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Screenplay       ByCharlie Hathaway        Charlie Hathaway        07874844889        20036163        Chelmsford College, ...
EXT. WOODLAND - EVENINGFour teenagers have been enjoying an evening out, they havebeen drinking and are now on their way h...
CONTINUED:                                               2.                        FELIX             Ooh be careful please...
CONTINUED:                                                3.                        JASON             What the fuck was th...
CONTINUED:                                               4.                       JASON                  (breathlessly)   ...
CONTINUED:                                             5.Matthew shoots a fierce look at Felix, they look eye to eyethen F...
6.INT. POLICE CELL - DAYThe teenagers have been taken into the police station, havebeen put in cells and are now being int...
CONTINUED:                                                7.                       FELIX                  (clutching her m...
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Film script


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This is my film script for a short film that I am making for A2 Media Studies.

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Film script

  1. 1. Screenplay ByCharlie Hathaway Charlie Hathaway 07874844889 20036163 Chelmsford College, Moulsham Street Chelmsford
  2. 2. EXT. WOODLAND - EVENINGFour teenagers have been enjoying an evening out, they havebeen drinking and are now on their way home when they comeacross a group of teenagers who are attacking a young girl. JASON (laughs) Guys, did you here about that gang at school that got caught dealing drugs outside the station? Dodgy lot they are! FELIX Oh my god that’s really bad, they are horrible people, I really don’t like them. I don’t know how they are still at school. MATTHEW (shrugs) Oh well. HEIDI You know what when I was down the station the other day I saw Maisie, remind me to ring her later on. FELIX Yer ok. JASON Whats everyone doing tomorrow, I was thinking about going out, doing something fun, what do’ya fancy? HEIDI (pushes Jason) With such a hangover, you’re never gonna be getting out of bed until like 2 and whats open on a Sunday after 4ish when you finally get your arse out of bed and get tarted up! (Jason dashes towards Heidi and she shrieks and runs) MATTHEW Ahhh, I really need a slash keep walking n I’ll catch you up (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. FELIX Ooh be careful please JASON Felix your such a scaredy cat lighten up and get some of this down ya.Jason passes Felix a bottle of alcohol Whats gunna happen? Matts gets eaten by a ghost? (laughs)Camera view of Matthew, who has walked into the distance,puts up his hood and brings his phone to his ear. Hearmuffled shouting. HEIDI (makes ghost noises and dances around Felix) You say that (Evil laugh) There was a man who killed on the train tracks just over there and his ghost haunts this lot of woods, likes sneaking up and eating teenagers! (makes more ghost noises) FELIX Oh Heidi, shut up! JASON And there was a ghost who lived under an oak tree and galloped around on his horse each night, used to be a knight and spears anyone in his path!Felix finally accepts the alcohol About time you got some of that down your neck! Steady on girl, just a sniff of that and you’ll be pissed! FELIX (giggles and stumbling about) I don’t know what you mean! HEIDI Oh Felix, you do make me giggle! Loud shouts and screams come from the woods (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. JASON What the fuck was that!?Teenagers look around and run to bushesCAMERA VIEW INTO THE BUSHES OF THE CRIME SCENE. WE SEEHOODED CHARACTERS WITH WEAPONS.Felix goes to investigate and help the person being attackedbut is grabbed by Jason who tells her to stay back and thatshe’d get hurt JASON (whispers) Felix, what the fuck are you doing, they’ve got knives and axes you’re gunna fucking killed if you go any furtherJason and Heidi turn to run and Felix remains staring intothe bushes. She moves forwards as if she is going to enterthe bushes. Heidi runs back and grabs her violently on theshoulder and drags her backwards. HEIDI Come on Fee, we’ve got to get out of here, you heard what J said! FELIX (stammers) Bu.. bu.. But what abo.. about that girl?Jason and Heidi grab hold of Felix and run off into thedistance. Heidi keeps looking behind her.CAMERA VIEW LOOKING BACK TOWARDS THE CRIME SCENEAfter running for a short while they hear movement in thewoodland and bushes around them and Felix escapes Jason andHeidi’s grip, stops and looks around. JASON (shouting) For fuck sakes Fee! We need to get out of here alive!The three characters stop and look around and Jason andHeidi go to grab Felix again when Matthew appears out of thebushes looking a bit flustered. (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. JASON (breathlessly) Fucking hell mate, we need to get out of here. HEIDI We’ll explain later. Now Fee move!All four teenagers run off and head towards home. We hear amuffled noise of the teenagers explaining what they’d seento Matthew.SCREEN GOES BLACKINT. HOUSE - NIGHTThe teenagers have returned to house and have explained toMatthew on the way home about what they saw. They are nowhuddles round in a circle and Matthew is demanding that theysay nothing and forget that they’d ever seen the attack.Felix is adamant that they should go to the police. FELIX (whimpering) But what about that girl! MATTHEW (Getting irate) Just forget you ever saw anything. Shut your mouth and just forget. Forget alright!Jason and Heidi exchange concerned glances. JASON What if it was that gang from school? You’d never wanna let them find out it was one of us that had told. HEIDI Hmmm... I’m sure that it was them. Oooh god, what should we do! FELIX (concerned, beginning to cry) We need to go to the police! That girl! (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5.Matthew shoots a fierce look at Felix, they look eye to eyethen Felix spots some blood on Matthews hand, he looks downand then moves his hand out of view. FELIX What has gotten into you!INT. HOUSE - DAYA NEWSPAPER ARTICLE FLASHES ON THE SCREEN AND IS APPEALINGFOR ANY WITNESSES OR INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENTS OF THEPREVIOUS NIGHT. A RADIO/ NEWS CLIP IS PLAYING OVER THE TOPDOCUMENTING THE SAME INFORMATION.Matthew is on the phone in another room and is shouting, itbecomes apparent that he had some connection with theattack. Felix is wandering aimlessly around the room andlooks distressed. Matthew comes back in. FELIX Ooh, I cant stop thinking about what we saw. Honestly we need to go to the police. MATTHEW (Shouting) Felix! Just fuck off, I don’t need you crying in my ear all the fucking time!There is a loud bang at the door and its the police. Theystart shouting and demand to be let in because they know theteenagers are in the house. MATTHEW (Whispers sternly) Get down from the window. We are NOT here! FELIX But the police at the door we need to talk to them!SCREEN GOES BLACK
  7. 7. 6.INT. POLICE CELL - DAYThe teenagers have been taken into the police station, havebeen put in cells and are now being interviewed separately. MATTHEW (getting frustrated) How many times do I have to tell you i don’t have a clue what happened last night. HEIDI Ermm.. well we were out and JASON Well, we were walking home when we heard FELIX There was this girl screaming and I went closer HEIDI We got away as soon as we could MATTHEW I was not there and I DO NOT know what happened, alright!? FELIX (teary) I wanted to help but HEIDI There was these hooded people JASON They’d got knives and FELIX I got pulled back, away from her MATTHEW I don’t understand why you are asking me all of this. (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. FELIX (clutching her mouth) I feel sickINT. FELIX FOUND GUILTYPolice believe Felix to be guilty and put her in a cell, theother characters are free to go.FELIX IS SLIDING DOWN THE DOOR OF THE CELL AND SCREAMS THATSHE IS INNOCENT. FELIX (sobbing) It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it!NEWSPAPER CLIPPING "TEENAGER FOUND TO BE INNOCENT" VOICEOVER OF FELIX EXPLAINING TO POLICE ABOUT BLOOD OF MATTHEWSHAND AND HOW HE DISAPPEARED WHEN THEY STUMBLED ACROSS THECRIME SCENE.EXT. MATTHEW ARRIVES AT FELIX’S HOUSE - DAYMatthew has gone missing and there is a warrant for hisarrest.A "WANTED" POSTER/NEWSPAPER WITH MATTHEW’S FACE ON.Felix has been released from the police station and is athome relaxing. There is a bang at the door and Matthew isstanding there dressed all in black and is holding a gun.FELIX OPENS THE DOORTHE CAST LIST ROLLSAfter the cast list rolls, we hear Felix scream and a gunshot is heard. Faint police sirens are heard.