Building Web Reputation Systems That Add value to an Online Enterprise


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Building web reputation systems

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Building Web Reputation Systems That Add value to an Online Enterprise

  1. 1. Building Web Reputation Systems That Add Value to an Online EnterpriseBuilding Web Reputation Systems can drastically enhance the value and relevance ofthe content on your website. In fact, the deployment of these systems has played amajor role in the success of industry heavyweights such as EBay, Amazon, Slashdot,and Xbox Live. These systems essentially work by highlighting the best user generatedcomments/content and rewards users for their contributions.Reputation systems allow users to vote for their favorite products/services and content.Users are also allowed to write reviews that are related to the website content orproducts, as well assign rankings to these products/content.Popular Reputation Models OnlineVote to Promote - Has been effectively deployed by sites such as Yahoo! Buzz, Reddit,and Digg that depend on user submitted news. Viewers vote for articles that are of useto them. The number of votes received by the item determines its ranking and visibility.Favorites - This is a relatively straightforward system that checks the number of times aparticular content item has been bookmarked by visitors. Determining relevance andreputation through this method is particularly useful.Ratings - Some reputation systems allow visitors to express their opinion regarding thequality of content available on the website. The use of a ‘Thumbs Up’, Bars, or Starsallows users to assign a definite value to the item under judgment.Reviews - are a more complex form of reputation system that usually require thereviewer to rate certain factors before submitting a textual opinion on a particular itemFactors to Consider When Building Web Reputation SystemsBuilding Web Reputation Systems that have relevance and authenticity can be quite acomplex process. There are several inherent issues that must be tackled in order toensure their success. This is applicable to almost any type of reputation system that hasachieved a certain level of user interaction. The sheer volumes of data generated can bedifficult to deal with and the scalability of a system must be considered beforedeployment.Not all the information generated is likely to have the same quality or value. As a result,there must be a system in place that can distinguish relevant information fromcontributions without any real substance. This is easier said than done, and in practicalterms a qualitative analysis of the information coming in to your site can be difficult toimplement.
  2. 2. Another factor that needs to be addressed is a sustainable reward policy thatencourages contributions, and provides an incentive to your better contributors to returnand share their opinions.One technique that has overcome these problems is to recognize the contributions ofregular users by awarding them reputation points based on the volume and quality of thecontent generated by them.Moderating any form of user input is also an important issue and due attention must bepaid to this issue. There are always people that are likely to abuse this process topromote selfish interests or introduce links (spam) that have no relevance to your site. Itis necessary to consider all these issues while Building Web Reputation Systems. Call us today 702-530-3881