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Are you paying_attention


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Assignment on Stanford Creativity Course

Published in: Education
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Are you paying_attention

  1. 1. Assignment on “Are You PayingAttention”
  2. 2. Money out of Chaos
  3. 3. This is a chaotic market in Jaipur Rajasthan India, One of the main place to find a cheap labor forday to day work.Around 5000 labor class people gather here to find a day work.Now how can one make money from such a without putting much brain, A place where people arethemselves looking for employment.??Rambabu Gupta who was also the daily wages worker started a cheap food shop for labors. Forjust Rs 10 ( 1/5th of a dollar) he started giving 4 Puri and Potato. It was nice for workers to eatthere and leave before work early in the morning.2500( approx)*10=25000 Indian rupee= 500 US dollar dailyNow he owns a house and a big shop with car. Business still continues. Chaotic labor market place Mr. Rambabu Gupta
  4. 4. Money out of Money
  5. 5. This is a story about Sheetal Desai again a housemaid who use to work at people’s home to earn theone day meal for her family.Due to this she was unable to give time to her family and soon she realized that this is a commonproblem for all the working ladies who are earning well and can’t compromise with their career.For her it was compulsion to work but for others around her it was not.So she thought of opening a creche for children who are needed to be looked upon.Finally she got a place with little savings she had and with the bank loan with a help from someoneshe knew.Right now in 2012 she has 250 kids spending morning to evening time in her creche.One can image the amount of money she is earning.Now she has a place of her own and a well paid staff of 100 women. Mrs Sheetal Desai in white
  6. 6. A white revolution
  7. 7. This is a story about a white revolution in India after Amul.A simple man with big heart and courage, A farmer with very few cattle and with no major productioncame up with an idea of combine production by gathering milk from all the neighbors and setting upan small industry for milk products in village itself.There was no transportation cost for small milk producers since the industry was in village itself.Slowly and slowly more people gathered and production started to grew.Right now they have a corporation of 12 villages with over 3 hundred thousand milk producersassociated with it as daily suppliers.Industry now is of Multi Millions with consumers all around the state and country Shri Dayaal Singh ( in orange turban) with Farmers of Punjab, India.
  8. 8. New Yorkers in Munich Marienplatz
  9. 9.  The music is too loud but suits the environment. The Staff is not at all helping in choosing you the stuff so I am confused most of the time. Clothes are not arranged from time to time, due to over crowd on weekends you literally have to pick from piles of clothes, it is not cool when you are looking for a nice piece of clothes for party. Store has a peculiar small and whenever I go there it’s the same. Light are ok but not according to the amount of stuff they put, texture can be visible in a better way with better lightening.
  10. 10. ALDIDepartmental Store
  11. 11.  Store is good with all the food stuff properly displayed. Awesome cleanliness even due to thousands of buyers every day. Prices are taken care well as per the competition and demand Staff is friendly and helping. Good food variety with lots of options Restricted to few brands. Spacious. Only typical food is available need to be International in approach. No smell of food or any items.
  12. 12. Starbucks Marienplatz, Munich
  13. 13. Awesome variety and taste.Free internetLight music audible but not at all loud.Good place to sit and talk and discussAmbience is awesomeStaff is very patient, helping and co-operative.Large variety from hot to coldSmall sections with free book to read there.Need little more space to accommodate more people.Good light and smell.