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Jane mcgonigal video games


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Jane mcgonigal video games

  1. 1. Jane Mcgonigal is a game designer whose number 1 goal is to see video gameswin the Nobel peace prize. “I’ve forecast that this will happen by the year 2023.Of course, it’s not enough to just forecast the future — I’m also actively workingto make it a reality.”
  2. 2. In her presentation she talks about how video gaming can make a betteworld. Jane Mcgonigal talked about how if we play more video games infuture we can solve most of the worlds issues.
  3. 3. She maintained her engagement by talkingdirectly to the audience as people.
  4. 4. Her presentation was very entertaining because she took a issue thatrelatable to many people video games and told everyone that this canused to improve the future greatly. She made it clear and easy tounderstand.
  5. 5. When she first started talking she was very confident in what shewas talking about she also talked about how if we get morepeople to play games we can make a better world.
  6. 6. Jane Mcgonigal told us that the world currently plays 3 billionhours a week.
  7. 7. She then said that in order to make the world a better place weneed the world to play 21 billion hours a week.
  8. 8. She talked that when you are playing a video game you becomethe best version of your self you could possible be.
  9. 9. When you are playing video games you are more open to solvingproblems, talking things out and you become a more positiveperson
  10. 10. • Other problems she talked about are global warming, economic depression, staring your own business and video games can make you the best version of ourselves.
  11. 11. She used the second ted commandments Thou Shalt Dream aGreat Dream, or Show Forth a Wondrous New Thing, Or ShareSomething Thou Hast Never Shared Before. Before.
  12. 12. She mentioned her dream that in the future everyone will playvideo games to solve world problems.
  13. 13. Her dynamismwas a 5 out of fiveshe had a greatidea and shebacked it up withfacts.
  14. 14. If she used anything from Garr Reynolds or Nancy Duarte wasthat she was organized with her facts.
  15. 15. I learned from her presentation that my interest can effect thefuture for the better.
  16. 16. If I can give any tips to my fellow students it is totalk about something that is important to youand make it relatable to others.
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