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role of media in current scenario


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role of media in current scenario

  1. 1. Presented by:- Sunny Kumar Avinash Kumar Kachhap MBA 2013-2015 APG SHIMLA UNIVERSITY
  2. 2. The word “media” is the plural of medium. In the world of today, media as necessary as food and clothing. Media is considered as "mirror" of the modern society.
  3. 3. 1. Information 2. Education 3. Entertainment 4. Advertising 5. Correlation of parts of society
  4. 4. Print Media: 1)Newspaper 2)Magazine  Audio Media: 1)Radio  Audio-Video Media: 1)Television 2)Internet
  5. 5. reporting the news; common carrier; setting the agenda; acting as the public representatives; socializing people;
  6. 6. Our knowledge. Our behavior. Our attitude. Our emotions. Our political views.
  7. 7.  common man gets latest news within fraction of seconds.  helps to exchange information.  helps to bring out hidden talents of people.  the games increase logical thinking, grasping power.  let public to take part in social events.
  8. 8. some bogus news in newspaper may raise blood pressure and create negative feelings. over exposer to media may cause health problems too. easy availability of adult content on internet. high dependence of children on Google, Wikipedia.
  9. 9. POSITIVE IMPACT :- Global village Easy trade Keep us updated Provide information Mirror of society  News for sale  Cyber crimes  False Advertisements  Etc NAGATIVE IMPACT :-
  10. 10. -it will be here, irrespective of our choice. -so let us try to have a media, which is- positive in approach. provide real information. and help in nation building.
  11. 11. We should seriously think about the revolutionary changes in the media and work for the improvement and better future of this sector.
  12. 12. Thank You