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  • - Sweeping, cutting nails, stiching, going out after dark, sleeping in north south direction
  • Baudhayanasulabhasutra – 800bCE; pythagoras: 400BC
  • Learning and preservation of knowledge has been htrough an oral tradition which is built on a succession of teacher-mentor and discipline followers. Three teacher disciple lineages. The periods of the authors only indicate the time of the knowledge being codified and reduced to writing while the knowledge itself would have endured for several centuriedpreceeding the compilation.
  • Kripa and drona were born with the use of test tube baby technology…
  • 136 years ago; MrTalpade flew the first aircraft 1500 feet above the ground…8 years before wright brothers did tit. This was based on vimanashastra from Rig veda..Mohenjodaro 4500years ago
  • Charu

    1. 1. Indian Knowledge System Vedas Vedanga Upanga
    2. 2. Traditions and Interpretations
    3. 3. Astronomy • Peroid varies from 6000BCE (Rig vedic period to 15th century) • Big names in Indian astronomy are : - Aryabhata I - Brahmagupta - Bhaskara I - Bhaskara II Path of celestial bodies is elipticalSun is in the centre of solar system
    4. 4. Mathematics Biggest contribution of India to the world is invention of :0 "The square on the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the two legs" Pythagoras theoerm:Baudhayana Sutra 1. Square and cube roots 2. Area of a triangle 3. Arithmetic and geometri progression Vedic Mathematics: - Part of Vedangas; Ganita shastra was ignored for a long time; until rediscovered in 20th century by Bharathi krishna tirthaji Fun with Maths…….. You will love it….
    5. 5. Medicine -Atharvaveda – before 5000BCE contains hymns on diseases and treatment - Shilajit (Black bitumen) : a material used in ayurveda even today was found in Mohenjodaro (3500BCE) - Atreya (Internal medicine); Dhanvantri (Surgery) and Kashyapa (Gynaecology and paediatrics) -Most recent : Charaka (1 BC); Sushruta(6BC); Vagbhata(6t AD) – Charaka samhita, sushruta samhita and ashtanga hridaya – brihat trayi (Big three of Ayurveda)
    6. 6. Surgery - Roots in India -Rhinoplasty (Nose reconstruction) - Kidney stone removal -Absorbable ligatures - Intestinal surgery -Autopsy Agnihotra: a case study Bhopal Gas tragedy : 3rd december 1984; a poisonous vapour methyl Isothiocyanate from Union Carbide instantly killed 2000 people. Two families Mr.Sohan Lal S Khushwaha and Shri. M.L. Rathore Performed this on daily basis were not even affected by this -Anti bacterial, remove pollutants, rehabilitation, heals mind and body Mahabharata: Genetic engineering
    7. 7. Other Disciplines: Chemistry/Rasayana shastra Metallurgy Aeronautics/Vimana shastra Civil engineering/Atomic warfare Economics (Arthashastra) Agriculture
    8. 8. How does tradition becomes a myth??? -Ensures cleaning of the house - Serves as food for small insects and prevents them from entering the house • Initially done knowing the purposeConscious Competence • It is done without knowing the purpose Unconscious Competence • Edible rice powder is replaced by plastic or inedible powder Unconscious incompetence • If lucky, we wonder and correct it or complete discontinuation Conscious incompetence
    9. 9. What are we running behind???? Lets Rediscover Ourselves !!!