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Content Marketing - adverteaze


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Content Marketing - adverteaze

  1. 1. Content Marketing is the only marketing left - Seth Godin
  2. 2. Journalism + Marketing = Content Marketing
  3. 3. How to Engage Customers ?
  4. 4. 11 Steps to Content Marketing1. What is your marketing goal2. Define your audience and identify where are they?3. Choose the content tactics4. Develop a Strategy5. Create great content6. Distribute your content7. Optimize your content8. Promote your content9. Develop the content calendar10. Execute the campaign11. Measure, review, reengineer, and repeat
  5. 5. Content Plan: 1-7-30-4-2-11 - Daily Twitter, Blog, Facebook,7 - Weekly e-Newsletter, Blog, Articles30 - Monthly Webinar, Road Shows, Chat Event4 - Quarterly eBook, Magazine, Whitepaper,2 - Bi-Annually user event, Seminars1 - Yearly Research Project
  6. 6. Connecting with Customers
  7. 7. A. Long Format Content1. White Papers2. Books3. eBooks4. Print Migazine5. Custom print Magazine6. Digital Magazine7. Audio Book8. Research Projects
  8. 8. B. Short Format Content1. Case Study2. Article3. Comic Books4. Testimonials5. Industry Ranking Systems
  9. 9. C. Periodicals Format Content1. Newsletter2. e-Newsletters3. Blog4. Podcast5. Video Blog6. e-Learning Series7. Online surveys
  10. 10. D. Community Engagement1. Community Site – Customer Focused2. Community Site – Brand Focused3. Community Site – Company Focused4. Custom Social Network5. Virtual Trade Shows6. Online Quizzes7. Discussion Forum
  11. 11. E. Social Network Content1. Wiki2. Content Platform3. Facebook Movement4. Photo Sharing5. Video Sharing6. Presentations Sharing7. Micro-blogging
  12. 12. F. Content Sharing1. Social Bookmarking2. Online News Release3. Online Publishing Center4. Webinar and Webcast5. Online Publishing Center6. Road Shows7. Executive Roundtable8. Teleseminar9. Virtual Chat Shows
  13. 13. G. Brand Engagement1. Branded Content tools2. Facebook Applications3. Mobile Applications4. Online Games5. Widget6. iPad Applications
  14. 14. Who’s going to do all this work?
  15. 15. Contact adverteaze Braj Mohan Chaturvedi I +91 9502421919 I