Holy Places In Eretz Yisroel.Iyh


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Holy Places In Eretz Yisroel.Iyh

  1. 1. C. Rubens 2006.C. Rubens 2006.
  2. 2. Let’s take a trip to Eretz YisroelLet’s take a trip to Eretz Yisroel Good afternoon! This is your pilot speaking! Have you fastened your seatbelts? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Take Off Sit back comfortably and enjoy the flight
  3. 3. That was an easy flight!That was an easy flight! The first place I always go to is the Kosel Hamaravi, the Western Wall in Yerushalayim. It is the last remaining wall of the Beis Hamikdosh. The Sages prophesied that after the Temple's destruction, the Divine Presence will never leave the Western Wall. For this reason, the Wall will never be destroyed.
  4. 4. Why is the wall holy?Why is the wall holy? The Temple Mount is also called Mount Moriah.The Temple Mount is also called Mount Moriah. This is the spot where Avrohom bound Yitzchok,This is the spot where Avrohom bound Yitzchok, and where Yaakov dreamt of the ladder reaching toand where Yaakov dreamt of the ladder reaching to heaven.heaven.
  5. 5. Got a problem?Got a problem? • The Kosel has no street number and no postal code, but it receives more letters than anyone in the world. • Letters arrive from every country where Jews are living. • Hashem sees into our hearts and answers all our Tefillos. • I am now going to write my own letter to Hashem….
  6. 6. DoDo allall the letters really find athe letters really find a place in the cracks of the Kosel?place in the cracks of the Kosel? • Of course. • However, the Kosel cannot hold an infinite number of letters. Space has to be cleared for the new arrivals that come in daily. • Out of respect for the messages and the people who wrote them, they collect all the notes and bury them on Har Hazeisim.
  7. 7. Which bus shall we take?Which bus shall we take? We must take this one, as it has thick protective windows and on the front there is a large sign that says “KEVER ROCHEL.”
  8. 8. Have we arrived already?
  9. 9. Rochel is crying for herRochel is crying for her children…children… Hashem specifically buried Rochel Imeinu between Efrat and Beis Lechem, so that when the Jews were sent off into Galus, on the way they could daven by Kever Rochel.
  10. 10. Send your own letter to Rochel Imeinu… Write your heart’s desire on a piece of paper and mail it to: Mosdos Kever Rochel POB 41118 Jerusalem 91410 ISRAEL. Somebody will personally deliver the letter to Kever Rochel for you!