social media implementation


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social media implementation

  2. 2. Control – low Mobile social media Advergaming Mobile applications LEVEL OF CONTROL Blog – response, Outreach Social Media releases Discussion Forums Online Video Community Participation Corporate Blogs Social Media Application Organic Search Social Media Search Website & Microsites Control – High Online Advertising Sponsored Search SEO Blog Monitoring Mobile Marketing ABILITY TO INFLUENCE DIGITAL GROWTH
  3. 3. There are over 400 million On YouTube alone, there are In 2009 Twitter had There are approximately 126 users on Facebook with over over 1 billion views per day. Reach 50% logging in at least once approximately 75 million There are 20 hours of video million blogs as tracked by active users . BlogPulse. per day. uploaded every minute. Microblogging Copy, visual and multimedia Type of Content Shared Rich, multi-media content 140 character text messages Video, message boards content Engaging, muti-faceted Conversations that are both Announce news, update Rich, intimate conversations, conversations rich with broad and narrow on every Conversation Types opportunity for interaction followers, provide short viewer interaction with possible topic – content can bursts of information message boards and ratings and content sharing live forever. Reach Fans views, followers Subscribers, views Views, searches Volume of content, retweets, Posts, likes, comments, Interactivity overall sentiment. responses, Recency of Comments, rankings Comments, sentiment updates, sentiment Impact Assess trends in reach, interactivity, searches for your brand and competitors and tone; correlate these trends against business metrics. SOCIAL NETWORKING ADVANTAGE
  4. 4. SEM, SEO SMM, SMO, UGC, Community, ORM Mashups 2.0 ECOSYSTEM 2.0 ECOSYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION SCOPE Advergaming Microsite, Vlogs & Podcasts Mobile Marketing
  5. 5. IMPLEMENTATION SCOPE Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile website is good. A very basic SEO is common As a practice we We can just not This is must for It is important to micro site for the and must for any don’t recommend workout SMM any venture as engage your engagement. website. aggressive PPC, proposition at any brand needs audience over but advocate social network online reputation mobile social social network sites but can also management. media. It is next ads on facebook. engage your big thing in audience over marketing and various other you should not inline activities. miss this out.
  6. 6. MICROSITE VISIBILITY, AWARENESS The microsite execution needs to care of legal, corporate and Personal Restrictions. The execution need to take Motivation, strategies, involvement of Success of microsite care of client customer with client is marketing can never participation, editorial, the idea behind the happen overnight. It is branding and content microsite. a continuous process. creation considerations. Manage Work on plan Concept Create Foundation Set Expectations Execution Communication Incorporate Client Built initial engagement. The communication on Considerations while Observe the interest and the digital channel is working on the plan. manage microsite viral . calculated and engaging.
  7. 7. Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) VISIBILITY, AWARENESS & LEAD GENERATION Understanding SEO Relevant Traffic Understanding Market Measurability • All our SEO resources are • Its not about rankings, its • Conduct “Marketing driven • Build End-to-end measurability seasoned SEO professionals. about relevant traffic and SEO promotions” rather than for successful implementation conversions. “optimization driven SEO and ROI based decision promotions”. making. We ensure our customers are able to best leverage the search engines
  8. 8. Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile PAY-PER-CLICK ADVERTISEMENTS (PPC) LEAD GENERATION Google Adwords Landing page experts PPC Optimization Measurability • All our PPC resources are • Our experts ensure your ad- • Use Google adwords and • Build End-to-end measurability Google Adwords certified. copy as well as landing pages multiple other PPC alternatives for successful implementation are best suited for causing (MSN, Yahoo, Miva, Baidu, and ROI based decision conversions niche search portals, Ad- making. Networks) for best ROI. We ensure our customers get the best traffic at the lowest per-click costs to meet their growth objectives
  9. 9. Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SMM) INTERACTIVITY, ENGAGEMENT & BRAND PROMOTION Communication Define message Blogging is must Build brands Measure SMM • Define the “right • Develop virality in the • Develop corporate blog, • Build & leverage a • Build End-to-end customer message and Promote build communities and corporate brand, as well measurability for communication” message in the social leverage existing as brand for key successful media world forums, blogs individuals in the implementation and company ROI based decision making. We help our customers reach their targets and build branding
  10. 10. Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile ONLINE REPUTATION ENGAGEMENT & BRAND BUILDING Engagement Set record straight Integrate ORM Content seeding Monitor discussions • Be as authentic as •Accept the negative •If you like us, tell others. •Community backfire can • Promote providing possible feedback and consider it If you don’t, tell us be very strong negative feedback to you •Engage with potential as opportunity to •Integrate ORM as part of •Ensure you only use only and existing customers improve your product or customer service experts for content •Ensure people don’t talk service seeding negative in other forums. •Your opportunity to set record straight
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA CHECK-UP Infrastructure Social Media Profile Competitive set • Are your staff social media • Are you taking advantage of • Have you protected profile • What is the competation’s savvy ? social media opportunities? pages of organization? social media policy? • Are social media guidelines • Are you taking advantage of • Are profiles being used • How are your competitors ready niche social opportunities? appropriately? doing across social media • Are social media guidelines • Are you contributing • Do your social media policy properties? appropriate? proactively and reactively? your brand compliant? • What is the opportunity for • Are social media monitoring • Are you using social media to • Are employees participating in you to lead ? systems in place? improve search engine results? accordance with policies? • Are you measuring the impact of your social media?
  12. 12. TOTAL SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE Resource Resource Resource Resource Resource Resource Bogs & CGM Social Network Community Social Media Listening & App Management Management Advertising Responding Development
  13. 13. Thanks ! Braj Mohan Chaturvedi +91 9958166889