Online Marketing Proposal For Travel Industry


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Online Marketing Proposal For Travel Industry

  1. 1. ONLINE MARKETING PROPOSAL Presented By: Braj Mohan Chaturvedi +91 9958166889
  2. 2. OUR VISION Vision Acquisition and loyalty of profitable customers Customer Centric Digital Marketing Program SEO & SEM Direct Marketing Rich Media Search Engine Social Media EDMS, SMS Viral Blogging Virtual ORM Chat Marketing Marketing Campaign Marketing Services Seminars
  4. 4. “Develop capability for people to contact you online.” - Actual sale may not be online. Sales, Increasing Maturity of Online Marketing Leads “Build Trust & Credibility with potential customer” - Online Reputation Management Brand Promotion “Generate awareness of your products or services” - Make yourself omnipresent online. Awareness Through Videos, presentations, blogs, photos, articles, etc. “Provide information to engage people Interactivity, ongoingly” Engagement “You are there only if they can find you” Generate visibility with the relevant Visibility (Online promotion) community. Anyone looking for similar services should be able to find it
  5. 5. Engage customers • Engage, interact, and Blogs and Forums promote with help of Awards, Polls, Contests • Interact with audience on relevant blogs, • Incentivizes the forums, and customer to promote Paid Ads communities and publicize • Accomplish short-term • SELL THE CONCEPT lead generation 1 Engaged Customer objectives via paid ads. 1 ORM Paid Ads at Content Sites, Forum 3 Personal Networks Banner Social Networking Ads Sites 2 Engaged Prospect communities 2 Paid Ads at SNS • Build communities on SEO Facebook, Orkut and other community Reach TG platforms. • Review sites • Inside peeks, stories, • Local city sites gossips, etc • Engage, interact, and promote with help of Community Optimizaion Awards, Polls, Contests • Reach out to people via SEO and SMO • Spreading content where it reaches the TG for them to engage with it.
  6. 6. WHAT CAN YOU ACHIEVE Community Online Presence - Online Reputation platform - Ongoing Reach & Brand Brand Building Lead Generation Sales Management engagement Promotion
  8. 8. 38 percent of consumers make their decision online, but purchase offline** Everyone loves to travel. 80 percent of the vacation is based on the referral.
  9. 9. 86% of all travel and vacation research now done online consumers are spending nearly twice as much time online than they did only four years ago mostly exchanging credible information
  10. 10. Forecast to grow at 17 percent per year over the next 3 years* Worldwide online travel sales is valued at $147 billion in 2007*
  11. 11. almost 86 percent of travel sales will either be HOSPITALITY 2.0 ECOSYSTEM made online, or strongly influenced by online Tagging Vertical Search User- Generated Content Hospitality 2.0 Slideshare Vlogs & Podcasts Mapping & Mashups
  12. 12. Creating Content Embedding Into User Participation Open Architectures (an indicative list) Applications Blogs Tagging RSS Mashups Wikis Discussion Boards APIs Social Networks Online Videos Forums Podcasts Blog Photos Applications Prominent social networking sites for content proliferation:
  13. 13. 2 1 Madhu sees the video and Mona travels to goa and pictures while planning a trip uploads a video and pictures to goa. It helped her decide on the social network. where to stay in goa. 3 Neeraj likes the video a lot and puts it on his blog. It is seen by his 500 daily readers.
  15. 15. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile
  16. 16. IMPLEMENTATION PHASES PHASE 0 [NOW TO PRELAUNCH] PHASE I [PRELAUNCH] PHASE II [POSTLAUNCH] • Sell the concept • Continue campaigns from previous • Focus on generating engagement • Build presence across the internet phase • Talk about the success of the client • Capture audiences at related • Extensive banner campaign • Capture and promote content forums • Insider stories and progress
  17. 17. MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING SEO SMM PPC • SEO implementation progress • Social Media Reports based on channels • PPC implementation progress • Organic rankings on major search engines selected • Total Clicks and Spending – CPC (Cost Per • Website traffic and Conversion report • Accomplishments of the month Click) and CTR (Click Through Rate) • Accomplishments of the month • Next month plan • Conversion Metrics - Total No of • Next month plan • Other specifics measurability parameters Conversions; Conversion percentage - Cost identified during measurability Per Conversion • Other specifics measurability parameters identified during measurability implementation. • Accomplishments of the month implementation. • Website traffic and Conversion report • Other specifics measurability parameters identified during measurability implementation. Measure Lead Generation and Sales+ Brand Promotion + Engagement + Brand Recall + Increased probability of Sales
  18. 18. RESPONSIBILITIES Client We • Business knowledge transfer • Overall online marketing roadmap • Content & creative creation (Raw content including Videos) • Support conceptualization of new campaigns and applications • Support conceptualization for new campaigns • Social media marketing execution • Define messaging and product positioning • Online reputation management • Community participation support / Domain expertise (Engage with • Lead Community Participation community) • Search Engine Optimization • Promotion (leveraging other channels including offline) • Paid Ads • Feedback & reviews • Online PRs & social bookmarking • Measurability, analysis & recommendations Measure [Results | Rankings | Traffic | Members | Engagements | Feedbacks | Tonality | Queries | Customers]
  19. 19. KEY IS NOT TO JUST REACH OUT TO PEOPLE, BUT TO KEEP THEM ENGAGED. Thank You! Braj Mohan Chaturvedi +91 9958166889