning marketing programs that match up5.Using technology that can deliver them automatically6.To nurture leads into sales and repeat business
  7. 7. The Customer Journey PR, Online Website, SEM, Email, Share to Advertising DM, Website, SEM, Email, Social Social, Social Email, Blogs, Social PR, SEM Website,   Email, Social SEM, Email  Awareness Knowledge Consideration Selection Satisfaction Loyalty Advocacy Pre-Purchase Purchase Post-Purchase
  8. 8. It’s All About ROIMarketing Performance
  9. 9. The King is Dead? Commercial e-mailreturned $40.56 for everydollar spent on it in 2011 source: DMA’s 2011 Power of Direct economic-impact study
  10. 10. Long Live the King! In 2012, Email Marketing ispredicted to account for $67.8 billion in sales.source: DMA’s 2011 Power of Direct economic-impact study
  11. 11. W Email works … hy• It allows targeting• It is data driven• It drives direct sales• It builds relationships, loyalty and trust• It supports sales through other channels
  12. 12. And most importantly …Reach the right audience, With the right content, At the right time!
  13. 13. How is this achieved ?Behavioral triggered campaignsperform 325% better than simple blast campaigns (Silverpop B2B research)
  14. 14. Triggered Email Campaigns W Better ork Volume of Emails sent Sales Generated 4.1% Triggered Campaigns 40.2% Triggered Campaigns 59.8 % 95.9 % Batch Batch Campaigns Campaigns
  15. 15. Appetite for Consumption Average buyer consumes 20-50 content assets in 60 days (IT buyer)Source: Google/TechTarget Behavioral Research Project Phase 2: 2010 Email is one of the most cost effective and highest returning forms of communicating with a customer throughout the entire relationship life cycle.
  16. 16. Behavioural SegmentationTraditional Segmentation Segmentation 2.0• Geographic Adding real-time behavior elements – Region including… – Population Density• Demographic •Purchase Behavior – Age – Last purchase date – Number of purchases – Gender – Purchase value – Income •Web Behavior• Psychosocial – Visited your website – Social Class – Viewed a product page – Lifestyle – Submitted a web form – Accessed your online resources• RFM Analysis •Social Behavior – Recency • Shared your message with others – Frequency •Email Behavior – Monetary – Clicked an email link
  17. 17. Behavioural Segmentation• Highly relevant to individual or buying stage• Based on web activities• “Set it and forget it”• Increased Revenue Performance
  18. 18. EUROSTAR UK eg: “Leisure traveller’s conversation” Reactivation (not travelled in 12mths) 7. Lastminute 1. Confirmation availability Purchase ticket (receipt) (tactical) 6. Destination 2. Cross-sell (just inspiration after receipt) (monthly) Inspiration Purchase phase phase 5. Leisure 3. Pre-travel newsletter inspiration (7-10 (Quarterly) days before)Non bookers incentive (notbooked since subscribed) 4. Welcome back (Mon after w/e) Subscribe to newsletter
  19. 19. The Value of Nurturing• Nurture campaigns have 2X the Open Rates and 3X the Click-Through-Rates at of one-off emails• 23% shorter deal times for nurtured than non-nurtured leads• Higher win ratios for prospects touched 3-4 times per month by marketing nurture campaigns.• 47% higher order value from closed sales that were nurtured versus sales that were not• Increase sales-ready leads by 50% using existing staff for nurturing campaigns with little to no incremental investment Source: Aberdeen, Sirius Decisions, Demand Gen Report, and Silverpop Research
  20. 20. Campaign Design: If. Then.
  21. 21. Abandoned Cart Mails Rock •25% conversion on cart abandoners. •Cart program accounts for almost 1/3 of TOTAL yearly email sales
  22. 22. Abandoned Cart Mails Rock Abandoned Cart Promotional Emails Emails ComparisonOpen Rate 37% 8% 4.6xClick-through 41% 14% 2.9xrateConversion rate 20% 5% 4xSales/email $7.46 $.08 97x Source: Silverpop Client
  23. 23. Post Purchase Review Requests 14% of those who click place another order 2nd highest conversion rate next to Abandon Cart emails.
  24. 24. The ToolsTools we use Certified Partner Certified PartnerOther great toolsWeb 2.0 PlatformsDon’t forget though
  25. 25. So W Do I Do Tomorrow? hat• Define your customer journey• Prep a content plan for each step• Invest in the tools to support it• Do the heavy lifting up front (resource intensive)• Test, Refine, Retest, Refine• Set and Forget (for a while)• Measure, Retest• Outsource, but no substitute for immersion
  26. 26. Want to Talk Some More?Chaz McGregor08 7225 26880431 535 531Twitter: chazmcgregorSkype: chazmcgregorLinkedIn: