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Conventions of Music Videos


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Published in: Education
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Conventions of Music Videos

  1. 1. Charlotte Simcox
  2. 2. * Conventions are also known as 'common features'. They can be the recognised way of doing something within media that is repeated.
  3. 3. * Within Music Videos there are conventions that can be generally identified when watching. This could be through the camera angles to the costumes the celebrity is wearing.
  4. 4. * Camera angles commonly found in music videos are; Mid shots, Long shots and Close ups. * The angles are used in order to depict the emotion of the artist as you can see there facial and body expression clearly. * In Beyoncé’s video for ‘Single ladies’ she uses long shots in order to show her dancing. Her dancing is aggressive which suits the song as she is trying to show her previous partner what he is missing. She is trying to be sexy and desirable by showing clear movements of her body. You can see the emotion she has put into her movements through the long shot in order to aid the song. *
  5. 5. * Close ups of artists are also used to show emotion. This can be through the artist lip syncing. * Lip syncing with the song allows the artist to reflect the words and emphasise the emotion. * In Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ she lip syncs looking straight into the camera. * She has red lip stick on which automatically draws your attention as well as her crying. * She sings how she loves her previous partner, the use of the close up highlights that stills feels for him and I think she is trying to get the message across by her ‘singing to him’.
  6. 6. * Music videos commonly use: Tilts, Pans, Tracking shots and Crane shots. * The movements of the camera are used in order to follow around the artist. It shows that they are the dominant figure and us, the audience are listening to them and watching. * This is used in ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction. Liam is amongst the band and as he sings his verse the camera follows him with a tracking shot as he walks. He is then the main focus that the audience needs to listen to. *
  7. 7. * Artificial lighting is used in music videos as it allows the artist to look more enhanced as the main focus. It will highlight there face to make them look more ‘flawless’. * Also it can be used to keep the same lighting throughout the video as natural lighting can change. Or if its dark its used in order for you to see the artist. In One Directions ‘One Thing’ music video uses artificial lighting for both reasons. 1. The light makes them the main focus of the scene as everything else is darker 2. They are outside at night and the artificial light is used in order to see them. *
  8. 8. *Colour adjustments that are used frequently within music videos is the ‘Black and White’ edit. *The black and white colour correction can be used to set the mood of the music video. *It can either make it look sad/emotional as it can represent a ‘darker stage’ in life. Or it can make the scene look sensual or mysterious. In ‘The 1975’s’ music video for ‘settle down’ they use black and white throughout. The video is based on feeling confused/sad about being attracted to a situation that isn't good for you (guilty pleasure). The use of black and white could represent that there trying to make it look ‘irregular’ but in the end light comes. This makes it seem there is always good at the end of the road. *
  9. 9. * Mis-en-scene can be used in music videos to represent what the artist is implying. * It allows the audience to create a visual connection. This could be through props. * In miley cyrus’s ‘wrecking ball’ she uses a literal wrecking ball in order to metaphorically depict what her previous lover has done to her. He broke her walls down and left her. Leaving her broken hearted. *
  10. 10. * Costumes in music videos are used to reflect what type of genre or theme the song direction is going in. * The song poker face is a good representation of ‘costume for genre’. Lady Gaga wears bright, glamorous clothing in her video as its in the dance pop genre. * Costumes are important within music videos as the audience can often be inspired by celebrity's and want to copy them. * Artists commonly dress for there audience. * One direction are in the pop genre so they stick to normal popular fashion trends in order to fit in with target audience. * Eg: t-shirts, chinos, jeans etc. Gaga is wearing a a leotard type outfit. It looks like a glamorous version of what people wear to dance. This allows her to look stylish for the dance pop genre. In ‘what makes you beautiful’ the band are wearing casual clothing that is popular within teenagers. (stripes, checks, plain white tee’s) *
  11. 11. * Conventional music videos can commonly be found as a ‘short film – with dialogue’. * This enables the storyline to build up then we are led into the song. * Taylor Swifts ‘I Knew you were trouble’ follows this theme. The establishing shot is her ‘after the trouble’ and then it leads in to how she first met the man who broke her heart and it switches over, vise versa. There is dialogue over the clips which gives you an incite to the story before the song starts at 1.53 seconds. Throughout the video it is switching from past to present in order to visualize her feelings and to depict the story from start to finish. past Present *
  12. 12. * The Music Video my group and I are creating to Icona pop’s ‘I love it’ is within the pop genre. In order to build the correct atmosphere of the pop genre I am researching conventions that are commonly found within music videos. The profound information could help me pick out conventions for my own music video. *
  13. 13. * Close ups are used constantly throughout pop music videos to show there emotion. This usually includes them being happy to aid the upbeat song. * They can also be used for the artist to look straight into the audiences eyes to ‘create a connection’ or build the emotion. * In ‘We Cant Stop’ by Miley Cyrus she stares straight into the camera as if she is talking to you. She is emphasising the point that you cant stop her by getting close to your face. *
  14. 14. * Pop music videos are usually upbeat and fun. Long shots are commonly used to show the artist and their location to highlight how much fun they are having. * In Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ music video it depicts him and many others in there happy state walking/dancing along the street. This enables the video to be more fun and suit the genre.
  15. 15. * Animations are often seen within the pop genre of music videos. * Some artists collaborate with films and then either use the film as a music video OR include short snippets that relate to the song. * Demi Lovato sung the song ‘let it go’ from Frozen. Her music video includes clips of her singing as herself and short scenes from the film. *
  16. 16. * Outfits worn in pop music videos need to be stylish and on trend, it encourages the audience to wear them. it also makes them look the same. Meaning there not different. * Some pop artists can contrast normality and wear revealing clothing as it makes them seem sexy to there audience. Britney Spears in the ‘Toxic’ music videos conveys her trying to be ‘sexy’ as she wears a revealing clear body suit that only covers certain areas. Taylor swift in the ’22’ video is wearing a simple graphic tee with shorts and a fedora. Hats are extremely fashionable at the moment so by wearing them she is fitting in with her teenage audience. This makes her more appealing as she is wearing popular clothing as everyone else. She seems normal. 04685 *
  17. 17. * Artists in the pop genre’s main target audience are teenagers. * To draw teenagers in artists use relatable situations within there music videos. * Sex, house party's and clubs are conventional as it makes the artist look like they are the same as their audience. It makes them relatable, going out and doing the same things which makes teenagers like them. Icona Pop ‘I love it’ – They are in a club. Pussycat Dolls ft Snoop Dog ‘Buttons’ – She dances with The Vamps ‘Can We Dance’ – They have a the chair sexually. house party. Creating a visual for the lyrics. * ch?v=VCLxJd1d84s#t=141