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  1. 1. 1. INTRODUCTION The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Institute of in six of these IITs for the academic session 2008-09 were Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU), Varanasi, made through JEE-2008. In addition to these six IITs, located and Indian School of Mines University (ISMU), Dhanbad are in Punjab, Rajasthan, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Gandhinagar and institutions of national importance. These institutes play a Hyderabad, the admissions to the courses at the other two leading role in technological manpower development and newly established IITs located in Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) have excellent research programmes. The admissions to and Indore will be made through JEE-2009. The courses the Undergraduate Programmes for all Indian and Foreign available at these IITs are given in Table 1. nationals at these institutions are made through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). 1.1.2 Allotment of seats to PD Candidates All these institutions are known for providing quality education Allotment of seats to selected candidates with Physical in science and technology and for research in frontier areas. Disablilities (subcategory PD) belonging to different The environment at these institutions is highly conducive for categories, i.e., GE, OBC(NC), SC and ST, will be made category-wise in JEE-2009. Up to 3% of the total seats building a solid foundation of knowledge, available to each category in each of the institutes will be made available to the PD candidates. Since the number of development of personality, confidence building, self- seats for a particular category in a course is small and so 3% discipline and pursuit of excellence, becomes less than 1, PD seats are being allotted randomly enhancement of creativity, motivation and drive. in an institute to different courses and categories, keeping the overall percentage of reservations 3% in each institute in All of the above help to prepare the students admitted to each category. these institutions for successful professional and social lives. Today, alumni of these institutions occupy key positions in These seats will be allotted to PD candidates according to industry and academia in India and abroad. their categories, ranks in the category-wise PD merit lists and the course choices submitted. Since allotment of at least Each institute has state of the art laboratories, computer one seat in every course in every institute to PD candidates networks, library and access to digital library resources. will lead to more than 3% reservation, these PD seats will be Teaching methods rely on direct personal contact between allotted to different categories over the years on a roster basis. the teacher and the students along with the use of traditional and modern instructional techniques. Students live in a This year, the seats available to PD candidates belonging to pleasant and intellectually stimulating environment with different categories are given in Table 1. people having similar goals and aspirations hence providing an exciting and unique experience. 1.1.3 Filling up of vacant seats by the Individual Institutes after admissions through Credit-based academic programmes offer flexibility to Counselling of JEE-2009 students to progress at their own pace. A minimum level of performance is necessary for satisfactory progress. The Each of the participating institutes will take measures to fill medium of instruction is English. These institutions offer up the seats which fall vacant in the respective institutes. courses leading to Bachelor’s degree in a number of Candidates who are allotted seats through JEE-2009 should engineering, technological and scientific disciplines. register at the respective institutes on the day of registration as given in the back page of this Counselling Brochure, failing M.Sc. Integrated courses in pure and applied sciences and which the seat allotted to him/her will be treated as unfilled. M.Tech. Integrated courses in a few disciplines are also Such unfilled seats will be first re-allotted within the institute offered by most of these institutes. In addition, most institutes among the candidates who have already registered in the offer Dual Degree M.Tech. programmes wherein both B.Tech. institute on the basis of their Ranks in JEE-2009 (students and M.Tech. degrees are awarded at the end of the will "slide up" within the institute to fill up the vacant seats). programme. The number of seats available in each institute The seats which remain vacant in the institute after this for various courses through JEE-2009 for various categories process will be filled up by the institute by selecting of students is given in Table-1 (Page 56). candidates from the list of candidates who are counseled but not allotted seats in any of the institutes. Notifications to 1.1. ADMISSIONS THROUGH JEE 2009 : this effect will be made in websites of the respective institutes NEW DEVELOPMENTS at appropriate time. Please note that all allocations will be 1.1.1 Admissions to New IITs based on the choices given by the candidates at the time of counselling. Further, any candidate who is allotted a seat in In 2008, The Govt. of India decided to set up eight new IITs an institute in the second round will not be eligible for any during the 11th Five Year Plan. The admissions to the courses further allotment. 1
  2. 2. 1.2 VERIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS AND guarantee admission to him/her. Whether or not a candidate SUBMISSION OF CHOICE SHEET will get a seat will depend on the candidate’s AlR, his/her choice of courses/institutes and the number of seats. It is mandatory for all successful candidates to attend the “Verification of Identity and Counselling” session in person. Requests for changing the scheduled date of counselling will In case a candidate is unable to attend in person because of not be entertained. Under exceptional medical requirements, serious illness, he/she can authorize in writing, his/her parent a change of the place for the scheduled counselling may be or guardian to attend the session as per schedule and fill-in permitted at the discretion of the Organizing Chairman. For the required forms on his/her behalf. In such a case, the such a change, a fee of Rs. 500/- (Rs. 250/- for SC/ST parent/guardian must bring a medical certificate from a candidates) will be charged. Registered Medical Practitioner stating that the candidate Candidates will not be paid any travelling or other allowances cannot attend the counselling session in person. In addition, for attending counselling. However, candidates belonging to the parent/guardian must bring all the required documents the SC, ST and PD categories will be paid second class/ mentioned in this brochure. sleeper class return railway fare from the place of their normal The main purpose of asking the candidates to appear in person residence to the place of counselling. is to verify their identity. Hence, the candidates must bring Candidates called for counselling may, wherever possible, their JEE-2009 admit cards and documents necessary for be provided boarding and lodging facilities by the institutes verifying their identity, age and category along with the mark on payment of charges. sheet of qualifying examination, all in original with two photocopies of each. The rules of eligibility for admission Candidates must deposit Rs. 15000/- (Rs. 8000/- for SC/ of candidates will be the same as that given in Section 7 of ST/PD candidates) in the beginning of the counselling the Information Brochure of JEE-2009. The details of other session. This includes a handling fee of Rs. 300/- (Rs. 200/ documents required to be brought by the candidate are given - for SC/ST/PD candidates). The balance of Rs. 14700/- (Rs. on the inside front cover of this brochure. On failing to establish 7800/- for SC/ST/PD candidates) will be adjusted towards the authenticity of any of the above documents, the candidate fees of the first semester at the institute where the candidate will not be considered for admission. Candidates who qualify in is offered admission. Those who are not offered admission PD subcategory will have to appear before a special Medical for any course at any institute according to their choices will Board at IIT Delhi or IIT Madras. be entitled to the refund of the balance amount. After checking their identity and documents, the candidates As mentioned above, the seats will be filled exclusively on the will be asked to submit their choice sheets of courses and basis of AIRs of the eligible candidates under each category, institutes. The counselling brochure has been provided to taking into account the choices exercised by them. For help the candidates exercise their option judiciously. Some example, a candidate with AIR 558 will be considered for seat IIT faculty may also be available for consultation. Prior to allotment after all candidates with AIR less than or equal to appearing for counselling, candidates are advised to visit the 557 have been considered for seat allotment. For every websites of the institutes for more detailed information. candidate, if his/her first choice is available, he/she is allotted that choice. Otherwise further choices, strictly in order of the After the qualified candidates have exercised their choice declared preferences in the choice sheet, are considered. The during counselling, seat allocation will be done centrally on a highest choice available is allotted to the candidate and all later date on the basis of All India Rank (AIR) and choices subsequent choices are ignored. If the candidate does not exercised by the candidates. There is no provision for instant give sufficient choices, he/she may not get any seat. seat allocation at the time of counselling. It may, however, be mentioned that the final seat allocation The choices given by the candidates during the counselling is not done during counselling. On the day of counselling session are final and cannot be changed at a later time. In only the duly filled-in choice sheets are collected from the their own interest candidates must fill in a sufficiently large candidates. number of choices of courses in the decreasing order of preference. As allotment is purely based on the AIR of the There may be announcements of likely closure of seats on a candidate and the order of choice of courses, a candidate day-to-day basis during counselling. A course is announced who fills in an insufficient number of choices may not be as closed when the number of candidates who have opted for allotted a seat in any of the institutes. the course is greater than the number of available seats. On each day, the list of such courses may be made available to To take care of possible dropouts, the number of candidates the candidates attending the counselling. The purpose of these called for counselling is more than the number of seats announcements is not to discourage candidates from giving available in IITs, IT-BHU, Varanasi and ISMU Dhanbad. The choices from this list, it is rather to inform the candidates that fact that an applicant has qualified in JEE-2009 and has been they should fill in enough number of other courses as well in called for identity verification and counselling does not addition to the courses announced as closed. It may also be 2
  3. 3. noted that a second round of admissions will take place and various courses to be filled in the Choice Sheet. For example, so some of these closed courses may have vacancies later the course code for Aerospace Engineering at IIT Bombay is on due to candidates not joining. B01. In the line below the code of each course, the numbers of seats available in that course for the categories GE, OBC, Although there is a provision for change of branch within the SC, ST, respectively, are given. The line at the bottom gives institute where the candidate is admitted, candidates are the availability of PD seats. Table 2 (Page 66) provides the advised not to count on such possibilities while filling up the opening and closing All India Ranks of the previous year for choice sheet. The rules for branch change for different various courses (except for those added this year). These institutes are given in Chapter 2. However, change of ranks are given only to give an idea as to how the course Institute is not allowed under any circumstances. allotment had taken place last year. This data does not give The admitting institute will dispatch “Letters of Admission” to any guarantee that for a given AIR, the course which was the candidates by July 6, 2009. The seat allotment information available last year will also be available this year. So this has will also be available on respective websites of the IITs. to be treated only as an indicator. 1.3 PHYSICAL FITNESS AND MEDICAL 1.5 SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTAIN EXAMINATION COURSES Each candidate must bring a Medical Examination Report Special requirements of certain courses as mentioned in from a registered medical practitioner, in the prescribed Table 1 are given below. format given in annexure A3 at the end of this brochure. Courses 28, 29, 32, 50, 109, 110, 111 and 115 (Mining Candidates will be admitted only if they are physically fit for Engineering and Mining Machinery Engineering and related pursuing a course of study at the participating institutes. courses): Special medical requirements apply as given in In the case of PD candidates, the degree of physical handicap, Section 1.3. Further ISMU Dhanbad does not admit women as well as their fitness to undergo the course of study in which candidates in the Mining Engineering, Mining Machinery admission is sought will be certified by a duly constituted Engineering and related courses (Courses 28, 29, 109 and Special Medical Board. The PD candidates must report for 110). Women candidates are eligible to opt for Mining counselling at IIT Delhi or IIT Madras on the day as mentioned Engineering at IIT Kharagpur and IT-BHU, provided they fulfill in the counselling letter and appear before the Medical Board. the special medical requirements mentioned in Section 1.3. Women candidates opting for these courses may also note Courses in Mining Engineering and Mining Machinery that Section 46(1) of the Mines Act, 1952 states that “No Engineering and related courses (Courses 28, 29 and 109, women shall, notwithstanding anything contained in any other 110 and 111 of Table 1) have additional prescribed standards law, be employed (a) in any part of a mine which is below of fitness. The candidate should be free from colour blindness ground, (b) in any mine above ground except between the and the standard of visual acuity with or without glasses hours 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.”. should be as per DGMS Circular 14 of 1972 (the distant vision of eye with or without glasses should be not less than 6/6 for Courses 37 and 38 (B.Des. and B.Arch.): The candidates better eye and 6/9 for worse eye). The candidates with one- desirous of joining these courses will be required to qualify eyed vision are also not eligible for these courses. In addition, in Architecture/Design Aptitude Test to be conducted at each candidates seeking admission in Petroleum Engineering counselling institute. Two separate tests will be held; the first related Courses and M Sc Tech Applied Geology (Courses one on Thursday, June 11, 2009 and the second on Monday, 32, 50, 115) should also be free from color blindness. June 15, 2009. A candidate can appear in any one of these two tests, but not in both. The tests will be of three hours Candidates must make sure that they meet these standards duration, from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm on both days. Such if they opt for these courses. The responsibility for ensuring candidates must have their JEE-2009 Admit Card with them this is entirely the candidate’s. In case a candidate does not to appear in the Aptitude Test. Candidates who fail to qualify meet these requirements but opts for these courses and is in this Aptitude Test will not be eligible for admission to B.Des. allotted one of them, his/her admission will be cancelled later or B.Arch. courses. Syllabus for the test is given at page 64. on. In all such cases the candidate will have no claim for any other course of study in any of the institutes. A candidate must ensure that he/she fulfills all the requirements for the courses opted for in his/her choice sheet. 1.4 VARIOUS COURSES AND AVAILABILITY OF SEATS 1.6 SCHOLARSHIPS The descriptions of the courses available in the different Merit-cum-means scholarships of the Government of India institutes have been given in Chapter 3. The chapter is are available at all institutes. Apart from these, many other followed by two tables. Table 1 gives the unique codes for scholarships are available at various institutes. 3
  4. 4. 2. PARTICIPATING INSTITUTES 2.1 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 2.2 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BHUBANESWAR BOMBAY The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar is one IIT Bombay was established in 1958, with the cooperation of eight new IITs set up by the Government of India in and participation of the then Government of USSR under Bhubaneswar during 2008. However, the first batch of 120 UNESCO’s technical assistance programme, and celebrated students (40x3) in three branches viz; Civil Engineering, its Golden Jubilee in the year 2008-09. It is reputed for the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering took quality of its faculty and the outstanding caliber of the students admission in July 2008 is studying currently at IIT Kharagpur graduating from its undergraduate and postgraduate which is the mentor Institute of IIT Bhubaneswar. Academic programmes. Today the Institute is recognized as a centre rules for branch changes after successful completion of 1st of academic and research excellence offering engineering, year will be same as IIT Kharagpur. For the academic session science, management and humanities education on a par 2009-10, the admission of students would take place in same with the best in the world. three branches at IIT Kharagpur Extension Centre at Located at Powai, in the metropolitan city of Mumbai, the Bhubaneswar which would work as the temporary campus of industrial and economic capital of India, the IIT campus the Institute till the permanent campus of the Institute is built. extends over 500 acres of verdant land, nestled between Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa is located on the coastal hills and flanked by Powai and Vihar lakes. The campus is plains of Orissa, south-west of the River Mahanadi. It is located on the north-east part of Mumbai, about 30 km from popularly known as the “Temple City of India”. It is one of the the main railway stations and about 15 km from the airports. most beautiful modern cities in eastern India with a population The Institute offers a large number of undergraduate and of 19 lakhs. It has all the amenities of a world-class metropolis postgraduate programmes in engineering, science, and is well connected to the rest of the country by air, rail management and humanities. It has a total of thirteen and road. Bhubaneswar experiences typical tropical weather academic departments, two schools, four centres and three conditions. The summer months from March to May are hot interdisciplinary programmes which together constitute the and little humid. It receives the maximum rainfall in July and academic fabric of the Institute. August. Pleasant weather conditions prevail during November in Bhubaneswar, but December and January face the chilly The institute has well-equipped laboratories and workshops, winds while temperature drops to approximately 15° C during and also excellent computer facilities in all the departments these months. in addition to a central Computer Centre. It also houses one of the finest technical libraries in the country. About 2345 Temporary Campus students are on roll in the undergraduate programmes and The temporary campus of IIT Bhubaneswar is located at 3520 in the postgraduate (including Doctoral ) programmes. Samantapuri just behind Hotel Swosti Plaza and Hotel Ginger This includes a number of foreign students. The faculty on Jaydev Vihar Nandan Kanan Road from National Highway strength is about 460. No.5 (Kolkotta –Chennai route) linking NALCO, East Coast IIT Bombay follows a semester system. An academic year Railway Head Quarters. Classes & labs will be held in the (July-April) consists of two semesters, each of approximately newly built building of the Institute. For hostel accommodation, 16 weeks duration. The first semester begins in the last week the Institute is hiring apartments to accommodate all the of July and ends by the last week of November. The second students from where they would come to the Institute by bus. semester starts in the first week of January and ends by the Permanent Campus last week of April. In each of the two semesters of the first year, a student is required to register for all the courses listed The permanent campus of IIT Bhubaneswar will be located in the curriculum for that semester. Students belonging to in Argul near Jatni close to the Khurda Rd station, and very the SC/ST category and students who are identified as close to the NISER location. The Government of Orissa has academically weak at the end of the first semester may be allotted about 936 acres of land. The length of the total prescribed a specially worked-out Reduced Load Programme boundary wall would be about 10 kms for which the work (RLP). Such students may be required to undergo special has already started in April 2009. The distance of the courses in case they are found to have inadequate background. permanent campus is 25 kilometres from Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhubaneswar, 20 kilometres from Bhubaneswar railway The Institute follows a credit system. Credits are allotted to station and about 4 kms from Khurda Road Junction on various courses depending on the number of lectures, Howrah-Madras route under East Coast Railways. tutorials and laboratory hours per week. The student’s 4
  5. 5. performance in a course is continuously evaluated throughout secured hostels for women students. Each hostel has modern the semester and culminates in the award of Grade on a 10- amenities including a computer room, gym LAN connection point scale. Performance in a semester is evaluated in terms to each room. Students, however, are not permitted to of the weighted average of grade points secured in all the operate and maintain motorized vehicles of any type in the courses registered in that semester, which is known as campus except on medical grounds. The Institute also has Semester Performance Index (SPI). A Cumulative a good 52-bed hospital with facilities OPD and in-patient Performance Index (CPI) is the weighted average of the grade facilities that include, a pathology lab, dental care, radiology, points obtained in all the courses registered by the student sonography, physiotherapy, and an operation theatre. since they entered the Institute. The teaching programmes are characterized by their flexibility and informality. The strong The Student Activity Centre (SAC) provides excellent facilities faculty-student interaction on the residential campus provides for sports and cultural activities. Sports facilities include a opportunity to students to work on seminars, publication and swimming pool, tennis, badminton and squash courts and projects sponsored by the industry and national agencies. vast playgrounds for field games. Wildlife camps and trekking are popular off campus activities. Cultural activities on the To students admitted through JEE-2009, IIT Bombay offers campus are fostered by film clubs, classical music societies, the following undergraduate and postgraduate programmes: debating and drama clubs and a hobbies club. The Institute also has strong NSS/NSO programmes. The B.Tech. Entrepreneurship Cell guides students and promotes in them B.Tech. (Honours) or B.Tech. With 1 Minor, the spirit of entrepreneurship by organizing competitions, and B.Tech. (Honours) with 1 Minor or B.Tech. With 2 lectures and workshops by eminent entrepreneurs. A Minors, business incubator also provides opportunities to students Dual Degree M.Tech. to develop products and technologies, and to generate their Integrated M.Sc. own business ventures. The Cell for Human Values – a The B.Tech. programme consists of eight semesters spread unique feature of IIT Bombay, enriches the minds of students over four years, and the Dual Degree M.Tech. and Integrated through its various activities. M.Sc. programmes consist of 10 semesters spread over A Faculty Advisor is specially appointed to look after the five years. In the Dual Degree M.Tech. programme, a B.Tech. academic performance and matters related to SC/ST degree of the parent department and an M.Tech. degree of students. A Foreign Students’ Advisor helps and guides the a specialization within the parent department is given at the students from abroad in academic and non-academic end of fifth year. In the undergraduate programmes, a “Minor” matters. is awarded to a student for completing, in addition to the minimum requirement of 250 credits, a prescribed set of Rules for Change of Branch courses from departments other than that in which the student is enrolled for his basic B.Tech. programme. Similarly, Students are eligible to apply for change of Branch/ “Honours” is awarded to students completing a prescribed Programme after completing the first two semesters. Only set of courses and/or project in their own departments. This those students who complete the prescribed course credits structure of academic programmes provides flexibility to suit without backlog during the first two semesters of 4-year the varied interests of students and helps build multifarious B.Tech./5-year M.Sc./Dual Degree programmes and have competencies that employers demand besides satisfying the secured a Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) of 6.5 or widely varying attitudes, abilities and aspirations of students. more shall be eligible to apply for change of Branch/ Programme. The following rules/guidelines will be used for The Institute continues to introduce new areas in its academic considering applications for change: programme and innovation in its academic activities. The Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, the School of 1. Top 1% of total number of students admitted in the year Biosciences & Bioengineering and the Department of Energy will be permitted to change branch without any Science & Engineering are recent initiatives. Student constraints. exchange programmes initiated with Universities in Germany, 2. For others, change will be permitted strictly on merit basis. France, USA, and Japan have taken off successfully. Students without fail grades and backlogs, and with CPI Students are encouraged and supported to submit research > 6.5 will be eligible to apply and can give their choices. papers and participate in national and international conferences. 3. The request for change (in the order of merit) for a student S1 from branch A to branch B will be considered if the IIT Bombay is a residential campus that has all the students and most of the faculty and staff living on campus. The (a) Strength of branch B does not exceed the sanctioned Institute has 13 students’ hostels, which include the recently strength added two state-of-the-art hostels each having (b) Number of students on roll in branch A does not fall accommodation facilities for about 450 students and two well- below 85%. 5
  6. 6. (The request of S1 will be reconsidered – again in the order order to qualify for the award of degree. IIT Delhi has revised of merit – if S1 does not violate (b) above due to another its curriculum with effect from academic session 2003-2004. student getting transferred to branch A.) The revised curriculum emphasizes on self-learning, project activity and laboratory work. It leaves sufficient time for 4. If student S1 is not permitted to change from branch A to students to take part in other activities like sports and B (due to (b) above), any other student S2 with CPI less recreation, and encourages them to be creative and than S1 will also not be permitted to change to branch B. innovative. 5. The request for change of branch from a student The Students Activity Centre provides a number of facilities belonging to SC/ST category may be considered as for students’ extracurricular and physical development. The special cases by the Chairman, Senate, on merit. central two-storied block with a swimming pool and a 6. All branch transfers can be effected only once at the gymnasium hall has amenities such as squash courts, beginning of the second academic year. No application hobbies workshop, seminar rooms, music rooms and other for change of branch during the subsequent academic multipurpose rooms for reading and indoor games. The years will be entertained. amphitheatre constructed in modern style is an added amenity to the Centre. The campus also provides such 7. Students will be permitted to change from B.Tech. to Dual amenities as staff club, hospital, shopping centre, bank, post Degree Programme in the same department at the end office, community centre, stadium and playing fields. of third and fourth semesters subject to the department’s recommendation. Credit System 2.3 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY The prominent features of the credit system are: the process DELHI of continuous evaluation of a student’s performance, the absence of pass or fail on annual basis and the flexibility to Established as a College of Engineering in 1961, this Institute allow a student to progress at the pace suited to his/her was declared as Institution of National Importance under the individual ability and convenience subject to the regulations “Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Act 1963” and was of the credit requirements. renamed as “Indian Institute of Technology Delhi”. It was then accorded the status of a university with powers to decide its Each course, except for a few special courses, has a certain own academic policies, to conduct its examinations, and to number of credits assigned to it depending on its lecture, award its degrees. tutorial and laboratory contact hours in a week. Each course is coordinated by a member of the faculty called the course IIT Delhi is situated at Hauz Khas in South Delhi, bounded coordinator. He/she has the full responsibility for coordinating by Sri Aurobindo Marg on the east, Jawaharlal Nehru the course, coordinating the work of other members of the University complex on the west, National Council of faculty involved in the course, holding tests and awarding Educational Research and Training on the south, and the grades. In case of any difficulty, students are expected to Outer Ring Road on the north. The Institute campus is about approach the course coordinator for advice and clarification. 20 km from lndira Gandhi International Airport, 10 km from domestic terminal of the airport, 19 km from Delhi main A letter grade with a specified number of grade points is Railway Station and 14 km from New Delhi Railway Station. awarded in each course for which a student is registered. A student’s performance is measured by the number of credits The Institute campus extends over an area of 320 acres with that he/she has earned and by the weighted grade point many topographical features, imaginatively laid out with average maintained by him/her. A minimum number of credits picturesque landscape. With clean and wide roads, the and a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) are campus presents a spectacle of harmony in architectural and necessary in order to qualify for a degree. natural beauty. Most of the students, faculty and staff reside on the campus. The main academic building houses various Rules for Change of Branch teaching and research facilities. Although each department A student is eligible to apply for change of branch at the end is a separate entity, all the departments together constitute of the first year only, provided he/she satisfies the following an integrated complex. criteria. Each academic year consists of two semesters and a CGPA for General category students > 7.50 summer term. The education system is organized around a CGPA for SC/ST and Person with Disability credit system, which ensures continuous evaluation of a category students > 6.50 student’s performance and provides flexibility to choose Earned credits at the end of the first academic session courses so as to facilitate progress at an optimum pace suited > 40 to one’s ability or convenience. Each course is assigned certain number of credits depending upon the class contact Change of the branch will be permitted strictly in the order of hours. A minimum number of credits are to be completed in merit as determined by CGPA at the end of the first year, 6
  7. 7. subject to the limitation that the actual number of students in Subject to the above conditions, change over from one to the the third semester in the discipline to which transfer is to be other undergraduate programme (viz., B.Tech., 5-year M.Tech. made should not exceed the sanctioned strength, and the Integrated and 5-year M.Tech. Dual Degree) is permissible. strength of the discipline from which transfer is being sought does not fall below 90% of the existing strength. 2.4 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY GANDHINAGAR For a student with CGPA = 9.0, even if a vacancy does not exist, he/she will be permitted to change discipline provided The Institute the strength in the discipline to which the change is being Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (IITGN) is one sought does not exceed by 5% of the sanctioned strength. of the IIT’s in the country, established in the year 2008 with Also, in such cases, he/she will be permitted to change the objective of enhancing the facilities for higher education, discipline even if the strength of the discipline from which research and training in various fields of Science and change is being sought falls below 90% of the existing Technology. The Institute has started functioning recently with strength. the induction of the first batch of four-year B.Tech. programme Stipulation of minimum credits and CGPA requirements will students admitted through JEE-2008. IIT Bombay is the not be insisted upon for change of discipline to a branch in mentoring Institute for IIT Gandhinagar. IITGN therefore which a vacancy exists and the concerned student was inherits the vision of IIT Bombay to be the fountainhead of eligible for admission to that discipline at the time of entry to new ideas and innovations in technology and science. The IIT Delhi. However, requirements of credits and CGPA will mission of IITGN is to create an ambiance in which new continue to apply in case of both General and SC/ST category ideas, research and scholarship flourish and from which the students seeking change to a discipline to which the leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge. Initially three concerned student was not eligible for admission at the time disciplines viz. Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering of entry to IIT Delhi. and Mechanical Engineering have been started. This academic programme has received an enthusiastic response Change from a 4-year B.Tech. programme to a dual from the first batch of entrants and is progressing well towards degree programme its set objectives. Gujarat state is known for its excellent infrastructure with thriving industries, prestigious academic A student registered for a 4-year degree programme in a and research institutes and an ambiance which encourages Department can be permitted to change his/her registration entrepreneurship. Therefore, IITGN seems to have from the 4-year to a 5-year programme of the same everything going for its progress towards a bright future. department provided the B.Tech. part of the dual degree programme into which the student is desirous of registering Location and Accessibility is the same as the programme for which the student was admitted through JEE subject to fulfilling the following criteria: IITGN is temporarily located at the Vishwakarma Government Engineering College (VGEC), at Chandkheda, on Visat – (a) The student must have completed at least 120 credits Koba - Gandhinagar Highway, approximately 10 km from by the end of 6th semester and secured a minimum CGPA Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport and 14 km from of 7.5. Ahmadabad Railway Station. Public transport facilities are (b) The maximum number of students that can be permitted readily available to reach Chandkheda from both the airport such a change will be limited to 10 % of sanctioned and the railway station. strength of the intake into the relevant 4-year programme Academic Programmes of the department. The Institute presently offers the following academic Change from any 4-year B.Tech. programme into a programmes PG (M.Tech.) programme with advanced standing 4 year B.Tech. Degree programme A student registered for a 4-year B.Tech. degree programme can earn an additional M.Tech. degree by opting for a change Ph.D. Programme. in his/her registration to that with advanced standing. The Initially, three B.Tech. degree programmes viz. Chemical option is to be exercised towards the end of the 6th semester. Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Advanced standing request will be considered only if the Engineering have been started with the academic session student has a CGPA of at least 7.5 at the end of the 6th 2008-09. The total sanctioned intake for these programmes semester. In the advanced standing scheme, the student can is 120 students, 40 for each discipline. The Ph.D. programme earn an M.Tech. degree in addition to his/her B.Tech. degree will be offered with effect from the academic session 2009-10. by spending an additional year. M.Tech. programmes for which the student will be eligible and other details will be IITGN follows a specialized semester based academic system. provided later. There are two semesters in an academic year (Autumn – 7
  8. 8. July-Nov; and Spring – January-April). Students are required Facilities such as mess, playground and medical clinic have to follow the laid down procedures and meet the academic been made available to students on the VGEC premises, requirements of each semester to progress in their respective while the hostel is just across the road from the VGEC. programme of study. The academic programmes of the institute are governed by Rules and Regulations approved by Government scholarship (Merit-Cum-Means) is awarded to the the Academic Council from time to time. The Academic Council students as per Government of India rules. Efforts are being is currently the supreme empowered body that governs all made to institute private scholarships in the coming years. academic matters. The ruling of Chairman, Academic Council Branch Change Rules is final in regard to any academic matter. The Academic Council continuously monitors the academic programmes and makes After successful completion of the first two semesters, appropriate modifications and improvements as and when students may apply for change of branch, subject to the required. The Council also finalizes the academic calendar fulfillment of the laid down conditions. Rules / guidelines every year for various academic activities. governing the change of branch are : In general a certain quantum of academic work measured in 1. Top 1% of the total number of students admitted in that terms of credits is laid down as the requirement for a particular year will be eligible for a change of branch without any degree. A student earns credits by satisfactorily passing constraints. courses and engaging in other academic activities every 2. Other students are eligible to apply provided they have semester, as specified by the individual department. The no fail grades or backlogs and have a CPI 6.5 or greater. Courses of Study bulletin lists the course work as per the These applications will be considered strictly in the order following conventions. The credit associated with a course is of merit. a number which depends upon the number of hours of instruction per week in that course. Similarly the credit 3. For the category of applications mentioned in item 2, the associated with any of the other activities is dependent upon request for change (in the order of merit) for a student the quantum of work expected to be put in for that activity per S1 from branch A to branch B will be considered if week. Courses are broadly classified as Theory courses and (a) The strength of branch B does not exceed the Laboratory Courses. Theory courses consist of lecture (L) and sanctioned strength for that branch. tutorial (T) hours, but may have attached practical (P) hours in special cases. Laboratory courses consist of practical hours, (b) Number of students on rolls in the branch A does but may have attached tutorial hours in special cases. Credit not fall below 85% of the sanctioned strength. (C) for a course is dependent on the number of hours of (c) The request of S1 will be re-considered (again in instruction per week in that course, and is obtained by using a the order of merit) if S1 does not violate (b) above multiplier of two (2) for lecture and tutorial hours, and a multiplier due to another student getting transfer to branch A. of one (1) for laboratory hours. Thus, for example, a theory (d) If student S1 is not permitted to change from branch course having two lectures and one tutorial per week A to B (due to (b) above), any other student S2 in throughout the semester carries a credit of 6. Similarly, a any branch with CPI less than S1 will also not be laboratory course having one tutorial and three laboratory hours permitted to change to branch B. per week throughout semester carries a credit of 5. Academic activities such as Seminar and Project carry their specially 4. All such transfers can be effected only once at the assigned credits depending on the quantum of expected work. beginning of the second academic year. No change of There are other academic activities such as Practical Training branch is permissible during the subsequent academic (PT), Works Visit and NSO/NSS/NCC, which are non-credit years. but mandatory requirements which must be fulfilled for 5. The rules for change of branch or academic programme successful completion of the programme of study. from students belonging to the SC/ST category would Facilities be similar to those for other candidates, but with the following concessions: IITGN is temporarily housed at VGEC, Chandkheda, Gandhinagar. However, the academic infrastructure such as i. Their CPI must be 6.0 or greater and there should classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices, library, medical be no backlogs of any kind. facilities, etc. have been created and established exclusively ii. Each branch of the B.Tech. programme does not for the use of IITGN students and faculty. Programme exceed its sanctioned strength by more than 2. components such as Workshop and Engineering Drawing requiring more extensive infrastructure are being arranged with IIT Gandhinagar is a very student-oriented institution, and the assistance of local educational institutes like VGEC and our endeavor would always be to ensure that the students LD College of Engineering to satisfy the requirements of the get the best of everything that is needed to create outstanding initial batches. scientists and engineers. 8
  9. 9. 2.5 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Central Instruments Facility (CIF) of the Institute - with GUWAHATI provisions of several state-of-the-art equipments, also support students in carrying out their projects and other research work. IIT Guwahati, the sixth member of the IIT family was Besides, to tap the ideas of innovative students and to translate established in 1994 and the first batch of students was such ideas into commercially significant products, the Institute admitted in July 1995. The residential campus is spread over has a Technology Incubation Centre (TIC). TIC’s objective is 700 acres of land on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra to extend support to innovators in the form of finance, space with a picturesque surrounding. The campus was planned and technical guidance. taking full advantage of the natural features of the terrain, which consists of several hillocks and lakes. The Boarding and Lodging Brahmaputra flows majestically on one side, while the other There are seven boys’ hostels with 2700 rooms and a girls’ sides have backdrops of blue hills. The campus is about 20 hostel with 222 rooms for accommodation of the students. km from Guwahati railway station and about 15 km from Each hostel has a mess, a canteen, indoor games facilities, Guwahati airport. To reach the institute from the city, there is cable TV, local area network (LAN) connection, and the institute bus service that runs regularly to and from the uninterrupted water and power supply. All students enjoy the city. This bus service starts from near the railway station. privacy of a single room. Taxis are also available at the railway station. Pre-paid taxis are available at the airport to get to IIT Guwahati. An academic complex, a married scholars’ hostel, a guest house with a capacity of 144, an administrative building, Greater Guwahati also encompasses Dispur – the capital of lecture theatres, a state-of-the-art auditorium and ample the state of Assam. With a cool and pleasant weather for residential quarters are there on campus. These cater to the most of the year, the city has an annual rainfall of about 1000 requirements of classrooms, laboratories and residences for mm. A high humidity (80 to 95%) is common in the monsoon faculty and staff. Branches of Canara Bank and State Bank season. The maximum day temperature in summer is around of India with ATMs, a post office, a computerised railway 350C and the minimum temperature in winter is around 70C. Passenger Reservation System (PRS) facility, a book shop, Guwahati, the gateway to the north eastern region of India, a shopping complex and several PCOs serve the needs of is well connected by rail and by air to the rest of India. Direct campus residents. The Institute has stadiums for football, train services are available from/to all major metropolis, cities cricket, hockey and track & field events, and courts for tennis, in the country. All major domestic Airlines operate regular volley ball and basket ball. It also has a gymnasium, an indoor flights from/to New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and sports complex, and a swimming pool. The IIT campus offers Hyderabad with connectivity to all major cities in the country. plenty of scope for trekking and climbing, so that one can Academic Programmes enjoy a challenging and stimulating academic environment blended with a rich outdoor life. Undergraduate programmes offered include B.Tech. in ten disciplines, viz. Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Health Care Chemical Science & Technology, Civil Engineering, Computer The Institute gives great importance to health care. With Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication three regular Medical Officers, supported by a number of Engineering, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, outsourced doctors (including specialists), the Institute’s Engineering Physics, Mathematics & Computing, and medical team has been providing efficient services to all its Mechanical Engineering; and B.Des. in Design. Two-year staff, students and faculty members. The Institute’s M.Sc. programmes in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics seventeen-bed hospital has trained nurses on duty round- & Computing, are also offered. Postgraduate programmes the–clock. It has modern diagnostic equipment, a pathological offered include M.Tech., M.Des., and Ph.D. programmes. laboratory, a pharmacy, and two ambulances. For indoor Facilities Unique to the Institute patients, the Institute also has arrangements with top medical institutions of Guwahati, such as Guwahati Neurological State-of-the-art teaching laboratories established in all the Research Centre (GNRC), International Hospital, Down Town engineering and science disciplines, combined with a Central Hospital, Guwahati Medical College Hospital, etc. Workshop and Computer Centre, provide value and strength to the programmes. The Computer Centre with its modern Besides, to keep the students mentally and physically healthy, facilities and pleasant atmosphere is a favorite place of the during the first two years of the undergraduate programme, students for cracking software problems or surfing the Internet. the Institute offers Physical Training (two hours per week) as The Central Library has an excellent collection of books, current non-credit but compulsory courses. periodicals, back volumes of journals and databases on Financial Assistance/Scholarships compact discs. The Central Library has a computerized access facility through its network server. Students can browse books The Institute offers a number of scholarships to the students, and journals online. In addition to departmental facilities, the viz, Merit-cum-Means Scholarship is awarded to a maximum 9
  10. 10. of 25% of general category B.Tech/B.Des and M.Sc students, 3. Change of branch is permitted from a B. Tech./B.Des. and Institute Merit Scholarship is awarded to those programme in any branch to a B.Tech./B.Des programme undergraduate students of second, third and fourth years, in any other branch. who score the highest Yearly Performance Index (YPI) in every branch. 2.6 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY HYDERABAD Besides Govt. of India SC and ST scholarships, State Govt. scholarships and various industry sponsored scholarships Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) started in are also available to the deserving students. August 2008 with B.Tech. programs in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electrical Engineering (EE) and Training & Placement Mechanical Engineering (ME), each with 40 seats. The PhD programs in Engineering, Sciences and Humanities, The 11th batch of B.Tech and 8th batch of B.Des. students commenced in January 2009. Additional post graduate and are graduating this year. The graduates of the previous undergraduate degree programs will be introduced in a batches have been recruited in reputed private and public phased manner. Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) sector organizations through campus interviews. A large is the “Mentor Institute” for IITH. number of B.Tech. and B.Des graduates have obtained admission to M.S. and Ph.D. programmes in universities IITH is currently operational from a full-fledged residential abroad with scholarships. campus inside the Ordnance Factory Medak (OFMK) premises in Yeddumailaram, which is about 45km from the Credit System center of Greater Hyderabad. Complete and modern academic facilities (classrooms, laboratories and workshops) The Institute follows the semester-based credit system. The have been created in this temporary campus, along with B.Tech. and B.Des. programmes consist of 8 semesters hostels including dining hall. Sports facilities and hobby spread over 4 academic years. A student takes 5 to 6 theory research laboratory facilities have been created enabling the courses in addition to laboratory courses in each semester. students participate in a diverse range of activities. The A project in the final year provides the student ample scope Government of Andhra Pradesh has given 212 hectares of for independent work. Credits are allotted to various courses land in Kandi District on NH 9 (about 12 km from the OFMK depending on the number of lecture/tutorial/laboratory hours campus) for developing the permanent campus of IITH. The per week. A student’s performance in a course is continuously master planning, design and construction activities are evaluated throughout the semester and culminates in the underway on the new campus. It is expected that the new award of a grade on a 10-point scale. Performance in a campus will be operational by December 2010. semester is evaluated in terms of the weighted average of For the academic year 2008-09, the curriculum, course grade points secured in all the courses registered in that structure and syllabi of various courses were adopted as per semester, known as the Semester Performance Index (SPI). IIT Madras. From the academic year 2009-10 onwards, a A Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) is given, representing comprehensive new curriculum (UG and PG) will be the weighted average of grade points secured by a student developed with the required customization for IITH. The fee in all the semesters. structure of IITH will be similar to that of IIT Madras. For additional details, please visit the IITH website: www.iith.ac.in. Rules for Change of Branch The Institute may permit a limited number of students to 2.7 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY change from one branch of study to another after the end of INDORE the second semester, subject to certain conditions, some of IIT Indore has been the latest of new IITs which MHRD is which are given below: setting up. The new IIT Indore will be starting its existence 1. Only those students will be eligible for a change of branch from July 2009 in the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Indore who have completed all the common credits required in is MP’s major city famous for its business environment and the first two semesters of their studies in their first attempt also has many industries in the area of mechanical engineering, pharmacy and electronics. It is well-known for with a CPI of not less than 8.00 and without having had its large number of academic institutions in this part of India to pass any course requirement in the summer term and also known for existence of centers of excellence like examination. IIM Indore, RRCAT and IUCA. 2. Change of branch is permitted strictly on the basis of IIT Bombay is designated as mentor institution for setting up merit (CPI at the end of two semesters) subject to the of IIT Indore. Director IIT Bombay is also thus the Mentor limitation that the strength of a branch does not fall below Director of IIT Indore. the existing strength by more than ten percent and does not go above the sanctioned strength by more than ten Activities related to IIT Indore are currently been organized percent. through IIT Indore Cell which is housed in IIT Bombay. 10
  11. 11. As per the order of Ministry of Human Resource Medical Facilities Development, the intake to the new IIT at Indore will be total of 120 students in the Three Engineering Disciplines namely This is being worked out and soon we shall have tie-up with Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering and a reputed Hospital of Indore. Mechanical Engineering. Hostel Accommodation Initial intake of 40 students in each of the discipline includes For accommodation of the students 30 Flats are being rented all reservation-quota related to SC/ST/OBC. in a reputed Colony near IET, the interim site for IIT Indore. Proposed Site All 120 students including Girl students will be accommodated in these flats and Messing will be provided by a caterer. Government of Madhya Pradesh has allotted and transferred 510 acres of land to us for IIT Indore. This land is situated at 2.8 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY a place called Simrol which is a small village in Mhow Tehsil KANPUR in district of Indore. The Proposed site for IIT Indore is around 25 Km from city of Indore and is connected to Indore by History: state highway called Khandawa road. IIT Kanpur is reputed all over the world for its innovative Foundation stone was recently installed at this site by academic programmes stressing science-based engineering Honorable HRD Minister, thus marking the handing over of education. Since its inception in 1960, the Institute is engaged land to IIT Indore. It is now planned that IIT Indore will have in carrying out original research of significance and its infra structure sufficiently ready so that the batch entering technology development at the cutting edge. It introduced 2012 will be housed in the new campus. for the first time in the country computer science in the undergraduate curriculum, semester-based flexible The Interim Site programmes, interdisciplinary programmes in several areas, IIT Indore will commence its academic session in July 2009 and a broadband letter grading system. In its initial years, IIT from an interim site. It has been now finalized that Institute of Kanpur benefited from a novel experiment in international Engineering and Technology, a college of Devi Ahilya University cooperation when a consortium of nine leading universities will be our interim place where we start the functioning of IIT of the USA collaborated with it to launch world-class Indore. The IET has offered us ~ 3500 sq meter of space in engineering education in our country. one of their building .We shall also get another 2000sq meter Location and Accessibility: area next year from them. This interim place is situated at Khandawa Road and is roughly 4 km. from the city center. It is located just outside the major industrial town of Kanpur Transport is easily available to reach this place. However we which is well connected with all other metropolitan cities. are organizing a formal bus-transport for students to ferry them from the place of accommodation to IET. Academic Programmes: IIT Indore will be using some of its own labs for instructions IIT Kanpur imparts training to students so that they become but may use some of the Labs of IET, particularly the competent and motivated engineers and scientists, and awards Mechanical Engineering Labs like Workshop and Drawing Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in various branches Hall. These labs are getting enhanced facilities from IIT Indore of technology and science. The Institute celebrates freedom for running an IIT like labs. of thought, cultivates vision, nurtures entrepreneurship and encourages growth, inculcating human values and concern Till the construction of buildings at Simrol site which is for the environment and society at the same time. designated for us and has reasonable infrastructure created, IIT Indore shall continue to function from this interim site-IET. The Institute follows the semester system with two eighteen- week semesters, including a one-week recess in each Faculty recruitment semester. In addition, an eight-week summer term is also The Faculty interview process is on and it is expected that by offered to help students make up deficiencies in their course the end of May 2009, IIT Indore will have faculty appointed in work. This enables students to reduce any delays in completing Departments of Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical their programme due to illness or any other reason. engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, A diagnostic test to ascertain general proficiency in English Chemistry and Humanities& Social Sciences. is conducted for ALL students admitted to IIT Kanpur. Based Laboratory creation on their performance in this test, some students are told to take a basic course in English Language. Laboratories for First year B.Tech program are already on way now. The Labs under preparation are: Physics Lab, A slow-paced programme is offered to help those who show Chemistry Lab and Computer Center and Internet facility. deficiencies in Physics, Mathematics and/or English in the These will be ready by the end of June 2009. first mid-semester examination. Such students are advised 11
  12. 12. to take slow-paced courses in any one, two or all of these Recreational/Extra-Curricular Facilities: subjects for easier assimilation of contents and concepts. In the slow-paced courses, the subject matter is covered in a A number of extra-curricular activities, recreational as well as period of 2 semesters instead of the normal 1 semester. It managerial, are an integral part of the educational experience may be emphasized that the option to take the slow-paced at IIT Kanpur. All such activities are coordinated by the Students courses is a privilege and gives the deficient student a chance Gymkhana. Students are involved in all decision making for better performance. However, it may in some cases lead bodies, including the administration of academic programmes, to delay in completion of the academic programme. hostel management and even disciplinary matters. Further, students organize events such as Antaragni—the all India Facilities Unique to the Institute: cultural festival, Udghosh—the all India games and sports festival, and Techkriti—the all India science, technology and In keeping with its reputation for academic excellence, the entrepreneurship festival. These events draw participation from Institute has state-of-the-art facilities with one of the best academic institutions all over the country. In addition, students and openly accessible computing facilities and modern organize a large number of extracurricular events laboratories that include a unique flight laboratory with four encompassing literary, cultural and sports aspects through a powered aircrafts, four gliders and a one kilometer runway. number of clubs and societies. These include Adventure Club, The P K Kelkar Library of the Institute is one of the finest Nature Club, Astronomy Club, Photography Club, Students scientific and technological libraries with an online information Film Society, Aero-modelling Club, Gilding Club, Robotics Club, retrieval system over the campus LAN. The curriculum at IIT HAM Club, Music Club, Dance Club and Theater Workshop, Kanpur has a strong emphasis on Humanities and Social etc. The Institute has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, Sciences (HSS). The HSS department offers courses in excellent indoor and outdoor sports facilities and a 1200-seat Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Philosophy Fine Arts, auditorium with excellent acoustics. A strong NSS programme English and Sanskrit Languages, among many other areas. to inculcate social values in students and their personality A Language Laboratory with computer controlled audio and development is also conducted. video components, offers courses in foreign languages like Financial Assistance/Scholarships French and German. A large number of scholarships are available to the students 1. About the students : at IIT Kanpur. The Institute has a strong counselling service to help students Training and Placement settle down comfortably in the new environment and cope with the stresses of student life. Sincere and dedicated The Institute has a very active Student Placement Office that coordinates Campus Recruitment. It is housed in the student volunteers, helped by faculty advisers, organize the Outreach Building with excellent facilities and support to orientation programme for fresh entrants, provide extra help prepare and train students for placement. A very large number in course work if needed, conduct language classes, etc. of national as well as international companies visit the Institute The students are involved in all the decision making to hire the students. processes of the Institute via student representatives in various Institute committees. Rules for Change of Branch Boarding and Lodging : A student may be allowed to change the branch/programme subject to certain constraints on the number of students in The Institute has a fully residential beautiful picturesque each branch/programme. Some of the guidelines used for campus, spread over 1055 acres of land, with all modern branch/programme change are as follows. amenities. It has about 2450 undergraduate and 1500 postgraduate students, more than 325 faculty members and 1. The strength of any branch/programme should not 700 supporting staff. A shopping complex, branches of State exceed the larger of its existing and sanctioned strengths, and should not fall below 60% of its sanctioned Bank of India and Union Bank of India, a post office, and strength due to change of branch/programme. other amenities fulfill the needs of the campus community. The students are accommodated in eight boys’ hostels and 2. All cases are decided in decreasing order of Cumulative two girls’ hostels. All rooms in the hostels have provisions for Performance Index (CPI) of the eligible applicants. internet connectivity and connection to other computers 3. A student without any slow-paced course or with a slow- through Local Area Network. paced course in English only, can apply for a branch/ Health Care: programme change at the end of 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th semesters. The eligibility criteria depend on the semester Equipped with pharmacy, clinical laboratory and a 30-bed at the end of which the student makes the application. indoor ward, the Health Centre provides medical help and However, these cases are decided on the basis of the emergency care to the campus community round-the-clock. CPI up to the first two semesters only. 12
  13. 13. 4. A unique aspect of IIT Kanpur rule is that branch change Language and Psychology laboratories are additional assets. is allowed not just after second semester but also after Many special purpose top rung laboratories have been 3rd and 4th semester. created in IIT Kharagpur out of the R&D grants received from Industries, Government, Defence and from Alumni 5. Branch change is allowed from any program to other Contributors. A large new Computer and Informatics Centre, including B.Tech, M.Sc.(Integrated) and B.Tech.-M.Tech. a new wing for Information Technology, computer network dual degree programs. for halls of residence, students' hostels rooms and a 6. Branch change is permitted from B.Tech. to B.Tech.- capacious lecture hall complex are fully operational. Some M.Tech. dual degree in the same department till 7th of the laboratories are: a world class VLSI Design Laboratory, semester. Communication Empowerment Laboratory, Media Lab Asia, Microsoft Laboratory, Motorola Laboratory, Centre for 7. Relaxed eligibility criteria are adopted for students of SC/ Excellence in Composite Technology, Ocean Science and ST categories. Technology Cell, Advanced Technology Centre, Space Technology Cell, etc. Vinod Gupta School of Management 2.9 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (VGSOM) and G S Sanyal School of Telecommunications KHARAGPUR (GSST), the first of their kinds in the IIT system, owe their The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur was founded existence to the generous contributions of two of its alumni. in 1951. A forerunner of the other six IITs, and in many ways Flexible Curricula a role model for them, IIT Kharagpur has been producing scientists and technologists of the highest caliber who In the new millennium, IIT Kharagpur has switched over to a continue to provide leadership in education, research, more flexible academic system aiming at capability-based industry, and management. Many of its alumni are illustrious learning where students would get wider options to exercise men and women whose achievements command admiration and brighter students would be able to achieve more. Over and respect everywhere and evoke a just sense of pride in and above receiving a B.Tech. (Hons.) Degree, a B.Arch. the IIT community. (Hons.) Degree, a Dual Degree or an Integrated M.Sc. Degree, for which he/she has registered, a student depending Situated 120 km west of Kolkata, Kharagpur can be reached on his/her performance and availability would have the option in about two and a half hours by train from the Howrah railway to earn additional credits across disciplines. On accumulation station of Kolkata. Kharagpur is also connected by direct train of sufficient prescribed credits, a student would be able to service to other major cities of the country. The Institute is earn a MINOR in a discipline other than the degree for which about 10 minutes' drive (5 km) from Kharagpur railway station. he/she has registered. For example, a student in Electrical Located in a sylvan landscape, far from the heat and dust of Engineering (EE), say, would obtain a B.Tech. (Hons.) degree the city, the campus provides a calm and serene environment in EE and can earn a MINOR in Computer Science and for dedicated academic pursuits. IIT Kharagpur has two Engineering (CSE) or Mechanical Engineering (ME), or even extension centers, one at Calcutta and the other at a MINOR in a science discipline. Provisions have been kept Bhubaneswar, besides the main campus at Kharagpur, which in the curricula so that a student has the freedom to pursue is the largest in the country. and sustain multidisciplinary interest. IIT Kharagpur has the largest number of PG and UG The Institute follows a seven-point grading system with letter programmes and has a large number of doctoral research grades and the corresponding grade points per credit. The scholars. It offers 22 undergraduate (B.Tech., B.Arch., M.Sc.), Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is computed at the 87 postgraduate (M.Tech., Dual Degree, M.C.P., M.B.M.) and end of each semester. The CGPA secured by a student research (M.S., Ph.D., D.Sc.) programmes. reflects his/her performance. IIT Kharagpur has been a prime mover in the modernization New Programme: of technical education in independent India. Excellent research facilities and support in the frontier areas of science This year the following two new inter-disciplinary Dual-Degree and technology are available at IIT Kharagpur, which includes programmes are introduced. some of the most advanced laboratories and the largest B. Tech in any core Engineering branch and M. tech in technical library in the country housing a state-of-the-art Financial Engineering. electronic library. All the departments and centres are equipped with modern instruments. The Central Research B. Tech in any core Engineering branch and M. tech in Facility caters to the special needs of all including outside Engineering Enterpreneurship. organizations. The Institute also houses an Astronomical Boarding and Lodging Observatory set up by the Positional Astronomy Centre, Government of India and the ISRO Satellite Remote Sensing The institute is fully residential. Students are accommodated Centre. A well-equipped centre for Education Technology, and in 18 Halls of Residence. All the Halls of Residence have 13
  14. 14. regular catering facilities. Some shops are located within the Training and Placement Institute premises to serve tea, coffee, soft drinks and light snacks. For daily necessities and groceries, one can walk The Training and Placement Section of the Institute centrally down to the Tech Market. A larger market, Gole Bazaar is handles campus placement of the graduating students of all about 5 km from the Campus. Three banks with ATM facility Departments, Centres and Schools. The Section provides are located inside the Campus. The State Bank of India is excellent infrastructure to support every stage of the close to the Institute and provides foreign exchange facilities placement process. Arrangements for Pre-Placement Talks, also. The Syndicate Bank is situated on the first floor of the Written Tests, Interviews, Group Discussions etc. are made Institute main building. The Punjab National Bank is situated as per the requirements of the Organizations. The section in the Tech Market where business transactions are carried also arranges for summer practical training for all prefinal out in the afternoon. The Post Office is located close to the year B.Tech. (Hons.) students and third year students of 5 State Bank. Full postal and telegraphic service is available Year dual degree M.Tech courses. at the Post Office. The Science and Technology Entrepreneurs' park (STEP) of Recreational/Extra-Curricular activities IIT Kharagpur has given a fillip to entrepreneurial activities in the region. IIT Kharagpur aims at the all round development of personality, with emphasis on physical, socio-cultural and Rules for Change of Branch value-oriented education. In the rich tapestry of culture that The Institute may permit a student of B.Tech. or integrated marks this IIT, students play a vital role. They participate in M.Sc. Course (except for B.Arch. students) to change from almost all decision-making bodies of the Institute including one branch of studies to another after the first academic year its Senate and organize cultural activities throughout the year, (first two semesters). Only those students will be eligible for culminating in the Spring Fest. consideration for a change of branch who has completed all Technology Students' Gymkhana, the nerve centre for sports, credit courses in the first two semesters in their first attempt cultural and social activities, puts a premium on creativity and obtained a CGPA of not lower than a prescribed value at and teamwork. It has a number of outdoor and indoor stadia the end of second semester. for sports and games, a modern swimming pool and a gymnasium. Photography Club, Fine Arts Club, Publicity Club, Change of branch shall be permitted strictly on the basis of Music Club, Yoga Club, Film Society, Dramatics Society, inter-se-merit of the applicants. For this purpose, the CGPA Aquatics Society, Astronomy Club and many more special obtained at the end of the second semester shall be interest groups are supported by the Gymkhana. considered. If there is any tie, it will be resolved by considering the JEE rank of the applicants. Health care (a) In making the change of branch, those applicants, who The B.C.Roy Technology Hospital is located at the center of have secured a rank within the top one percent, shall be the Campus. It provides indoor and outdoor medical facilities allowed to change the branch to their choice without any for common ailments. Complicated cases are referred for constraint. treatment to the State Hospital or to the Railway Hospital or to the Hospitals at Kolkata. Various medical practitioners are (b) The remaining eligible applicants shall be allowed a available around IIT and a list of neighbourhood medical change of branch strictly in order of their inter-se merit, facilities is available in the website - http:// subject to fulfillment of both the constraints given in (i) noticeboard.iitkgp.ernet.in/hospi.html and (ii) below. Financial Assistance/Scholarships (i) The actual number of students in the third (autumn) semester in the branch to which the transfer is to be The Institute also offers a very large number of scholarships, made, should not exceed 110% of the number of medals and prizes which is made possible by the munificence students on roll in that branch in the previous of its well-wishers, providing due recognition and reward for semester. merit. (ii) A maximum of 10% students registered in a branch The Institute award merit-cum-means scholarship to all eligible can go out from that branch due to branch change. students of 4-year B. tech, 5-year Dual Degree, 5-year B. Arch., 5-year M.Sc. courses subject to a maximum number of 25% (c) The applicants registered for a Dual Degree Programme of the total number of students of that sessions. Apart from will be considered for change of branch to another Dual this various endowment scholarships are also available. Degree Programme only, for which the above norms will be applicable. The sponsored research and consultancy projects generate significant amount of fund and provide generous support for All changes of branch made in accordance with the above undergraduate students doing good projects. rules will be effective from third (autumn) semester. 14