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Nitrogen generation: important new animal welfare application

  1. Introducing Generating nitrogen on location: the power behind the Anoxia technique For more information:
  2. What is the connection between nitrogen production and animal welfare? Nitrogen generation on location is a critical component of the Anoxia technique The anoxia technique safeguards animal welfare during outbreaks of animal diseases Mobile Nitrogen technique is now available world wide thanks to the corporation with the Gazcon/Atlas Copco organization. Disease outbreaks threaten the lives of millions of animals every year. Outbreaks need to be contained before they become a major threat to entire nations. The Anoxia technique is the 21st century solution in the battle against contagious animal diseases More information:
  3. Techniques that change the world What is the Anoxia technique? Why use a nitrogen generator? What is the importance? The first time that nitrogen is used to guarantee animal welfare For more information:
  4. Anoxia What is it? Presented by the N2GF team For more information:
  5. Anoxia: Never heard about it? • In a plane you are instructed what to do in case the cabin pressure drops .. • When climbing Mount Everest, you need additional oxygen, unless you are a Sherpa .. • In case you are diving, you are instructed what to do when you dive below 30 meters .. For more information:
  6. Anoxia: How does influences humans? – Oxygen must be present in every breathing gas because it is essential to the human body's metabolic process – As the altitude increases (from > 2,400 meter) atmospheric pressure decreases, oxygen levels drop – At 30 meters below sea level atmospheric pressure is 4 times the normal atmosphere, leading to higher CO2 and lower Oxygen levels. – A decrease in blood oxygen level leads to relative increase of the nitrogen concentration inhaled, resulting in Hypoxic Anoxia – In the medical literature, the effects of exposure to high concentrations of nitrogen is described as Nitrogen Asphyxiation 6 For more information:
  7. Hemoglobin: its crucial role in the transport of gasses through the body • Hemoglobin is the ironcontaining oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of all vertebrates • Hemoglobin enables the transport of gasses throughout the body • It carries oxygen from the respiratory organs (lungs) to the rest of the body where it releases the oxygen For more information:
  8. Anoxia caused by exposure to >98% Nitrogen: What’s happening? • No physical responses; the air we breath consists of 78% Nitrogen, so high quantities of remain undetected .. • No stress or pain sensations, on contrary; mountain climbers and divers describe Anoxia as reaching a state of positive anxiety .. • No reaction by animals when they are exposed to Anoxia until the moment that they turn unconscious .. For more information:
  9. The technical breakthrough: Fill large low expansion foam bubbles with 100% Nitrogen • Invented in Holland in 2003, as alternative method for existing CO2 techniques used for mass killing animals during outbreaks • Since 2006 successfully tested as killing method of poultry by scientists in Holland, The UK and the USA • The anoxia technique contributes to todays economic, social, environmental, public health and consumer welfare objectives 9 For more information:
  10. The Anoxia technique: the perfect killing and slaughter technique? Yes but there are obstacles: • Scale: The Anoxia technique needs to be available on a world wide scale to be effective against disease outbreaks • Sepsis: Prior attempts to create anoxia by using nitrogen has been proven to be technically complex and expensive • Proof of Concept: Like for all new slaughter techniques, this technique is subject to comprehensive testing to verify animal welfare claims 10 For more information:
  11. The Anoxia technique: What’s EU stance towards anoxia? Positive • Since 2006, Anoxia is successfully tested as onsite slaughter technique, in case of large-scale outbreaks of animal diseases • Starting January 2013, the European Union accepted Anoxia as slaughter method for • Pigs • Poultry • In Holland, Anoxia is tested on its practicality to euthanize sick and crippled piglets and poultry on the farm 11 For more information:
  12. The Anoxia technique: How to apply it? High expansion foam filled with >98% Nitrogen • Animals are submerged into foam, filled with 99,8% Nitrogen • After 30 seconds, the animals reaches a state of unconsciousness • The animal dies within 1,5 minute on the consequences of Anoxia 12 For more information:
  13. Killing and slaughtering animals Starting Junuary1, 2013, Directive EU 1099/2009 • Is valid in all EU Member states where animals are killed or slaughtered: – Slaughtering of animals at the slaughter house – Killing of animals for depopulation purposes during outbreak situations – Killing for welfare purposes of sick and crippled animals on the farm • Only animal-specific methods may be applied; manually killing of animals (pulling the neck, smashing the scull etc.) is considered a crime within the EU 13 For more information:
  14. Allowed animal-specific methods: 1. 2. 3. 4. All animal species Mechanical methods Electrical methods Gas methods (hypoxia, hypoxemic anoxia, anoxia) – Carbon dioxide at high concentration – Carbon dioxide in two phases – Carbon dioxide associated with inert gases – Inert gases – Carbon monoxide (pure source) – Carbon monoxide associated with other gases Other methods – Lethal injection (T61) 14 For more information:
  15. Anoxia Why use a Nitrogen Generator? The first time that nitrogen is used to guarantee animal welfare For more information:
  16. Reason Nr 1: It makes the Anoxia technique applicable where you need it For more information:
  17. Nitrogen foam: What’s so special? • It is the first universal slaughter technique that can be applied to all animal species • It can be applied during outbreak situations, on farms, as stunning technique in slaughter houses • It takes not more than 30 seconds to create the volume of 1 M3 Nitrogen filled foam per nozzle For more information:
  18. Nitrogen foam: Why a Nitrogen generator? Using Nitrogen generators makes the production of gas on location possible: • 50% of all pigs in Europe, are stunned using CO2 , using large quantities of gas. Compared with the Anoxia technique only a fraction of gas quantity is needed, significantly reducing the operational costs. • Large quantities of liquid CO2 are used to flood entire stables during outbreak situations. The Anoxia method replaces this CO2 stable gas technique completely For more information:
  19. Anoxia: What’s the importance? The first time that nitrogen is used to guarantee animal welfare For more information:
  20. Urgent need for new, technical solutions Demand for Humane on-farm euthanasia techniques In average, 3% of all farm animals get sick or injured and need to be treated or euthanized Using brute force to kill animals is is strictly forbidden and considered as a crime Demand for mobile slaughter techniques In average, every 3th week, there is a new outbreak of animal disease somewhere on earth Within the EU alone, there are more than 2.2 million farm locations that need to apply to the new EU directive For most animal species, mobile slaughter techniques do not exist For more information:
  21. Without techniques, diseases can’t be stopped 1997:  2001: Holland: financial impact Classic Swine fever outbreak € 2,8 billion UK: Financial impact Foot & Mouth Disease FMD outbreak  2003: € 15.1 billion Holland financial impact Avian Influenza AI outbreak  2011: € 1,275 billion South Korea: Financial impact Foot & Mouth Disease  2010:  € 2,1 billion Japan: financial impact FMD/AI outbreak: € 1,16 billion For more information:
  22. The world needs techniques to slaughter animals on location All pictures are taken within the last 10 years. We need to think outside the box to prevent these animal cruelties in the future For more information:
  23. Transporters need techniques to euthanize animals No solutions for shipping of sheep Every year, 6,5 million sheep are exported from Australia to Africa and the Middle East. On average, 8% of all sheep get sick, infected or cripple during their transportation from Australia to the Middle East. These ships are not equipped with mobile killing equipment. For more information:
  24. What’s needed are mobile slaughter techniques The Anoxia method is the first technique that can be applied to all animal species What’s needed are: • • • • • Mobile nitrogen generator Foam nozzles Tap Water Soap Trained staff For more information:
  25. The first time nitrogen generators are used to guarantee animal welfare Contact us for more information The first time nitrogen generators are used to guarantee animal welfare For more information:

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