Chatterspot RQ4 Integration


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Learn about Chatterspot's RQ4 integration. For more information contact

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Chatterspot RQ4 Integration

  1. 1. 1) Chatterspot icon displays a text pop up reminding your sales teams to register your customers 2) When icon is selected your custom customer profile will appear. Known data will auto populate from customer information screen. 3) Once the customer is enrolled, the Chatterspot icon will update to indicate membership status. Your customers will receive an instant text enrollment confirmation and will be eligible for member-only coupons. They will now also be in the loop to automatically receive targeted SMS and email communications from your company.
  2. 2. 4) You have the ability to enroll customers through the customer information screen when not conducting a transaction. You can also enable the ability for select employee permission levels to opt-out customers if you choose.
  3. 3. Benefits of SMS Marketing • Average open rate for SMS marketing is over 95% • SMS is on the rise among adults under 34 while email use is declining • 50% of survey respondents between 18 & 34 state they would give their mobile number to a business in order to receive coupons or vouchers • Mobile coupons have 10x greater redemption rate than print coupons • Low 1-2% opt-out rate • High response rates- 3x higher than direct mail and email • Immediacy: SMS messaging allows you to respond instantly communicate in this fast paced industry • SMS messages are simple to compose- no graphic designers, web designers, actors, or narrators needed • Increase interaction by receiving instant feedback from your audience • Ability to link to additional content or forward to a friend • 100% of your customers own a mobile phone Benefits of Email Marketing • Email is the preferred channel for promotions among adults over 35 • 50% of commercial emails are now viewed on mobile devices, making your customers more accessible • Minimally intrusive • Easy to save messages for future reference • Ability to include multiple pictures and full content in a single email • Ability to link to additional content or forward to a friend • Extremely economical As a wireless retailer, you empower customers to use their mobile devices to connect with the world around them. But how often are you connecting with customers on these same mobile devices? Chatterspot’s digital marketing solutions enable you to use the products and services you sell to promote products and services you sell. DIGITAL MARKETING Together, SMS and Email marketing can provide a multi-channel approach to instantly reach your entire audience whether they are at home or on the go. Contact or call 888.702.8350 to learn more. Chatterspot’s Digital Marketing Features Automated Messaging Text & Email Templates SMS Surveys SMS Auto Responders Trackable Serialized Coupon Codes Variable Data Tags Email Analytics Referral Generator Dedicated Performance Manager Q: Do customers want to receive text messages from my company? A: YES! • Chatterspot provides you with all of the tools and training necessary for effective, respectful and responsible SMS marketing your customers will value. • Studies show consumers are more receptive to SMS offers and promotions regarding their wireless carrier or device • Our SMS marketing solutions are 100% permission based with easy opt-in and opt-out Sources: Frost & Sullivan, eMarketer, Mobile Marketing Association, New York Times, Knotice, ExactTarget
  4. 4. Sources: Loyalty360, Xerox, Harris Interactive, Cone Cause Evolutions Study In today’s marketplace, sending a message to the masses is simpler than ever, but getting noticed has become increasingly difficult. Chatterspot’s targeted marketing solutions give you the effectiveness of 1:1 marketing without the hassle. TARGETED MARKETING Cut through the clutter with customized marketing campaigns catered to each individual customer. • Utilize a custom web enrollment form or RQ4 registration form to compile transactional, lifestyle or demographic information into your data set • Leverage the information you collect to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. • Personalize your messages by using variable data to reference the customer’s name, device, preferred location and even Sales Representative. Did you know? The average American is blasted with 3,000marketing messages every day They will only notice 52messages and only remember 4 Give Your Customers What They Want “I want to feel valued by your company” Customers expect your company to go out of its way to support their needs and want to feel like your company values their business. “I want your company to be relevant to me” When messages, offers and promotions are tailored to each individual’s unique needs, customers feel like your company understands them. “I want personalized communications” Stop turning your customers into strangers! Act on your customer relationships by personalizing your messages and sending content catered to their needs and interests. When your marketing begins to see the audience as individuals, individuals begin to see your marketing. Contact or call 888.702.8350 today to learn more.
  5. 5. Be There Every Step of the Way With Chatterspot’s lifecycle Automated Marketing Solutions. Customer Follow Up Phone Protection Renewal Notice Plan Analysis Upgrade Notification Recommended Apps Birthday Greeting Device Tips & Tricks Recommended Accessories Phone Trade In Information If you forget about your customers, your customers will forget about you. Marketing Automation Data driven messaging drips ensure consistent communication with your customers and help your company maintain top-of-mind awareness. Manual list management becomes obsolete, increasing your marketing capacity and efficiency. With automated lifecycle marketing, you can be confident your customer touch points will be executed upon. If only managing people was as easy as managing your automated marketing! Automated messaging increases relevancy and maximizes your marketing budgets by ensuring your desired audience receives the right message at the right time according to their wireless lifecycle. Automated campaigns don’t need to sound robotic, your campaigns can be highly targeted and personalized! When marketing to your customers, timing is critical. Contact or call 888.702.8350 to learn more about automated lifecycle marketing solutions.
  6. 6. RATE GUIDE Monthly Location Rate Automated Lifecycle Touchpoints sample Message Text Email Enrollment Confirmation Welcome Message/Referral Follow Up/ Survey Phone Insurance Remarketing Device Tips and Apps Pt. 1 Accessory Offer Home Phone Device Tips & Apps Pt. 2 Accessory Offer 2 Device Tips & Apps Pt. 3 Birthday Coupon Social Media Contest Internet Solutions 1 Yr Anniversary Offer Plan Analysis Add-A-Line Upgrade Preparation Upgrade Notification Phone Trade Reminder Monthly Rate Includes: • Up to 20 Automated Lifecycle Touchpoints Keep in touch with 10 SMS & 10 email campaigns • Customer Profiling Customer contact info, device type info, needs and interests • Targeted Marketing Filter campaigns based on customer profile • Serialized Coupon Codes Track your marketing efforts! • Reporting & Analytics Enrollment by rep/store, campaign activity, email analytics • Dedicated Performance Manager Wireless experts dedicated to your success! All-Systems-Go Setup Includes: • Enterprise Dashboard Setup Add all stores, addresses, phone #’s, sales reps etc. • Custom Enrollment Form Create custom member enrollment form to maximize opportunities • Email and Text Templates Welcome message, follow up, device tips, recommended apps, accessory promotions, upgrade notifications etc. • Existing Email Migration Upload existing emails to dashboard for on-demand campaigns • Existing Customer Upgrade Notification Automation Upload existing customer mobile # & activation date to automate upgrade notifications. Standard messaging rates apply • Training Dashboard, best practices, marketing, & sales staff training 1-3..............................................$89 4-10............................................$79 11-40..........................................$69 41-80..........................................$59 81+.............................................$49 Additional automated or on-demand text messages = $.03-$.05 each Additional automated or on-demand emails = $10/10,000 June 2013 ) =-#("'#1_ ) ) ) =-#("'#1_ ) ) ) =-#("'#1_ ) ) | 888.702.8350 partners 1X All-Systems-Go Setup of $1500