Guide Visit #1


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A little road map of my diploma project till my first guide visit.

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Guide Visit #1

  1. 1. Tangible User Interfaces for Industrial Users Guide Review, 3rd May 2012 Chayan Deb, National Institute of Design
  2. 2. >“Achieve breadth before depth”>Theory + Precedent Study>Diploma Project Blog:>Session with SME: Intro to TUI + Brainstorming>Mind map of emerged ideas>Microsoft Surface >Applications on Surface >Development on Surface>Leveraging on the Microsoft Surface’s capabilities: >Direct Interaction >Multi Touch >Multi User Experience >Object Recognition Chayan Deb, National Institute of Design
  3. 3. >Narrowed down to “Alarm Handling”>Search for Business Use Case>Freelance Tool: Process control system >Integrated environment for engineering, controlling, operating, maintaining and managing device(s)/system(s) >2 Levels: Process Level (Control Builder), Operation Level (DigiVis)>Alarms in the DigiVis >Text based >Tabular representatation >Color coded>Initial ideas >Graphic based + Supporting text >Schematic representation >Alarm notice and acknowledgement >Multi user alarm handling allocation >Effect visualization >Analytics>India HCI 2012: Bathroom Ecologies Chayan Deb, National Institute of Design