NMDL Final Presentation: Crystal Light


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Rachael Chavez's Final Presentation for the Michigan State New Media Driver's License course.

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NMDL Final Presentation: Crystal Light

  1. 1. New Media Drivers License: Final PresentationBy Rachael Chavez
  2. 2. Brand Background• Launched in 1982• Parent company: Kraft Foods Inc.• Product: low-calorie powdered beverage mix• 7 product lines; 40 unique flavors• Sold in the U.S. and Canada
  3. 3. Current Challenges & OpportunitiesThreats Opportunities• Many other substitutes; • Increasing growth in refreshment beverage refreshment beverage market is large and market competitive • Use of social and digital media marketing • Innovation and new uses for product
  4. 4. Digital Media Strategy Proposal Kraft’s Mission Goals & Objectives Statement • Increase profits for “To meet consumer needs Crystal Light and Kraft and to make food an Foods Inc. by 3% in one easier, healthier, more year enjoyable part of life.” • Become the No. 1 Values preferred beverage mixer 1. Innovation for 50 percent of women 2. Quality between the ages of 21 3. Safety and 35. 4. Respect • Develop a full digital 5. Integrity media strategy to promote Crystal Light 6. Openness Mocktails, targeted
  5. 5. 1. Foundation of Social Media Efforts: Blogging• Content written by Social Media and Communications departments at Kraft• Create engaging content – Drink recipes (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) – Food recipes using other Kraft products – Easy and effective exercises – Healthy living content
  6. 6. 2. Social Media Platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest Twitter Facebook • Promote using hashtags: • Promote new blog posts #CLMocktails, • Offer freebies and #CrystalLight coupons • Interact with followers • Utilize Timeline feature by • Prizes for retweets, new adding a fun, visually followers appealing cover photo Google+ Pinterest •Promote new blog posts •Pin photos of: •Schedule hangouts with •Mocktail products female celebrities endorsing •Female celebrities Mocktail drinks endorsing Mocktails •Schedule hangouts with •Drink recipes with link to female fitness trainers to blog
  7. 7. 3. Internet Marketing: Google AdWords• Increase CTR and PPC• Sample ad copy for search words: “low- calorie alcoholic drink” Low Calorie Cocktails Crystal Light Mocktails = 5 calories Available in three tasty flavors http://www.kraftbrands.com/crystallight/Pages/defaul t.aspx#/mocktails
  8. 8. 4. Mobile Marketing: Mobile Game App• Integrate current marketing efforts into a mobile app• Current strategy: „Mocktails‟ game• Objective: correctly answer questions about Mocktail flavors to win coupons• App will be free and available for Android, iPhone and iPad
  9. 9. Metrics for Evaluation • Track Insights on Facebook • Use Google Analytics to track visits to blog and company site • Record increases in Facebook fans and Twitter followers each month and chart growth
  10. 10. Budget & TimelineProject Budget Campaign Schedule• Total Alloted: $30,000 • Launch nationwide in May – Google AdWords: $5,000 2012 – Mobile App: $15,000 • Heavy promotional efforts – Coupons: $2,000 during summer months – Labor: $8,000 • Less promotional efforts (salary increases for staff toward colder weather developing social media content) climates during winter months