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Here is our white paper we put together on Google Plus Local

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White paper: Google plus local

  1. 1. Report Provided By: AMD Web ServciesFREE LinkedIn Crash Course HERE 702-530-3881
  2. 2. What Is Google Plus Local And How Can It Help My Area Business?As technology evolves, consumers increasingly rely on the internet to point themtowards good products and trustworthy services. As a result, online and digitalmarketing is now an essential advertising tool for any company.For small and local businesses, the move away from much more expensive andtime-consuming print and television advertising is proving beneficial. If you arelooking for an effective way to promote your business, Google Plus Local, anewly created online business directory, could be the ideal solution.What Is Google Plus Local?Google created Google Plus Local as a way to combine its search engine, socialnetworking, and business directory features. Google Plus Locals primary use isto allow customers to search out and find detailed information on localrestaurants, shops, and other services. However, by taking advantage of thispopular tool, businesses can use their page as an effective advertising platform.Your page - When you set up your companys Google Plus Local page, you caninclude maps, contact details, photographs, and other important information.From then on, your customers can use the page to rate your company, writereviews, and add photos. Your page will visible in Google search results and onGoogle maps.Zagat - A key part of this business directory is its Zagat ranking system. Zagatuses a 30 point scale to rate different aspects of a company, like food, decor,and service, from poor to perfection.The History Of Google Plus LocalGoogle Plus Local is based on its predecessor Google Places. The mostsignificant change with this newer version is that it is completely integrated withthe Google Plus social network. In the short time the new social network hasbeen available it has gained over 100 million members and that number isFREE LinkedIn Crash Course HERE 702-530-3881
  3. 3. growing, making it a valuable and relatively untapped marketplace. Here are justa few other changes that have taken place:- Your businesss page will now be included in Googles index, making it morevisible in searches- Peoples search results will be influenced by their friends and familys previousreviews and ratings- Through your page, you will be able to respond and interact with commentsand customers directly- People using the Google social network can share and post comments linkingto your businessHow Your Business Can Use Google Plus LocalThe primary benefit of this new service is its ability to increase the profile of yourbusiness. It also allows you to connect with your customers on a more personallevel. As with any form of advertising, to make the most out of your Local page,you need to develop a clear strategy. A concise plan of action should include:- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)As part of an official Google service, your page already gets a boost in thesearch engines results. However, to make the most of the service, it is stillimportant to utilize SEO. By including relevant keywords, keyword phrases,backlinks, inbound links, regular updates, and other SEO content, you canguarantee to improve your businesss listing placement.- Integrate Social NetworkingWith over 100 million members, the social network Google Plus is a valuableplace to engage potential customers. An individuals search results on GooglePlus are affected by the opinions and ratings of their friends and familymembers. By developing a tightknit and friendly relationship with your customersthrough your use of the social network, you can dramatically improve yourprofile in the local area.- Making the most of ZagatFREE LinkedIn Crash Course HERE 702-530-3881
  4. 4. The customer ratings you are given will be a very prominent part of your page.Unfortunately, even the best companies get occasional bad reviews. Byencouraging your customers, whatever their opinions, to leave a review, you canensure that you get representative overall results.- Dealing with any negative feedbackIt is wise to develop a strategy that deals with negative comments if they occur.Acting in a professional and engaging manner to properly tackle any negativeeffect a review could have will stop it causing damage to your reputation. It couldalso help you to win back a customer that would otherwise have been lostforever.What Results Can You Expect?After implementing an effective strategy you can expect the following results:- Better search rankStatistics show that the majority of people only visit sites on the first page oftheir search results. Of that page, the top 3 results are far more likely to bevisited than any of the others. By using Google Plus Local to get your companyspage into this prominent position, you can guarantee increased interest in yourservice.- More traffic to your websiteOnce you have increased your search engine rank, placing a link on yourGoogle Plus Local page to your official business website will increase its trafficand the number of customers/bookings you get.- Useful InformationYou could learn about the demographics of customers using your account.Through their data analysis, Google Plus have learnt that: • 58% of their users are male • Their three biggest markets are the USA, UK, and IndiaFREE LinkedIn Crash Course HERE 702-530-3881
  5. 5. • Engineer is the most common profession of their users • Bangalore has the most Google Plus users of any city in the world − Community of Customers With its integration into Googles social network you can build up a solid relationship with your customers as well as repeat visits. Providing prompt and friendly feedback to any comments or reviews is just one way you could do this. How To Begin The world of internet advertising can be very daunting for a small business. If you or your company has never tried to implement a Google Plus Local strategy before, there are many possible pitfalls to run into. Adding content that yields a very low search engine result or building up a bad relationship with your customer are just a couple of potential problems. If you would rather spend more time running your business and less time promoting it, hiring an online marketing specialist is the ideal solution. Making sure that your companys Google Plus Local page is in the hands of professionals can not only improve your earnings, but also help to ensure your businesss survival in the future. Brought To You By: AMD Web Services 702.530.3881FREE LinkedIn Crash Course HERE 702-530-3881