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Financial Services - Asset Management - Events Marketing Planning - June 2011


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how we can implement an integrated marketing strategy to match its portfolio offering to customer needs and trends, and how it can sustain its competitive position within its marketplace and sector.

I will also detail a marketing strategy for an event in North America and discuss how email marketing and branding can be cost-effective to promote this event

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Financial Services - Asset Management - Events Marketing Planning - June 2011

  1. 1. Marketing plan for theAsset Management Event portfolio 1. Integrated marketing strategy 2. Event marketing planning 3. Email and Social Media Promotion Presented by Samuel Chatelain S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  2. 2. Asset Management Events Portfolio1 - AN INTEGRATED MARKETINGSTRATEGY S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  3. 3. Integrated events strategy for successAchievable Event Objectives Realistic Event Cycles1. Ensure event Millstones sponsorships, attendance goals and repeat business Three by type of events2. Enhance customer experience, build Phases Small Large events events communities3. Demonstrate and showcase 1 - Planning and opportunities data cleansing 4 weeks 8 weeks4. Build brand equity and phase enhance marketing activities that already work 2 - Marketing and (upsell, referrals) 16 weeks 24 weeks selling phase5. Use social media, direct and digital marketing, lead 3 - Organisation generation and advertising and delivery 4 weeks6. Budget setting in July/August phase for the year ahead S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  4. 4. Five routes to strategic advantages Business/Product Offering Old/Existing – improve the way of strategic decision New/Creative – change the direction of strategic thinking Route 1 – Key Factor Success Route 4 – Aggressive initiativesCompete wisely allocate resources where they will be most effective in relation to KFS Direct competition with new business or new products Intensify functional Improve branding Encourage New tech, sector trends differentiation valued by users Increase share of Enhance roundtable Increase user loyalty competitor’s voice on social media Cost of remaining customers to switch format to digest differentiated and networks presentations Image issues brands (launch new events) Route 2 - Relative superiority Route 5 – Strategic degrees of freedomAvoid head-on competition Exploit competitors relative weakness using price or cost leadership Embrace innovations in products or markets where no competitors exists Price advantage, scaling Cost structure leadership Maximise user benefits Maximise customer Integrate MkIS Pricing decision flexibility Enhance exhibitor-to- satisfaction/intimacy Better price/value Reduce staff visitor ratio Close up to market communication in all turnover and cost of Launching new niche shift growth in distribution channels retaining talents events faster emerging markets (Dubai, Mumbai or Shanghai) Route 3 – Focus or Niche Development of unique product features (but imitation may come onto the market) Determine a specific competitive advantage that may be gained within a particular market segment Become more experienced than competitors using new techniques and marketing processes S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  5. 5. Budget target – numbers’ game based on contact database of 190,000 senior decision-makers Location Visitors Speakers Sponsors Exhibitors Supporters* Sub-Events(*) Supporters: Media, Knowledge & Length Month 5xLondon S, G, D, B totalMarketing Partners, Official Association, NYC, SGP 1,420 250 47 44 95 186Official PR Agency, Endorsement 12 days (> 2/3) (1:5) (1:30) (1:32) (1:14) (1:8)Visitor Ratios: e.g. 1:5  5 for 1 visitorLondon Event 1 London 2 days 130 25 3 6 9 18 Sept. (= 2/3) (1:5) (1:43) (1:22) (1:14) (1:7)European Event London 2 days 500 75 22 22 36 80 March (> 2/3) (1:6) (1:22) (1:22) (1:14) (1:6)North American Event New York 1 day 250 58 12 8 23 43 June (< 2/3) (1:4) (1:21) (1:31) (1:11) (1:6)Launch event in Asia Singapore 1 day 150 25 3 6 9 18 Oct. (> 2/3) (1:6) (1:52) (1:25) (1:17) (1:8)London event 2 London 2 days 150 21 3 7 17 27 Nov. (= 2/3) (1:7) (1:50) (1:21) (1:9) (1:6)London event 3 London 2 days 120 23 7 1 10 18 Nov. (= 2/3) (1:5) (1:17) (1:120) (1:12) (1:7)London event 4 London 2 days 120 23 3 6 9 18 May (< 2/3) (1:5) (1:40) (1:20) (1:13) (1:7) S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  6. 6. Remarkably healthy industry with ample capacity to tackle many of challenges ahead (Key management themes that separate winning asset managers from losers)Sales processes move to a more New approach to third-partyinstitutionalised and consultative distribution and joint productionwholesaling modes with co- through both the asset managers andmarketing alliances insurers platformsSeizing the retirement opportunity New product development is growingEmphasis on open-architecture in importance with serious pricingplatforms ramificationsUCITS IV: breaking down national UCITS IV: challenges with SRRI in allbarriers and promoting economies of asset classesscale AIFMD: 3rd countryIPO market growth restriction, depositary tariffs, onerousDriving scale to generate operating reportingleverage More extensive due diligence and sophisticated performance metrics OTC derivatives: unintended effects S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  7. 7. A wider range of players enters the industry to deliver on the changing needs of retail and institutional investors S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  8. 8. Distribution channels Make readily available all marketing deliverable and branded promotional sales tools for targeted audiencesOnline and offline channels Intermediaries distribution pipelinesImplement new marketing campaigns Develop and distribute timely, effective publicity, news and(PR, advertising, social media) and other multichannel feature articlespromotional activities (discounts & early birds)Brand Associations • Exploit Sponsorships Conference-intender and existing clientsSocial Media • Build communities Solutions Providers and IFCsAdvertising • Especially to trade publicationPromotions • Other ad hoc trade events Marketing Partners and SponsorsB2B Presentation • Sponsors and supporters Other major financial & AM eventsDirect Mail Program • Purchase of mailing listTrade-Out FS Associations, clubs and other bodies • Offer to bloggers/twittersJournalistic Reviews • Offer discounted visit Institutional, regulatory and supervisory bodiesViral Marketing • Interactive experience UK, US and Asian Financial journalists (PR)Press Kits • Prepare press releasesMarketing Materials • Conference deliverables Trade press and financial magazines (e.g. IC, FT)Newsletter • Upcoming events promotions Online Social Media platforms in EnglishFollow-up calls • Call clients after mailingsClient profile record • Keep attendee lists up-to-date UK, US and Asian online communities S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  9. 9. Marketing Strategy Integrated and multi-channel • Digital and direct marketing campaign aims for direct response • Advertising, PPC and media partnerships bring Direct and awareness and increase Digital Marketing share of voice • Social media develop communities and Relationship networks Management and Social • Relationship Media management builds user intimacy Advertising, Web and • Web presence optimises PR, contra SEO, PPC, link organic searchdeals & media -building, viral partnerships Marketing S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  10. 10. Strategic Communication Plan Aim: to promote the Asset Management portfolio in its respective markets blueprint for comprehensive external communications and public relations support for successful eventsExternal Comms objectives Creative Approach• Promote and increase public • Create an appealing, timely, effective promotion campaign for an enjoyable awareness and enhance the networking and learning experience perception of the brand as a • Emphasise the value of networking, premium event provider for senior interaction, productivity and discussion at decision-makers roundtable in cover letter and press kit to trade news and feature editors and• Develop and distribute timely and content directors for all digital media. effective publicity, news and feature articles User profiling characteristics• Provide staff and intermediaries with ad hoc deliverables for print and • 190,000 senior decision-makers electronic media • Mostly male • High level of purchasing authority• Provide customers and sponsors with attractive, easy-to-read, easy-to- • Frequent business travellers understand collaterals that motivate • Readers of high-quality international press. them to visit websites, join online • Spend an average of £1,300 communities and confirm attendance • Work as asset managers, insurers, pension funds managers ,or at Invest. or retail Banks, hedge funds, private equity or venture capital firms S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  11. 11. Acquisition and retention programmes Brand advertising and customer development July-Sept 2011 Oct-Dec 2011 Jan-Mar 2012 Apr-June 2012Brand Advertising “Putting the best way of networking on the table” • London event 2, • London event 1, • London event 3,Product • Europe Event, May Sept. NovPromotions March • North America • Launch event in • London event 4,(20-32 weeks prior) event, June Asia, Oct. Nov Offer incentive to Run co-locatedTactical Provide reminders Supply premium attend next London events in London to meet the speakers at nextAcquisition deadline of largest North American’s event and the event for twofoldMessages launch for the openings: London European event event ASEAN market event 3 & 4Customer Essence “It’s good to talk and network at the conference”Customer Present users with Entice users in Ensure users are Develop customers information and reading orRetention confortable with to select their reasons to attend downloading theMessages their participation streams and tables other events newsletter S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  12. 12. Performance measurement: balanced scorecardKey strategic Financial Customer Goals Measures Goals Measuresissues Survive Cash flow Brand image Competitors user1.Daily Credit rating switchingmanagement ofpersonnel Succeed Revenue growth Satisfaction Customer2.Develop experience ratingsindividual Prosper Repeat businessmarketing Retention Subscriptionplans/budgets to renewal andachieve targets rebooking rate3.Monitor activitiesthroughout the Internal Business Innovation & learning Goals Measures Goals Measuresteam (setting ofregular targets) Excellence Quality of service Learning curve Time to excellence and delivery4.Provide feedback Training 360 appraisalson performance to Quality ofmanagement team Alliances strategic alliances Improvement Time to market5.Implementefficient systemsacross the board S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  13. 13. North American Event2 – EVENT MARKETING PLAN S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  14. 14. How NYC compares to other IFCsCities with Englishas lingua franca Classic Financial Cities New Financial CitiesFully fledged Centres NYC/Chicago, IFC London, GFC Dubai, RFC Singapore, IFC [GMT-5] [GMT] [GMT+4] [GMT+8]Geographical US, North America and UK, Japan, US, Sydney AEAN region, East Asiazone of influence the world such as: and other EU centres like Middle East, Persian Golf with HK, Taiwan and(Emerging cities: Mumbai, Mexican, Turkish, Paris, Amsterdam, and South Asia Tokyo but not as globalGMT+5.30 and Shanghai, Russian, Brazilian and Frankfurt (over regulatedGMT+8) or culturally adaptable Argentina debt crisis and taxed)Chronology Since 1870-1918 3 centuries, 1830-1918 Since 2004 Since the 80’s and 90’sWorkforce and Create more IF Tolerant, cultural and Global city with unclear businesses (500 FFFs)working networks Human capital and IT lingual heterogeneous, succession ahead of ahead of Tokyo, Paris, different financial firms Bahrain, 73 global firms FrankfurtFS Institutions Fed, SEC, CFTC, OCC BoE, FSA DIFE FSA, Courts, Registry MAS regulatory, promotionCapital controls / Regulatory regime Global standards Supervisory & regulatory Regulatory/fiscal incentiveopenness Rules-based system Principles-based system Zero income tax for locals Laissez-faire safe havenPolicy focus on Sarbox (seizure), Glass- LSE, Int’l bank lending, UNR-USD, SGX, ACU,finance Stealgall (split-up) consulting and cross- DGCE, independent of Singapore dollar bond ETDs, NYSE, NASDAQ, border M&As, trading / UAR+E federal laws market, ADB, SDCB, SGS, NYME, CME, CBOT, KCBT issuing int’l bonds, PPPs S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  15. 15. Global growth Areas for 2009-14 Hedge funds, private equityand emerging markets (e.g. Brazil and Mexico) S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  16. 16. Priority target value segments Segment Value Low High High Promote Target Inform and Incentivise Grow share of wallet • Hedge funds • Fund managersSegment Potential • Retail banks • Insurers • Private equity firms • Lapsed, Intenders • Aware, Unaware • Relevant users • NAFTA or Canada • New York and Chicago Manage Retain Reward & build advocacy Optimise services • Pension consultants • Venture capital firms • Invest. Banks • Non-intenders • Frequent Users • Informed • Testers, Purchasers • MERCOSUR Low • Brazil, Mexico S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  17. 17. Push and pull promotions scheduling 20 or 32 weeks prior 16 or 28 weeks prior24 or 36 weeks prior (early bird 1) (early bird 2)• Conference Consultations • Select media, develop •Email, E-newsletter, flyer• Marketing planning ads/banners and arrange •Direct mails, brochures• DB cleansing, list hire/swap placement, event listings •Strategic alliances• Social Media strategy • Conference Surveys •RSVP Invitations to VIPs • Develop event website12 or 18 weeks prior 4 or 6 weeks 2 weeks prior (early bird 3)• In-print advertising • Finalisation of registration• Account management • YouTube Video cast • Selection of streams• Invoice chasing • Mobile marketing • Fax replies, replacements• Press liaison, build interest • Fax campaign • Lead qualification Event Post-Event • Roundtable setting • Online evaluations • Onsite Registration, • Online social networks rebooking • Debriefing, event planning • Evaluation Forms S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  18. 18. TSAM NA event marketing spends for visitor acquisition and retentionDeliverables by channel Forecast 1 Forecast 2Email marketing (CPA) 31.9% 31.9%Direct Response Mailing (CPM) 30.7% 20.5%Digital Branding & Adv. (CPL) 26.8% 36.9%Account Management (CR) 10.6% 10.6%Total cost of sales: 20% of £1,300 x 250 = £65,000 10% contingency = £6,500  £58,500 S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  19. 19. North American Event 3 - EMAIL AND SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONTargets Location Length Month Visitors Speakers Sponsors S, G, D, B Exhibitors Supporters* Sub- totalNorth American Event New York 1 day 250 58 12 8 23 43 June (< 2/3) (1:4) (1:21) (1:31) (1:11) (1:6) S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  20. 20. Email marketing and branding Components of communication content for 20 emails Email-shots Event updates• Event Review • What’s new?• Consultations • Working commissions• Conference Surveys • Conferences tracks• Save the dates • Keynote speakers confirmed• Event Preview • Whos coming? Whos missing?• RSVP Invitations to VIPs • New marketing/media partners• Don’t miss the early bird • Confirmed speakers• Short programme • New event sponsors, exhibitors• Last chance to save • Case studies, workshops• Full programme • Round-tables• 4 weeks or 12 months • Event report findings• Offers and competitions• Only 2 weeks to go• Online evaluations S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  21. 21. Subject-lines validated by open rates Fund managers Pension funds Private equity, Hedge funds Insurance managers venture capital Retail banks companies Invest. Banks firms MaleHigh Value Experience the Experience an event Make it especially Discover new topicsFrequent user C-level roundtable in a completely productive and time- on most pressingTester English discussion different way effective this year issues Male Looking for a sense One day out of the Your businessLow Value C-level More discussion of in-depth office: time to suitabilityLapsed more learning understanding of reflect on key with us and future is essentialIntender English what’s in offer out industry trends to us there? Male experience a trulyNegative Value The pleasures of Take advantage of Choose us for your C-level unique event at one ofNon-intender listening to speakers this year’s conference continuous carrier our stunning venuesInformed English expert in their field early bird development throughout the world!Uncertain Male The workshops and At least we know If you need to get Network and learn atValue C-level roundtables for your there is something ahead of your the next event in New-Unaware next team building refreshing about a competition, come English York CityAware event well-spent event along to our event S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  22. 22. Email content validated by CTRWeek Lead-ins / banner headers Lead-outs / footers W-17 Overview of the conference in NYC and why should you attend it - What are the W-28 Key topics? Who are the industry experts? W-15 But, before going away for the summer break, take advantage of our early bird Book W-22 fee and tackle the fourth quarter a-head of your competitors before our W-14 W-18 Dont take our word for it - a note from our conference chairman… early bird discount ends W-13 Reflect, dissect the conference presentations at one of our discussion round- to save W-16 tables W-11 We missed you at your office! Health-check and brush-up your skills - 10 weeks W-14 to go & 2 weeks left to take advantage of the early bird fee W-10 The top 3 issues that keep your peers awake at night to deliver successful Book within the next two weeks. W-12 projects are…if these resonate to you… Afterwards our early bird offer ends. Places are in limited supply. W-9 Half of the places are now taken - join like-minded peers at the conference and W-10 Book by Friday to save. our pre-event workshop - list of delegates so far Afterwards our early bird offer ends W-8 Many case studies for as many different views - Meet with our leading sponsors W-6 This time I shall leave it to our workshop leader… Places are limited and The conference is just hours away from your office door step - take advantage of early booking is recommended W-5 best hotel fees available before its too late W-4 New case study for best practice… Dont miss the conference - 4 weeks to go Mr…, an expert in... Hell be there. Mr... , author of... Hell be there too. Those Dont miss out! Book your place now. W-2 firms are all presenting case studies. So, theyll be there. But Sir, your place is still First come first serve open, and we hope youll be there too. Today is your last change to join our guest speakers, sponsors and link-minded W-1 Dont miss out! Book your place now. peers at the conference Event Thank you email - timing and other practical information Select your stream and round-table s TSAM MONTHLY STOP PRESS - 6 key issues about Asset Management inMonthly Dont miss out! Book your place now. association with media partners S. P. Chatelain © 2011
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  26. 26. Why embrace Social Media now?1. Important SEO tool Employees Customers • •2. Customers expect • Ideation wikis Social CRM Social Marketing through Blogs, Revenue Side • organisations to be Insight generation Facebook, Twitter, etc. • social from Social Media Crowd-source communities •3. Significant marketing Customer engagement data and consumer • Knowledge • communities Listening and feedback Management Communities monitoring programmes Cost Side4. The new PR • Function Wikis • Customer outreach through social5. Produce very high • Employee suggestion • media Customer service conversion on leads brainstorms support communities S. P. Chatelain © 2011
  27. 27. (RAPP simulation adapted)
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  29. 29. Thank you Q&As S. P. Chatelain © 2011