How to Overcome the Threat of a Bad Online Reputation


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Bad online reputation

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How to Overcome the Threat of a Bad Online Reputation

  1. 1. How to Overcome the Threat of a Bad Online ReputationNegating the effects of a Bad Online Reputation can be a tricky process. Any negativecontent associated with your name or company can have serious repercussions on yourcareer or business prospects. Among the key threats facing companies or individualsonline are negative press articles, customer complaints, and negative reviews of yourproducts and services. Allied to this is the fact that leaks of confidential information (orprivate materials) are growing increasingly prevalent on the internet. Disgruntledemployees and former associates can post content that could be derogatory orembarrassing to you.A growing practice among employers is to check the online reputation of potentialemployees by evaluating their profiles on social media platforms such as MySpace,Twitter and Facebook. Any harmful or embarrassing content could have a detrimentaleffect on your career path. Similarly, an overwhelming majority of people tend to look upcustomer reviews before they decide to use/purchase a particular product or service.Difficulties of Dealing with a Bad Online ReputationUnfortunately, gaining a Bad Online Reputation is far easier than you can imagine.There are a number of sites that allow users to submit anonymous reviews aboutproducts and services. In most cases, these reviews require just a few hours before theyare indexed by a search engine and become available to the general public.Removing these negative comments can be extremely difficult and time consuming.Unless you have the requisite level of expertise it is not advisable to try and deal withthese issues yourself. Quite often, you might end up making the situation worse byadding credibility to these comments. Using the wrong methods could, in fact, end upincreasing the search engine rankings and accessibility of such content.Legal options can be severely limited and the costs associated with hiring a lawyerexperienced in dealing with these types of problems could prove to be prohibitive.Finding Solutions to Deal With a Bad Online ReputationIt is probably best to take a proactive approach when dealing with a Bad OnlineReputation. You cannot censor bad reviews or make them disappear, but you cansuppress them by publishing positive articles about yourself or your organization. Withthe right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques you can make sure that whensomeone enters a search term they are directed to content that contains positiveinformation. This involves identifying search terms that point to any negative content,and developing positive content that is built around these keywords.Do not make the mistake of overcompensating while publishing positive articles. Ratherthan making them all out to be glowing recommendations of your products/services,ensure that they provide some form of useful information.
  2. 2. Make use of social media channels to publish positive comments about your company.Social media content (particularly on Facebook and Twitter) tend to have high searchengine rankings and can help mask out any negative content.In most cases it might be advisable to hire the services of a professional ReputationManagement Company to alleviate the problems associated with a Bad OnlineReputation.