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Yelp explained


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Yelp explained

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Yelp explained

  1. 1. Yelp ExplainedThere is a lot of talk in the business world about Yelp lately. But what isYelp? The definition of Yelp suggests the idea of yelling . . . and the truthis, Yelp (the website) may be just that for your business. So, what is itabout Yelp that could garner so much attention for your business? Here isa guide to understanding Yelp:What is Yelp? First, it helps to understand that Yelp is a new kind of socialnetworking site, centered on customer reviews of local businesses.Anyone can post a review on Yelp, and anyone searching the web can useYelp to find and evaluate local businesses.How does Yelp work? The idea is very basic: you register your businesslisting with Yelp, and then you invite your customers to share their reviewsvia the Yelp online community. When potential customers want to findbusinesses of your type in your area, they type their search terms into thesearch engine, and Yelp returns their options – your business being one ofthem.What determines your business’ Yelp search engine ranking? Yourbusiness listing is ranked on Yelp search returns in accordance with severalfactors pertaining to its number of reviews and customer scores (from oneto five stars). You can also purchase advertising space on Yelp, to increaseawareness of your business listing and improve you Yelp search engineranking.Can a review be removed? No, you cannot remove a review from Yelp.However, you may request that Yelp evaluate the review to see that it fitswithin their content guidelines. Just remember that every business getsbad reviews occasionally, and that it is how you respond to those reviewsthat matters the most.What is included in a Yelp business listing? In addition to seeing yourcustomer reviews and ranking (in terms of one to five stars), people whovisit your Yelp listing will be able to learn much more about your business,including hours of operation, business website address, physical location
  2. 2. (or mailing address, if you prefer), and telephone number. Yelp also allowsyou to upload photos of your business to improve the visitor experience.Does it cost to use Yelp? No, it won’t cost you anything to register yourbusiness with Yelp, and to have your customers post reviews. If you opt toadvertise your business using Yelp advertising, you will have to pay a fee.Online reputation management is a complex process, but it is alsotantamount to your business success. To make the most of your onlinereputation, you may want to enlist the help of qualified and competentprofessionals like us, Social Sinergy. We can be reached by phone, at 702-530-3881, or by email: Check out more information on reputation marketing at the site below; Reputation Marketing