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Revolutionary new stunning method launched on the EU market


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After 10 years of research & development a revolutionary new stunning technique is introduced. Based on the principles of animal welfare as described in the Terrestrial Animal Health Code of the International Standards of OiE: The Anoxia technique – stunning and killing animals by placing them under atmospheric conditions in an environment without oxygen. The solution is not only simple and safe and cost-efficient; it is also not physically demanding to the farmer and his employees.

The principle guarantees that the animal(s) are placed in an environment with pure nitrogen, once the high expansion foam, filled with 100% nitrogen, replaces the atmospheric air inside the container. From that moment on, the animal inhales pure nitrogen, an atmospheric gas that all living species are used to and that can be inhaled without any physical reactions because atmospheric air contains 78% nitrogen that is inhaled by every breath.

Several applications based on the Anoxia principle are now introduced for:
1. Stunning and sick and cripple killing piglets less than 5 kg
2. Stunning and killing of sick or cripple poultry (especially poultry > 3kg) who need to be killed on the farm by the staff for welfare purposes (avoiding unnecessary stress or pain)
3. Stunning and killing poultry that arrives on the slaughterhouse but that are unfit to be slaughtered (due to injuries occurred during transportation – providing signs of possible illness etc.)
4. Stunning and killing of male pullets at the hatchery
5. Stunning and killing of half-hatched chickens and embryos in partly-hatched eggs, before destruction
6. Stunning and killing parent stock poultry
7. Killing of animals that has been stunned (captive bolt – blow-on-the-head method, etc.) replacing killing by de-bleeding
8. Culling of ex-layers
9. Culling of poultry for disease control purposes
The first application that’s introduced on market in Germany, Holland, Sweden and Denmark can be applied for Stunning and killing piglets less than 5 kg; - poultry > 3kg (turkey and parent stock); and embryos in partly-hatched eggs.

For more detailed information on the Anoxia technique, please visit www.Anoxia.EU, or send your request for information to the N2GF team at and one of our consultants will come back to you as soon as possible.

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Revolutionary new stunning method launched on the EU market

  1. 1. Confidential, Maart 2016 A novel method for low-stress euthanizing on the farm
  2. 2. The principle  Animals are brought into a foam filled with nitrogen gas. They get stunned within 15-30 seconds, almost no additional stress. Animal die if left for over 3 minutes in the foam.  According to EU Regulation 1099/2009, stunning with inert gases is allowed for pigs and poultry.
  3. 3. Anoxia® Foam Technology : Focus on farm  Anoxia can be used as single stunning method, no need for bleeding or pithing  Anoxia Foam can safely be used in-doors  Anoxia Foam is scalable – from small till large animals, so no additional methods needed First sales focus on farms  Piglets on the farm (10-15% of all piglets born die prematurely)  Poultry heavier than 3 kg (manual methods cannot be used)  Parent stock (poultry)
  4. 4. Overview of the stunning box
  5. 5. Nitrogen gas Nitrogen gas cylinder with reducing valve
  6. 6. Foam agent  Certified foam agent is inserted in water flow by water pressure driven pump (Dosatron ®)
  7. 7. Foam generator
  8. 8. Connection of the tubing
  9. 9. Semi-automated operation
  10. 10. Low oxygen  For quick and reliable stunning within 15-30 seconds, oxygen content should be 1% or lower. The Anoxia® method guarantees this.
  11. 11. Mission statement of Anoxia  Animals live, animals die. Sometimes scheduled as at slaughter, sometimes unscheduled during outbreaks of animal diseases, or if farm animals cease to be vital. Death is inherent to life. Anoxia's philosophy is that existing stunning methods can, and should be, improved. It is a responsibility of all chain partners to take care of this.  Both in the poultry and pig industries euthanizing methods are used that do not deserve their name, and cause stress for farmers, staff and animals alike, and are rejected by the public  Anoxia develops and markets its Foam Technology to stun production animals without added stress or pain, fitting in a sustainable animal husbandry that merits its ‘licence to produce’. We work to improve animal welfare in agriculture. . Anoxia is a Member of the