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Open Innovation Days VIC Sterksel


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Swine Innovation Center (VIC) Sterksel (as part of WUR University of Wageningen, Holland) is the multifunctional research center for modern, innovative and sustainable pig farming. The research covers all aspects of pig production, including nutrition, welfare, health, issues, housing and minerals management.

VIC Sterksel organizes every year Open Innovation days to present the latest technologies related to pig farming. In the last edition of the open innovation days, more than 2.500 visitors cam to see the latest developments, and also this year, it promises to be quit a buzzy event.

During this years version of the Open Innovation Days you can visit more than 50 innovations by Sterksel that the Partnership "Innovators of pig and pork chain" have been developed. During the day itself you get all the information about the systems and what they mean for the pig sector. Business people, researchers, pig farmers and students are able to expand their network because this event offers the ultimate opportunity to discuss the latest developments. The open days are available to visit by everyone who is interested.

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Open Innovation Days VIC Sterksel

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