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This presentation provides information about the M.Sc. degree in IT and Business (officially called ICT and Business) at Leiden university in the Netherlands. It is fully English spoken and allows students with a B.Sc. degree.

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Info IT and Business M.Sc. degree Leiden university Netherlands

  1. 1. B u s I n e s s Dr. Michel R.V. ChaudronI n Program Director ICT in Business M.Sc. programI C Ti n information session Nov 2011M. S c.
  2. 2. ICT Means Business… Economies of Speed and Scale  ICT is enabling exchange of information at unprecedented scale and speedB u s I n e s s  Ubiquitous availability of information is breaking down boundaries – within company: globalization – between companies: supply chain management,I n partneringI C T  ICT is the biggest factor in industrial and businessi n innovationM. S c.
  3. 3. M.Sc. In ICT in BusinessB u s I n e s s Important themes: - How can we use IT to improve business performance? - Managing of IT projects and IT departments - Innovation and entrepreneurshipI nI C T The ICT in Business program equips people with a technical background with business skills.i nM. S c.
  4. 4.  The program combines all topics of a MBA managementB u s I n e s s degree with a high level IT degree  Keywords:  IT and Business (Bedrijfskunde en Informatica), IT manager, IT project manager, IT architect, BusinessI n Analyst, Chief Information Officer (CIO), IT ConsultantI C T  IT Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Business IT Alignment, IT Governance, Innovation,i n Change Management, SOA, Cloud, App’s, Social Networking, e-commerceM. S c.
  5. 5. Curriculum Year 1 (for 2011-2012) Sept - Oct Apr - May Feb - March Oct - NovB u s I n e s s Main themes: • IT System development & management • General BusinessI n • Entrepreneurship • ResearchI C T Throughout the yeari nM. S c. Business Topics: Corporate Strategy, Marketing & Communications, Accounting & Finance, Innovation, Decision Making & Organizing, Managing People, Project Management IT Topics: Software Engineering, Process Modeling, IT Strategy and Planning, IT Architectures
  6. 6. Curriculum Year 2 (for 2011-2012)B u s I n e s s 20XX •Exchange possibilities •In-company or International ProjectsI nI C Ti nM. S c.
  7. 7. M.Sc. In ICT in Business Business Challenge:B u s I n e s s  Cases-driven projects with industry  Learn how practice matches theory  Look what your future job looks like inside companies  Build contacts with industryI nI C Ti nM. S c.
  8. 8. Multicultural NatureB u s I n e s sI nI C Ti n Students and lecturers come from all continentsM. S c.
  9. 9. Some of our lecturers  Dr. Hans LeFever (Strategy, IT-Strategy)  Spent 22 years with Shell in a variety of planning and ITB u s I n e s s Management functions. Since 2003 he is an independent consultant serving Dutch (multinational) companies in the area of innovation and managing IT.  Professor Dr. Jose M. Faustino (Marketing & Communication)  is the Goodyear Professor of Business Management.I n His 20 years as professional manager & entrepreneur were inI C T the areas of marketing, operations and general management. Every year we have many guest lectures from top industry speakers:i n  IBM, Accenture, KPMG, Boston Consulting Group BCG, INGM. S c.
  10. 10. In-Company Thesis Projects • IT architecture design for Citi-bank SingaporeB u s I n e s s • IT Portfolio management at CapGemini • Increase business agility using IT • Introducing agile testing Measuring benefits of introducing new softwareI n • development processI C Ti nM. S c.
  11. 11. Employment Current job positions M.Sc. in ICT in Business graduates:B u s I n e s s  Deloitte, CapGemini, Sogeti, Accenture  ABN-AMRO, Atradius, Garanti  Nike, Océ, Shell, Reuters  United Nations  Shandong University (China)I n  McGill, UBC (Canada), LeidenI C T  Your own company: Caridion/GameBasics, Mobzilii nM. S c.
  12. 12. To get the most out of your study:  Initiative:  Be the change you want to see in the worldB u s I n e s s – Gandhi  Courage / Guts  No guts, no glory  Differentiate yourselfI n  Knowledgeable:I C T  Never stop learning  Speaking Is Silver, Listening Is Goldi n  Find out what your talents areM. S c.  Network matters
  13. 13. Interested? • Start 1st of September or 1st of FebruariB u s I n e s s • Entry requirement: B.Sc. in Computer Science or related field of study • More information: iib.liacs.nlI nI C Ti nM. S c.
  14. 14.  High success rate of students achieving graduationB u s I n e s s  100% employment rate after graduation  Small classes with intensive lecturer contacts  Historic University since 1574 Great standard of living and student lifeI n I C T  Central in Netherlands and Europe (via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport)i n  100% English spokenM. S c.
  15. 15. Latest information about the program andB u s I n e s s about enrollment is online at: nI C Ti nM. S c.
  16. 16. Collaboration with Erasmus University  Per 1 sept 2009: joint Bachelor degree Informatics and EconomicsB u s I n e s s – Informatics courses in Leiden – Economics courses in Rotterdam  M.Sc. ICT in Business gives entry to the ‘fast track’ of the M.Sc. at Rotterdam University.I nI C Ti nM. S c.