Automation & Cloud Evolution - Long View VMware Forum Calgary January 21 2014


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Automation & Cloud Evolution Presentation - Long View VMware Forum Calgary January 21 2014. Start getting ready for how VMware automation and cloud is changing. New product integration and new features will change the way we design and deliver infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to out clients. How do you get started? Hear about the changes and recommendations you can apply for success.

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Automation & Cloud Evolution - Long View VMware Forum Calgary January 21 2014

  1. 1. Automation & Cloud Evolution VMware vForum Calgary James Charter, VCDX Practice Director, Virtualization Solutions Tuesday, January 21, 2014
  2. 2. AGENDA •About Long View •What Has Changed? •Automation Today •Ideal End State •Choices •How Can We Help?
  3. 3. About Long View One of the most powerful IT Solutions and Services Company Offices across North America Industry leading expertise in key technology innovations and best practices Best People. Best Practices. Best Value. Slide 3 Innovative, flexible, cost-effective, and business focused A people-focused corporate culture dedicated to “Being the Best”
  4. 4. Key Statistics: Quick Stats What we do • • Largest and Fastest Growing IT Solutions Company 10 to 1000+ employees, $2M to $300M+ in 14 years • • • Slide 4 Calgary (CDN HQ), Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto, Denver (USA HQ), Houston, Dallas, Phoenix 850+ employees are technical today 2014 total headcount trending to 1300+ Privately owned and debt free, focused organic growth in leading technology areas
  5. 5. Strategic Partners • VMware Premier Solution Provider (Canada/US) • VMware Enterprise Service Provider • Cisco Gold Partner • EMC Velocity Solution Provider Partner • VCE Solution Provider (Canada/US) • HP Converged Infrastructure Elite Partner • NetApp Star Partner • FlexPod Premium Partner (First Canadian Premium Partner) Slide 5
  6. 6. What we do Virtualization Slide 6 ASSESSMENTS: • Environment Health Checks • Full Technology Assessments • Operational Readiness • Business cases & ROI analysis PLANNING & DESIGN: • Architect and Design Solutions • Proof of Concepts and Pilots • Disaster Recovery Planning • Solution Strategies & Roadmaps SOLUTIONS: • Converged Infrastructure • Private Cloud / Infrastructure as-aService • Public Cloud • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure • Application Virtualization Infrastructure and Packaging • Onsite Experts MANAGEMENT & OPTIMIZATION: • Systems Automation, Provisioning and Capacity Allocation • Backup and Recovery • Performance and Capacity Management • Availability, Monitoring and Alerting solutions
  7. 7. What Has Changed? Announcements @ VMworld 2013 San Francisco • vCloud Director development stopping after the 5.5 release, patches only, no new features Product Functionality & • vCloud Director product functionality being replaced by vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) and future release vCenter capabilities • So what do we do? • So what do we use? Slide 7 vCloud Automation Center
  8. 8. vCloud Director Transition vCAC 6.0 now offers Secure Multi-tenancy Slide 8
  9. 9. Automation Today How do we do it now? Mostly Scripting! Slide 9 Let’s start at the beginning… What does automation look like today? Basic automation • Product interface or scripts to accomplish simple workflows • Single use & some re-occurring administrative use Advanced automation • Multiple toolsets to accomplish complicated workflows for scalability • Enterprise automation toolsets
  10. 10. Automation Today How do we do it now? Scripting! Slide 10 What does basic automation look like today? Basic automation • Product interface typically (or scripts) • vCenter Orchestrator for simple workflows • PowerCLI & PowerShell for simple tasks • vCloud Director for deploying vApps • Requires some skill and scripting knowledge, minimal investment
  11. 11. Automation Today What does automation look like today? Basic automation Basic scripted tasks Slide 11
  12. 12. Automation Today How do we do it now? Multiple toolsets! Slide 12 What does advanced automation look like today? • Web Portal front end • vCenter Orchestrator for backend workflows (AMQP, component plug-ins, call other scripts, start other tasks, provision physical components) • PowerShell scripting for component specific requirements • Requires skills and ongoing investment
  13. 13. Automation Today How do we do it with one toolset? Slide 13 What does advanced automation look like today with Enterprise tools? • Web Portal front end • Orchestration framework with modules of repeatable workflows, scalable • Extensible with scripting for component specific requirements • Requires skills and ongoing investment
  14. 14. Automation Today Public Tenant Provisioning Workflow Workflow Portal How do we do it now? Multiple toolsets! Tenant environment created Slide 14 3rd Party Calls • Network Provisioning • Server Provisioning • Storage Provisioning IPAM & CMDB From 4 Hours to 15 Minutes!
  15. 15. Automation Today How do we do it now? Workflows! Slide 15 Back end vCO workflows for client and admin tasks
  16. 16. Ideal End State Where should I be going with this? • Bare metal to applications (fast scaling, agile) • Reusable tasks (everything is repeatable, efficiency) Why? What is the benefit? • Integration between provisioning, logging, reporting, alerting, decommissioning (circle of life) • Reduce operation effort – focus on faster service, more services, more flexibility (business value, agile) Slide 16
  17. 17. vCD Product Functionality & vCAC vCAC with App Director Slide 17 • Common day-to-day tasks • Deployment of customized VMs • Provide Self Service Portal for end users and fenced networking • Provide a full life-cycle management flow from inception to decommissioning servers • Include application deployment into the workflow Basic PowerShell, Scripts, vCO More Advanced Automation Complexity Why Do We Want to Automate?
  18. 18. Effort to Automate Processes Complexity = Bad Slide 18 Can’t the more advanced tasks all be done just with Scripts, PowerShell and vCO? Do you want to spend months and years creating complex workflows?
  19. 19. Consider Server LifeCycle How does your organization deploy applications? Slide 19
  20. 20. vCAC Out of the Box Functionality All out of the box! And with a Self Service Portal Slide 20
  21. 21. Administrative Interface Governance & Management Slide 21 Admins manage the environment - Governance - Policies
  22. 22. Choices So what if I am already invested in scripting today? • Is it giving you what you want? Then keep doing it! What do I do? Scripting • Requires more substantial skill and time investment than you have? Leverage more vCO to increase your benefit. • Require more advanced features? Consider vCAC Going forward more vCO integration will be available in products Slide 23
  23. 23. Choices So what if I am already invested in vCloud Director today? vCloud Director Basic Deployment What do I do? vCloud Director Slide 24 • Meeting your needs? Keep it, look at upgrade/migration later • If you need network fencing, keep it until roadmap catches up with vCAC
  24. 24. Choices So what if I need Infrastructure as a Service now and can’t wait for new functionality in a future release? Determine your use case, simple questions: What do I do? Do you need network fencing? YES - vCloud Director NO – vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) • Do not layer vCAC and vCD – too complex! Slide 26
  25. 25. Choices Do you need this? Cradle to Grave lifecycle with integration to existing process tools What do I do? CMDB Slide 27
  26. 26. Approaches for Success Where to invest now? You’ve determined that you can benefit from more automation What can I be investing in right now to help me? • Determine where automation could help • vCenter Orchestrator • PowerShell • vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) • vFabric Application Director If you can take away one thing today: Use vCO – most environments don’t leverage this tool! It will become more important going forward. Slide 28
  27. 27. Questions?? Questions Slide 29
  28. 28. More Information? Education Resources Slide 30 vBrownBag Automation Track - Podcasts vCO Blog Power CLI Blog VMTN PowerCLI Community wercli?view=discussions William Lam Blog Alan Renouf Luc D Blog
  29. 29. How can we help? Interested in moving forward with your own integrations? • Drop by the Long View table, tell us your story, and talk with one of our experts • Ask to have one of our Account team book a meeting to discuss your requirements Contact us Email: Slide 31
  30. 30. Contact Us Let’s get connected. James Charter Practice Director, Virtualization Solutions Email: Twitter: @DavesRant Blog: Blog: Calgary Office Main: 403.515.6900 Email: Facebook Slide 32 Twitter Linkedin YouTube longviewsystems longviewsystems company/17908 longviewsystems
  31. 31. Thank You