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Social media powering social causes


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How social media can be used to power social causes

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Social media powering social causes

  1. 1. Social Media PoweringSocial Causes
  2. 2. Video
  3. 3. “I like it on the floor next to the bed”
  4. 4. “I like it on the kitchen table“ “I like it on my desk“ “I like it on the floor“ “I like it on the cupboard“
  5. 5. I like it on the couch... on the bed... and on the car...
  6. 6. Done to raise awareness forbreast cancer research Octoberis Breast Cancer Awarenessmonth
  7. 7. "Text Haiti"
  8. 8. $5 Million
  9. 9. Mumbai Blasts
  10. 10. Kick Starter
  11. 11. Opportunities
  12. 12. TOP 12 SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS FOR NONPROFITS IN 2012 Charities use Blogs, Podcasts, messagesboards, wikis, social networking, video blogging 93% of top non profits have FB and 87% in Twitter Top 25 charities have more followers than the top shops or largest companies in FTSE Nonprofits’ Facebook and Twitter communities have grown by 30% and 81% respectively. Nonprofits own an average of 2.1 Facebook Pages and 1.2 Twitter accounts. The average cost of a Facebook Like is $3.50, while a Twitter follower costs $2.05. The average value of a Facebook Like is $214.81 over the 12 months following acquisition. The most common fundraising tactic on Facebook is an ask for an individual gift. Budgets and staffing for commercial social networks continue to climb. The top 3 factors for success on social networks are strategy, prioritization, and dedicated staff. Facebook advertising is used primarily to meet non-fundraising goals. Google+ is struggling to gain momentum in the nonprofit space, while Pinterest is the top newcomer.
  13. 13. Tips and tricks for powering Social causes
  14. 14. 1. Create a Strong Theme with Clear Goals2. Seek partners who are active and have good followers3. Keep the focus on themes and everything else inbackground4. Identify and Utilize Your Best Social Assets5. Target your audience and pay attention to how eachreacts to your messages and be ready to shift focus to themost responsive.6. Energize and Motivate Your Supporters and make yoursupporters energize and motivate you.7. Do not cause social media fatigue8. Have tangible action
  15. 15. Have a clear goal that is measurable..else it is only experimentation
  16. 16. How Many Friends Do You Have?
  17. 17. Where Are They Located ?
  18. 18. Someone close to you needs blood....How are you going to help them?
  19. 19. Thanks Ya Build Your Personal Blood Donor Network.elp Family, Friends find blood donor in any part of world
  20. 20. Thanks Yadonors from your network of friends and also fro
  21. 21. Video
  22. 22. Thanks Ya For Your SupportRamasubramanian www.twitter.coFounder –Thanksya9841010109