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Muni Riders Segmentation


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Class: Strategy Mind
School of Advertising
Academy of Art University. 2009

Published in: Sports, Technology
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Muni Riders Segmentation

  1. 1. MUNI Riders Segmentation By Chayanee Nithisettakul
  2. 2. Why do they ride MUNI?
  3. 3. “Riding MUNI let me have a few FREE TIME OF THE DAY to do whatever I want.”
  4. 4. My-own-world Creator Relationship Builder FREE TIME OF THE DAY Experience Collector Talent Seeker
  5. 5. My-own-world Creator “FREE TIME” means the time that I can do my favorite activity. It’s like I create my own world and live in it. I don’t have to involved with other people or anything around me. Who they are: Busy person Bored with routine life Perfectionist Afraid to break the rule
  6. 6. Relationship Builder “FREE TIME” means the best time to make friends. Relationship is important thing for a living. I can catch up with my old friends, or even make some new friends here. Who they are: Friendly person Love to socialize Optimistic Open-minded
  7. 7. Experience Collector “FREE TIME” means the time to learn new things. Everywhere I go, and everything I see are valuable. They are all materials that shape my experience. Who they are: Learner Love to observe things Independent Easygoing
  8. 8. Talent Seeker “FREE TIME” means the time to find my talent and show it. It’s more challenging and exciting when people looking at me, but that makes me feel confident and important. Who they are: Energetic person Adventurous Enthusiastic Lonely
  9. 9. Thank you Sign off by Prathana Sithanant