Personal Digipak Ideas


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Personal Digipak Ideas

  1. 1. Charlotte Simcox
  2. 2. In order to create my Digipak my group and I conducted a series of ideas from research we have explored. This meaning we have taken inspiration from other CD’s in the pop genre and our own music video to create a fitting ancillary text.
  3. 3. This is the first idea for the Digipak.
  4. 4. * On the front cover there will be a collage of images, I think this is a good idea as our Icona Pop video is edited as a montage. This will enable the music video and ancillary text to structure together. The images will consist of stills from the video and primary images my group and I took at the scenes of our locations. The montage of images will give an incite to the music video. Behind the images there will be a blank background, which has been inspired by Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz CD cover.
  5. 5. A conventional feature of a Digipak is the name of the band printed on the front. To follow conventions there will be ‘Icona Pop’ in the same font used at the end and beginning of the music video. The font used is bold and has a pink tint around the sides; the use of bright colours will incorporate the pop genre into the Digipak.
  6. 6. * When the Digipak is opened there will be an image of my group and I. As we are the main characters in the video I think it will be effective to have a picture of us as Digipak’s conventionally include a picture of the artist. This image could be a still from the music video of us ‘having fun’ to highlight the pop video we have created.
  7. 7. * *On the back page is a primary image I took of the beach that features at the beginning and end of the music video. The simple background will allow the text to stand out while representing themes of the video. The use of the beach will hint that the song is a fun summer anthem. *Using conventions of Digipak’s the track listing is on the back page in a simple black typeface. The Icona pop title will be repeated at the top of the page to highlight it’s the bands name, not the title of the song.
  8. 8. * *The inside of the Digipak has been set into three panels. Using the panels they have been separated to spell ‘I ‘heart’ it’ meaning ‘I Love it’. This idea was inspired from the music video where we spelt ‘B I T C H’ on our hands instead of lip-syncing it. Using the neon face paint and UV light my group and I could write ‘I’ and ‘IT’ on our hands and photograph it. This will enable us to incorporate our music video and the pop genre into the Digipak. The bright colours represent the pop genre and gives an incite to video. In the middle cd panel there is a heart to complete the theme. *From my research I have found that the CD panel in Digipak’s are simple and not over the top as it’s covered. For example in the ‘One Direction - Take me home’ Digipak they have small drawings on a white background to suit their childlike/school theme.
  9. 9. This is the second idea for the Digipak.
  10. 10. * *On the front cover there will be a posed photograph of my group and I – the main characters of the music video. It is conventional of a Digipak to have the artist on the front giving eye contact to the audience. By creating eye contact with the audience it catches their attention and draws them in. It can also give a sense of mystery, which will encourage them to see what’s inside, for example Miley Cyrus ‘Bangerz’ front cover *Icona pop in large capital letters will be at the top of the front cover. It is conventional for Digipak to have the band name in large type on the front cover.
  11. 11. * When the Digipak is opened there will be a sign saying ‘I LOVE IT’ with a heart, I think this is a fun way to incorporate the title of the song. This will be in a large bold Arial font.
  12. 12. * *On the back page there will be an edited image of my group and I drinking milkshakes and wearing sunglasses. This image was taken at the closing scene of the music video and the use of it will convey a connection between the Digipak and video. Also the mis-en-scene of the photograph portrays the summer vibe, which is also represented in the video. *There will also be the conventional use of the track list and barcode on the back pages.
  13. 13. * *The inside panels of the Digipak will consist of a set of image/stills from the music video. The left panel will have all three of our lips aligned on top of each other with our individual neon colours. *The CD panel will have a shot of the funfair in the background as it represents the summer theme as well as adding a fun simple aspect to the Digipak. *The right inside panel will be a still of the party scene from the music video; this will represent the pop genre and is relatable to the audience. The party aspect of the Digipak will make it fun and appealing.
  14. 14. This is the final idea for the Digipak. My group and I have combined our favourite ideas and meshed them together with new ones to make an effective Digipak.
  15. 15. * *The front cover will be the same image used within our Digipak poster. By using the same image it will be easier for the audience to recognise the ancillary texts together. Also the image was taken at the ending scenes of the music video where its ‘humorous’ to see the boy crawl back to her only for her to reject him. This image could represent that the protagonist really ‘doesn’t care’ and she loves it! *At the top of the page Icona Pop will be in a bold PINK century gothic font in capitals, also the name of the song will be at the bottom of the page. We have included these features as they are conventional and they clearly explain what the CD holds. The use of pink font represents the pop genre through bright colours. *The thin panels on the side will also have Icona Pop and I Love it on them to depict the name at a side view. This will be in a bold font.
  16. 16. * The front and back page will be an cropped image of the iconic beach scene within our music video. Also the beach image clearly represents the summer aspect of the song. The back page will conventionally have: *A barcode in the bottom left corner *The Production company at the bottom of the page in smaller font *Title of song at the top of the page. The song title will be In the same PINK century gothic font used throughout the Digipak. The production company’s font will be in a white font at the bottom of the page. This is included to advertise the company but to keep the attention to the Digipak.
  17. 17. * *The inside panels of the Digipak will consist of primary images we have taken. Each panel will have an image of my group and I that we took at the scenes of our music video. I think by using image’s we took ourselves it will represent that we filmed the video using hand held shots. This is to convey a personal view point to connect with our target audience. *Also ‘selfies’ are popular within our target audience of teens and young adults so this will give the images a relatable aspect. *On the three inside panels my group and I’s name will be on each one in a large pink century gothic font. This is a way to introduce ourselves to our audience.
  18. 18. STRUCTURE OF THE DIGIPAK. *Through the structure of the Digipak we will be conveying aspects from day to night. *The back page, cd page and the front page will have bright summer aspects while the other 3 panels will have indoor/nightlight themes. *The use of the images depict the hectic lifestyle they are living throughout the summer, there is no time to think about boys.