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talks about building Brand Narendra Modi

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Brand Narendra Modi

  1. 1. Brand Narendra Modi
  2. 2. Challenges of Building Brand Narendra Modi the three-time Gujarat chief minister was a regional brand trying to go national. 63-year-old was seeking to connect with the youth considering that this year's election had almost 150 million first-time voters. Hindi and Gujarati speaking regional politician trying also to connect with the urban, middle-class audience that is becoming more politically conscious the taint of the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat and image of Hindu hardliner. Modi has been seen as Gujarat’s Brand Ambassador. People share their experiences and stories that promote Gujarat as a brand. He took right steps to brand himself outside Gujarat even before he decided to move beyond the state but the journey of branding Modi was not easy.
  3. 3. Aims of Narendra Modi Media Campaign Recognition of Narendra Modi as a brand not only for state audience but also for national audience. Controlling and managing strongly how he is projected. Work on projecting him as face of development & growth. and working towards developing a secular image. The development campaigns aims to cross market his achievements on a state and national level. Design unique campaigns with focus on state as well national elections. Work effectively to counter opposition’s ad campaigns in a coordinated manner. Indian politicians have usually been arrogant about marketing themselves. They have also been difficult products to be branded. In the recent elections many successful chief ministers like Nitish Kumar and J. Jayalalithaa did not venture out of their home states to brand themselves, Modi did,and he ventured out with aggression. He made his aggression seem decisive and hence desirable.
  4. 4. Building Brand : Narendra Modi Narendra Modi’s brand building revolves around development. He is known as the man of development. Narendra Modi has designed and promoted various campaigns in this aspect and has propagated them on social media platform to entice the youth. The objective of Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013 summit was to make Gujarat a Global Business Hub Be Gujarat’s Brand Ambassador Gujarat Tourism Narendra Modi's high profile Vibrant Gujarat campaign has made him a brand for rapid development and prosperity. BJP ran a 360 degree, full-fledged campaign that included mass media such as print, television, radio and outdoor, new media such as online and social media, and events and on-ground activities, traditionally categorized as below-the-line. These included rallies and other appearances, consumer touch points at tea stalls and much else. This helped Modi's transformation from a regional, right-wing politician to a decisive leader with a clear development agenda, the one best suited to take India forward is an extraordinary work of branding.
  5. 5. Social Media Presence of Narendra Modi Among major political parties in India, BJP has the biggest charisma in social media. They started using the social media even before 2009 general election, which they eventually lost. Many senior BJP leaders like Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Narendra Modi etc., are on social networking sites. For I want Narendra Modi as Next PM of India Narendra Modi for PM Narendra Modi Fan Club Narendra Modi for PM 2014 Against I Hate Narendra Modi Narendra Modi: The Biggest Terrorist of India Criticism of Narendra Modi
  6. 6. Team Behind Building Brand Narendra Modi Senior BJP leaders Piyush Goyal and Ajay Singh handled the overall media strategy, and a task force was constituted to handle Modi's campaign in Varanasi. Prasoon Joshi, lyricist and president, South Asia, at advertising agency McCann, who wrote the BJP anthem Advertising agency Soho Square, part of the WPP Group, handled television, radio and print campaigns with catchy slogans such as "Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar". BJP roped in Sushil Goswami, national creative director of Delhi- based ad agency Ghaphisads, and owner of Kaknoos to launch another set of radio ads - Modiji Aa Rahein Hain Modi hired a team of experts to create one of the most successful media, marketing and branding campaigns in India’s electoral history. Advertising legends such as Ogilvy & Mather's Piyush Pandey, McCann Worldgroup's Prasoon Joshi and Sam Balsara of Madison World lent their branding skills at various levels of campaign.
  7. 7. Results of Marketing Strategy of Brand Narendra Modi His strong presence and inability of his political competitors to be present in a similar way on social media platform, shows the success story of the Narendra Modi campaign. Keyword associated most with Narendra Modi is Development which fits in the strategy campaign thus signalling the success of the campaign. The use of Narendra Modi brand by his party BJP to score brownie points on a national level showcasing him and the talent in the party, the aims of the campaign to cross market the brand and associate this with the party seem to get fulfilled. Although being purely a state leader, his immense popularity on a national level can be pretty much attributed to his digital marekting campaign. Modi’s success of 2014 elections is based on three simple proposition: to turn people’s attention away from his early political history to the more recent economic transformation of the state of Gujarat, to position him as the face of economic growth. The shift in campaign strategy gave him the opportunity to build on the development-man image and help fade his strong Hindutva image.
  8. 8. Learning from Brand Narendra Modi Thinker, Desire, Stability, Hardwork = success Risk Taker, Never looking back, not apologetic, self-made, strong, efficient, and inspiring individual. Transforming obstacles into opportunity. Sheer commitment in whatever he does Successfully created an impression of being a sincere, credible and committed leader. Master strategist, Long Term Planning & Clear Focus Commitment towards development of welfare society Modi’s transition from a politician to a brand has been carefully charted out. The branding team effectively worked on transforming the brand image from a strong Hindu nationalist to India’s most popular prime ministerial candidate. However, Modi did not discard his Hindu hardliner image completely. He wore his saffron colours with pride but did not let it rule his conversation.
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