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State wise Consumption of Endosulfan in India


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The map shows the nationwide consumption of Endosulfan.  As we can clearly see, the largest states, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh consuming over 1000 kilo litres of the pesticide followed by other states consuming a large amount. While Kerala has been using  neglible amounts of Endosulfan . India is the the second largest exporter for fruits and vegetables 198 million tons
The green states are majorly the fruit and vegetable producing states and depend on cross pollinated crops.
Endosulfan is widely used on cross pollinated crops and it is soft on polliantor honey bees and natural predators
The states marked in green have been using Endosulfan in the range of 1000 KL to 1200 for over 30 years
There have been no reports of any effects on human or environment in these regions.
The states marked in black are Kerala and Sikkim.
Use of Endosulfan in Kerala is suspended and Sikkim has no significant use of pesticides due to its climate conditions

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