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NZC - Grenoble

  1. 1. Net Zero Cities Fort Collins, October2013 Greenlys, a System-View Pilot Project for Smart Grids grenoble-isere-france
  2. 2. AEPI, Invest in Grenoble-Isere, France Agency • Economic promotion and image-building for the Grenoble-Isère area in France and abroad. • Prospection, reception and relocation of new business, from France and abroad, to maintain and develop the area’s economic fabric. • Working locally with technical partners & clusters (such as Tenerrdis in the case of Net Zero Cities) as well as policy makers • Reaching out globally to connect business and clusters to the relevant international partners grenoble-isere-france
  3. 3. Grenoble-Isère …in the heart of the RhoneAlps region  2nd-largest economy in France  Isère: 1,2M people Grenoble area: 732,800 inhabitants in a territory equal to 3x the size of Luxembourg  7th-largest regional economy in the European Union  Strong presence of foreign-owned companies in the industry: 40% in Grenoble–Isere 25% in France  Top investors: USA, Germany, UK  2nd-favorite place for executives in France LONDON BERLIN BRUSSELS  Grenoble has the 2nd-largest English- speaking community in France GENEVA PARIS GRENOBLE ROMA  Largest American community in France  Among the top five travel destinations in Europe  Easy access to international destinations through major airports (Lyon, Geneva) and rail MADRID  Population: young, qualified, innovative, with strong scientific focus AEPI Grenoble - Isère grenoble-isere-france 2013
  4. 4. Where Clean Energy started! Aristide Bergès Hydroelectric power, started in our valley at the end of the 19th century … This in turn led to the start of many activities such as: • Electricity production and supply: EDF, Gaz Electricité de Grenoble, • Manufacture of turbines, penstocks, cable, electrical equipment, etc.: Alstom, Prysmian, Schneider Electric, etc. • Electrometallurgy: Pechiney, Ascometal, etc. • The start of many subcontractors in metal-working, boilermaking, safety, etc. in parallel with specialist engineering firms: Artelia, Atos, etc. grenoble-isere-france
  5. 5. GreenLys in Grenoble, a System View Pilot Project for Smart Grids - Call for demo project from ADEME / French government - Pilot project proposal in two cities: Grenoble & Lyon Goal : Implement a technological show case, by developing two experimental technology platforms, in Lyon and Grenoble, by 2016, in order to prepare a widespread deployment grenoble-isere-france
  6. 6. The Consortium: 11 partners - Academics & research centers - Electrical chain - Technology providers • Grenoble INP technological university • LEPII Grenoble university for economics • CEA LITEN R&D center • RTE TSO • Core partners: ERDF nationwide DSO project coordinator, Gaz electricite de Grenoble local utility, GDF SUEZ national suppliers, HESPUL distributed producers association, Rhonalpenergie local communities association • Energy technology providers: Schneider Electric, Alstom • ICT technology provider : ATOS world Grid grenoble-isere-france
  7. 7. 1 - A consortium involving different types of smart grid stakeholders • • • • Covering the whole value chain of the electrical system: DSO, TSO, suppliers, technology providers (energy systems, ICT) Universities and R&D centers End-users, local communities, producers associations 2 - A project to build up a systemic vision Coupling an advanced distribution network with a management of a complete DER portfolio (distributed generation, flexible loads and electrical vehicles) through AMI, including the LINKY smart meter grenoble-isere-france
  8. 8. 3 - A demonstrator to experiment the Smart Grid at a real and significant scale 4 districts within 2 cities, representatives of a diversified population An ambition which could reach 2,000 residential end-users (1,000 in each city) Two complementary sites: Nationwide DSO (ErDF – Lyon) and Integrated local DSO (GEG Grenoble) Complementary experimentations (technological options, regulated or not tariff) 4 - Expected results Analysis of the added value chain for market development Analysis of the transitions for larger scale smart grid deployment grenoble-isere-france
  9. 9. Demonstrators in the City: 2 districts in Grenoble Caserne de Bonne, a former military garrison site « Presqu’ile » science park grenoble-isere-france
  10. 10. The Aggregator => new actor in the Smart Grid system The operator who manages load curtailment and decentralized power productions, according to the needs of the electrical network Using an operational control command chain in interaction with the other actors in the system: network operators, producers, providers, consumers With the requirement to maintain the users’ comfort grenoble-isere-france
  11. 11. The Aggregator => experimental results of curtailment Progression: • More than 20,000 curtailments carried out during the two last heating seasons • Data acquisition in order to build predictive models • Technical characterization of curtailment: rebound and payback effects • An analysis of the impact of these curtailment on users comfort • Flexibility forecasting and curtailment optimization algorithms • First interaction tests with the Distribution Network Operator grenoble-isere-france
  12. 12. A Wiser Solution => a connected solution providing innovative services to residential customers • Easy to install • User-centered OFFERING: • Control of consumption, • Optimized comfort. • Intuitive • Allowing consumer choice ENSURING: • Curtailment implementation with respect to comfort parameters grenoble-isere-france
  13. 13. Energy Management on Tertiary Sites => preserving comfort for occupants Objective: develop a DR system for tertiary sites, triggered by the aggregator Progression: 1st prototype of a full-scale curtailment system on a site located on Schneider Electric GIANT (38TEC) Presqu’ile - Experimental results complemented with a numerical model - 3 other sites will be instrumented in 2014 - Load shed without impacting the comfort of the 150 occupants of two office buildings (3,600m2) grenoble-isere-france
  14. 14. Advanced Network Functions => facilitate the flexibility In Lyon Curtailment simulation with real data from the experimental area (Vaise Substation) Decentralized resources flexibility use, driven out of the purchase obligation Promote the PV integration • local voltage regulation • development of the DER predictive system PrevERDF In Grenoble Simulations with real data from the experimental area Centralized productions flexibility use, driven out of the purchase obligation Optimization of the EV loading • Linked with the PV production • Minimizing impact on the whole system Promote PV integration • Controlling reactive power • Working on a predictive model grenoble-isere-france
  15. 15. The DSO:=> optimal network operation DSO objectives : Progression : • Serve as facilitator for aggregator curtailment offers • Define curtailment impact on the distribution network • Ensure the security and safety of network operations • DSO associated in the loop of flexibility programs certification • Creation of algorithms for flexibility programs certification • Advise the aggregator on the location of curtailment grenoble-isere-france
  16. 16. Highlighting Models of Value Creation Final customer A flexible & reconfigurable grid Reduce electricity bill and manage carbon footprint Provider & producer Means of mobilization & control downstream meters Aggregation tools DSO & TSO Community Variety in billing offers and opportunities for investment optimization Management and investment optimization, DER integration, grid reliability Achievement of DER objectives and conservation of energy, with optimum global economies grenoble-isere-france
  17. 17. Specifying & Managing Transitions-Technical Steps Today’s power system Still highly centralized Quality and reliability Equal access to energy Competitive cost of energy Transition scenarios Structured steps Technological transitions IC Technologies Power/energy technologies Regulatory transitions DG integration & grid access System functions / grid services Balancing mechanisms, etc. Economical transitions Cost of system operations Investments Asset management… Tomorrow - Power grid with enforced intelligence - Increased integration, diffuse storage, - PHEV Charging management, DR (BI) Quality and reliability Equal access to energy Competitive cost of energy METHODOLOGICAL TOOLS TRANSFER 4 LARGE LONG-TERM 4 GRID TRANSITION SCALE DEPLOYMENT TRANSITIONS grenoble-isere-france
  18. 18. • • • • • The largest Smart Grid pilot project demo in France €40M (Smart Meters/AMI not incl.–already funded) High expectations and foreseen difficulties A solid and engaged consortium Ramping up with engaged end-users • Next steps: recruit more end-users & LINKY customers, more B2B users, ramp up EV infrastructure, & further develop advanced grenoble-isere-france functions, e.g. self-healing
  19. 19. Thanks for your attention! Your contact Veronique PEQUIGNAT v.pequignat(at) +33 (0) 476 709 704 grenoble-isere-france