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Outlook tips and tricks


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Published in: Technology
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Outlook tips and tricks

  1. 1. Outlook Tips and TricksBreakfast at the Desk
  2. 2. Overview• Date Type Shortcut• Scheduling Assistant• Conversation Feature• Lookee Loo• Reset Phone PIN• Wipe Phone Data• Color Coding Your Inbox• Retrieve Sent Message
  3. 3. Type Holidays• Can’t remember a specific date• Type Christmas or Independence Day• Works for all fixed holidays
  4. 4. Scheduling Assistant • Look under the meeting tab to find the Scheduling Assistant • Right next to the Appointment button
  5. 5. Scheduling Assistant – Schedule ViewPurple = Scheduling Conflict
  6. 6. Scheduling Assistant- Time Suggestion• Outlook will suggest times where every attendee is free!• It will also show you who has conflicts at certain times
  7. 7. Conversation Feature • If you wish, you can group all e-mails with the same subject together
  8. 8. Auto Close Message Window • File • Options • Mail • Replies and Forwards • Check “Close original message window when replying or forwarding”
  9. 9. Lookee Loo Application • Do you have access to a shared calendar? • How about your boss’ calendar? • Check this app out! • $1.99 at the App Store
  10. 10. Wipe Data From Phone • Should your phone become stolen, you can remotely wipe the data from Outlook Web Access
  11. 11. Wipe Data From Phone• Access Outlook Web Access• Click Options ▫ Top Right
  12. 12. Wipe Data From Phone• Select Mobile Devices• Select “Wipe All Data From Device”
  13. 13. Reset PIN• Forgot your PIN to your voicemail???• You can reset it in Outlook Web Access
  14. 14. Reset PIN• Use Internet Explorer to access OWA• Select Options and Voice Mail on the side panel• Reset Your PIN
  15. 15. Color Code Your Inbox• Want to have a quick reference for emails?• Try color coding• Now your boss’ email won’t evade you!
  16. 16. How To Color Code Your Inbox• Under the “View Tab”• Click “View Settings”• Click “Conditional Formatting”
  17. 17. How To Color Code Your Inbox • Click “Add” • Name the Rule • Change the Condition • Change the Font and Color
  18. 18. Retrieve a Sent E-mail• Go to Sent Messages• Double Click the Message• Go to the “Info” Tab• Click “Recall or Resend”
  19. 19. Training Resources• help/• utlook.htm•,2817,238703 1,00.asp
  20. 20. QUESTIONS