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  • The findings of the SWOT analysis enables me to identify internal strengths and weakness as well as to be aware of potential threats and take advantage of market opportunities. Indeed, consultants are perceived as a cost. Buyers are concerned about hidden costs from cheaper service providers that will become expensive in the long run due to expensive running costs or other higher risks. Gabbitas Education would revitalise, reposition and update itself or even innovate with new products and services to lead or follow customer trends. Yet, priority target segments will favour a unique and holistic selling proposition.
  • Parents, students, schools and teachers can be reached through a number of channels, both online and offline. The value chain of intermediaries will convey messages, increase visibility to customers and raise backing of key players in the education industry. Marketing communications activities for Gabbitas Education can comprise onsite and online promotion with an emphasis on brand experience and display advertising. Field marketing, organic search, email and mobile marketing are key channels for targeting pupils. The marketing strategy, along with its media buying plan, would need to be integrated across several channels to connect better with prospective customers. The delivery of an integrated marketing strategy will require the use of project management techniques to deliver each element of the promotional mix across various channels: direct and digital marketing; relationship management and social media; advertising, PR and media partnerships; dynamic web content, link-building and viral marketing.
  • Before we invest every last cent in social media, we need to be aware that ‘traditional online’ channels are by far the most influential.
  • Marketing communications activities for the educational consultancy services can comprise onsite and online promotion with an emphasis on brand experience and display advertising. Search engine optimasition and road show events are key promotional tools.
  • What key questions do you have for the agency?Do we require surveying further reference sources, e.g. previous ads, brochures, competitor ads?Do we need supplemental brief / info for a long format, social media, direct response, or new business pitch project?Do we need to define what must be in the communication, and what might be in the communication using the information on audience and market?Do we need to have a greater understanding of client requirements versus client preferences?How can we improve the representation of client's issues, concerns and wishes?
  • Creative messagesThe advertising and acquisition campaigns will need to be planned across a period of three years per category of product and services (see colour code) to avoid reiteration but ensure an optimal customer experience which would be monitored on a quarterly basis. The retention activities are then organised in line with the advertising. Each stream will follow a distinct story line with individual key messages tailored to specific target audiences and value propositions.Examples of key messages- The motto for the brand advertising could be: “Gabbitas Education: the global experts in British independent education”. - The value proposition for customer retention could be: “Gabbitas can offer a specialist service and individual guidance to you”.
  • What are the objecives? We want the recipients of the campaign to scan a QR code so they can access a micro site where they will be able to purchase the newly launched Epson AcuLaser CX37 laser printer or any other printers within the range. The advert should entice them to take advantage of the offers and discounts (see above). In the eventuality they don’t already own a smart phone and type a URL link, they will be able to enter a no obligation to buy competition to win one. They should feel that they receive the highest level of service and support, to match the renowned quality of Epson products; that is to be at the forefront of digital imaging technology
  • How would you expect the media to be split and what type of media, titles, online targeting would you expect to see on the plans?The task of the media planner is to deliver advertising messages through a selection of media that match the viewing and/or reading habits of the target audience at the lowest possible cost. Three set of decisions need to be made about the choice of media, vehicles and schedules. 1 - Choosing media, in combination with attempting to generate synergistic effects is far from easy (e.g. richness, social and utility issues). 2 - Selecting relevant vehicles to carry the message to the target need also to be combined. The medium is the message, as each medium message the recipient in different ways and so contributes to learning in different ways.The learning of past performance and industry indexes:Response index (1/2:122;1/2color:141;fullmono:171;fullcolor:200;inset: 1000)Response index (Mon:87; Tues:139; Wed:104;Thurs:99;Fri:116;Sat:58;Sun:90)Length/% all ad/response: (10’’/9%/42; 20’’/11%/65;30’’/59%/104;40-50’’/9%95;60’’/11%/213) 3 - The strength and weaknesses of each media and the characteristics of the target audience needs to be considered when deciding the optimal media mix. But how many GPRs are required to achieve a particular level of reach and what levels of frequency are really required to develop effective learning or awareness in the target audience?
  • Printers are perceived as a cost. Buyers are concerned about hidden costs from a cheaper service provider that will become expensive in the long run due to expensive maintenance costs or other higher risks. Thus the rational within the promotion mix to dedicate offers and promotional discounts. For instance, I justify a 15% competitive discount to prompt buyers who already possess a laser printer to switch brand.
  • The use of the balanced scorecard framework leverages linkage between performances at different stages: (1) financial levels, (2) customer perspective, (3) internal business process, and (4) innovation & learning angles. I can then look at evaluating pipeline performance in order to optimise each marketing channel. Therefore it simplifies new planning, forecasting and budgeting when and where necessary. - To survive: ensure revenue goals per category and geographical zone are achieved;- To succeed: repeat business, build brand equity and enhance marketing channel reach;- To prosper: augment customer experience and grab new business opportunities.Beyond setting and planning the strategy, leadership and managerial challenges would need to be addressed through regular meetings and monitoring of sales levels and marketing activities. Most importantly good communication would be a central point to ensure colleagues are fully briefed and familiar with campaign timelines and budgets which are monitored all the way through to the management team using KPIs that could include boosting qualified web traffic, number of books sold and conversion rates.
  • To sum-up, my priorities will be:Develop the overall marketing planning and budgeting;Build good working relationships with stakeholders;Agree on Sales and Marketing objectives, price policies and cost structure;Design and distribute all marketing deliverables on time;Evaluate pipeline performance and report to management team.Thank you for listening. And please feel free to ask questions.
  • Business marketing course planning for jfc training college

    1. 1. Business Marketing CourseLaunch PlanningStarts: 14/05/2013Samuel ChatelainandLanre TaylorS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    2. 2. JFC Training Collegebackground and overview“Trainers ofExcellence forExcellence ”Director of Studies Mrs Oladimeji: "we are ensuring we can reallymake an even greater contribution to businesses working with alllearners and achieving their personal targets”Founded in 2005 as Higher Education InstitutionMission: Offering students a wide range of UK recognised qualificationsValues: Flexibility, Cost Savings, and Great FacilitiesExcellent Support, Friendly EnvironmentBrandproposition:JFC Training College provides high quality, innovative training toenable their students and staff to achieve their full potentialKey principles: JFC Training College provides tailored, flexible training usingunique materials to produce exceptional resultsProduct Strategy: JFC Training College designs programmes to include a balance oftheory, role-play, group discussions, feedback sessions and one-to-one interactive lessons with a dedicated trainer or tutor.Training programmes are updated regularly to reflect currentindustry trends and practices.S.P. Chatelain © 2013
    3. 3. Audit and brand extensionUndertake market research and develop overall marketing planning and budgetingMarketing audit (SWOT) Brand revitalisation (Ansoff)P r o d u c t / S e r v i c eE x i s t i n g N e wMarketExistingMarket penetration Product developmentNewBusinessMarketingCourses forProfessionalsNewMarket development DiversificationStrengths Weaknesses• 100% achievement in all subject areasin 10 different programmes deliveredin the workplace• Confidential Counseling Service• Two well planned, beautifullydeveloped and neatly maintainedcampuses; Well qualified &experienced faculty members; Qualitycourses at very competitive fees• Room hire (from £25ph)• Reaching 700 adults orless than 0.53% ofprofessionals from TheChartered Institute ofPersonal Development(CIPD) which has 133,000individual members;• The Chartered Instituteof Marketing has manytoo…Opportunities Threats• Women outperform men at exams• Internet and WOM is predominant:49% of private sector organisationsnow use e-learning, although thepublic sector figure is significantlyhigher at 80%; Web 2.0 technologies(e.g. social networking) are openingup opportunities for informal learning• Outsourced market is currently worthabout £140m, but is growing at therate of 8.7% p.a.• Only 1% of trainingproviders hold 50% ofmarket shares.• 12,300 private trainingproviders operate in theUK (22% of whichprovides Health andSafety courses• Training expenditure isdeclining following aperiod of relatively staticmarket demand. S.P. Chatelain © 2013
    4. 4. New Training and Session Plan LaunchBusiness Marketing CourseLearn Business Marketing andEarn to Develop your Trade• This is the course title– Marketing Fundamentals– Principles of Marketing Management– The Marketing Mix Principle– Principles of Marketing Relationships– Contemporary Marketing Practices• This is what it aims to do• These are the people who will benefitfrom attending• These are the locations and thedates.CPD Training Session Plan• Contacting business communityleaders:– city council business networks– business leaders, women leader’sgroups– business based communityorganisations– NGOs for business development(Chambers of Commerce)• Targeting learners in employers atvertical sectors for front office staffsS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    5. 5. Demand-side AnalysisCompetitive rivalery, threat of new entrants and analysis of existing employers and leanersCompetitor analysis. Resource similarity (needs)Low HighMarketCommonality(overlap)HighPotentialCompetitorsDirectCompetitors1. Bywater PLC,2. BSI Business Solutions,3. Lloyd’s Register QualityAssurance,4. Pera International,5. Smallpeice Enterprises.•Internet makes local playersto compete againstworldwide web players, andamplifies pressure on priceLowIncipientCompetitorsIndirectCompetitorsIn-house trainingsExisting Customer analysis• Employer expenditure on off the-jobtraining amounted to £18.4 billion, adecrease of 0.2 per cent on 2005–2006(LSC/NESS20 data)• Word of mouth remains predominant inthe buying-decision process to book atraining• 50 corporate organisations across London,the Midlands and the South East in manysectors• Over 700 delegate learners in more than10 different programmes.• 100% achievement in all its subject areas,including training in Cleaning,Transportation, Security, Health and Socialcare*, Business Administration*,Customer service* and Children Care. (*)ApprenticeshipS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    6. 6. Strategic Communication PlanAim: to launch Business Marketing Courses in London, the Midlands & the South Eastblueprint for comprehensive external communications and public relations support for a successful course launch• External Communication objectives:– To promote and increase public awareness of the Business Marketing Courses and enhance the perception of JFCTraining College as offering learners a wide range of UK recognised qualifications at affordable fees– Providing JFC Training College staff with the information and tools required to promote the Business MarketingCourses with print and electronic media– Providing Employers attractive, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand marketing materials that motivate them toparticipate in Business Marketing Courses– Developing and distributing timely, effective publicity, news and feature articles about Business Marketing Courses• Key strategic issues– To create an appealing, timely, effective promotion campaign, a tailored, flexible training using unique materials toproduce exceptional results with a dedicated trainer or tutor for learning Business Marketing Courses– Emphasize the value of Flexibility, Cost Savings, and Great Facilities, Excellent Support, Friendly Environment in coverletter and press kit to marketing professional magazines and associations and feature editors and content directors forall new media.• Target Audiences:– Key UK area: London, the Midlands and the South East– Specialised and Major UK training fairs– Trade press and UK business and marketing journalists (PR)– Most important international platforms in English language: comparethe• Time frame (one year ahead)– January/February for summer programmes– September/October for winter programmesS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    7. 7. Integrated andMulti-ChannelStrategyMake readily available all marketingcollaterals, branded promotional aids andsales tools for targeted audiences in allchannelsInternetOnlinemarketingDirectories andlink buildingukonlinecentresMeta searchsitesComparethecourse.comSocial mediaand onlinecommunitiese-LearningMentorsE-tools and Tipsfor TrainersDigitalMarketingVirtualBrochuresApp MarketingNewsstandDisplayAdvertisingPay Per ClickAdvertisingSEO AffiliateMarketingDirect sellingmulti-channelDM and EM NewslettersOnsitepromotionExperiential andfield MarketingLive brandexperienceTouring RoadShowsFace to FaceMarketingLeafletdistributionPoster displayand lean graffitiTelephonebooking/adviceCustomerserviceChannelinter-mediariesSocietalPartnershipsAssociationsNIACE, CIM,DMA, IDM,UKCESExchangeschemesPress kitsTrade discountsEducationMagazinesMarketing WeekMarketing,Brand, MMEMarketer, IDMQuartely MagOutlets,wholesalersSOURCE:,, andDigitalMarketingaims for directresponseAdvertising,PR, mediapartnershipsbringawarenessand increaseshare of voiceRelationshipManagementand SocialMedia buildsuser intimacySEO optimisesorganicsearch; PPC,link-buildingincrease viralMarketingS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    8. 8. S.P. Chatelain © 2013
    9. 9. B2B Marketing communications activitiesField marketing, brand experience, organic search, display advertising, email and mobile marketingOnsite promotionAmbient media displaying, tour towns, hand outcollaterals in front of schools or across student areaExperientialMarketingLive brandexperienceTouring RoadShowsFace to FaceMarketingLeafletdistributionPosterdisplay andlean graffitiOnline marketingBanner advertising placement, performancemarketing and sponsor sectionDigitalMarketingEmail & AppMarketingVirtualBrochuresNewsstandDisplayAdvertisingPay Per ClickAdvertisingSEOAffiliateMarketingSOURCE:, Chatelain © 2013
    10. 10. The agreed creative propositionCommunication and persuasion, not just affordable feesMarketBrandBuyer.Market• Few training colleges are recognised that theirprogrammes are tailored for businesses.Brand• FC Training College provides high quality,innovative training to enable their students andstaff to achieve their full potential.Buyer• SMEs and large corporate organisations in theretail, insurance, banking, network supplier,security and media sectorsS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    11. 11. Acquisition and retention programmesQuarterly Gabbitas ‘ brand advertising and customer developmentApr-June 2013 July-Sept 2013 Oct-Dec 2013 Jan-Mar 2014Brand Advertising JFC Training College: “Trainers of Excellence for Excellence”CoursePromotions1. BusinessAdministration2. BusinessMarketing1. Children Care2. Health andSocial care1. BusinessAdministration2. BusinessMarketing1. Cleaning2. Transportation3. SecurityTacticalAcquisitionMessagesProvide learnersreminders to meetdeadlines for takingup coursesProvide advice andassistance toInternationalStudentsOffer incentivesfor intenselypractical and highlyadaptable andflexible courses tosuit learners needs.Recruitment ofteachers, tutors andguardiansCustomer Essence “JFC Training College can offer a specialist service and individual guidance”CustomerRetentionMessagesEnsure employersare confortablewith their dedicatedclient relationshipco-ordinatorsDevelop learners topurchaseeducational booksPresent learnerswith informationand reasons tofurther theirtrainingEntice employers inadvertising byattending theEducation ExpoS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    12. 12. What are the campaigns’ objectives?the purpose of the adverts?1. Scan a QR code (or key a URLlink)2. Access a micro site3. Enrol the newly launchedMarketing Business course.4. Take advantage of offers andteam discounts5. Don’t already own a smartphone (to scan QR code) enter acompetition to win one.6. Receive the highest level ofadvice and assistance7. Experience renowned qualityprogrammes at affordabletuition fees.S.P. Chatelain © 2013Learn BusinessMarketingEarn toDevelopyourTradeDon’t waste time: enrol now!
    13. 13. LearnBusinessMarketingEarn toDevelopyourTradeDon’t waste time: enrol now!May the Force be with your iPhone.Star Wars Campaign visualS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    14. 14. Campaign exposure managementBuild campaign reach/frequency across country and media typeCampaign Cost*(£m)Rating(GRP)Coverage(%)OTS(x)Burst(wks)Buying phasesRecipientsWeighting/Timing1s 2n 3r W1 W2 W3 W4 W5Launch 1.5 630 70 9 5 5 3 5 30 12 18 10 30Support 0.5 210 35 6 5 5 3 5 35 10 21 5 29Issues High frequency Erratic Weighting/TimingMarketing Launch and Market Share Buyers’ behaviourMessage Multiple messages ImageMedia plan Number of media Editorial atmosphereReasons for media mix selection and schedulingS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    15. 15. BusinessMarketing BookCover price: SRP £ 29.50Wholesale price:55% £ 13.28School price:20% £ 23.60Trade discounts for educational booksAdditional revenue streamS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    16. 16. Offers and Promotional DiscountsLikibility & perceived competitive uniqueness10 day offers for the launch ofthe new course programme• Free upgrade to the next level’sprogramme within the first week• Free in-house one taster day courseat invoiced address• Free revision cards when they byone booklet (by one get one free)• 35% promotional discount to usethe QR code offer within 10 days• Enter a competition to win a smartphone (e.g. iPhone with its e-learning app) with no obligation tobuy if the URL link is used instead• Free first course book whenreferring a new learnerPromotion discounts on of theprogrammes already provided• 15% competitive discount forenrolling a subsequent programmecourse• 5% payment discount for paymentsreceived 15 days before the coursestarts• 10% volume discount for theenrolment of 6 or more learners• Free coffees/teas and pastries forenrolment of 10 or more learners• Free newsletter for two years• 30% discount for employersenrolling 15 plus learners in at least3 distinct courses on a regular basisS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    17. 17. Measure performanceBalanced scorecardKey strategicissues1.Dailymanagement ofpersonnel2.Developindividualmarketingplans/budgets toachieve targets3.Monitor activitiesthroughout theteam (setting ofregular targets)4.Provide feedbackon performance tomanagement team5.Implementefficient systemsacross the boardS.P. Chatelain © 2013
    18. 18. Thank you for listening To sum-upHere are my top priorities for the launch:• Undertake market research anddevelop overall marketing planning1• Build strong relationships withexternal and internal stakeholders2• Determine communicationsobjectives, derive pricing policies3• Make readily available all collateraland branded promotional tools4• Evaluate channel performance andreport to management5S.P. Chatelain © 2013